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Memory Maker Launches at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’ve got exciting news to share! We’ve just unveiled Memory Maker – an incredible new way to capture your memories at Walt Disney World Resort. Now everyone can be in the picture at hundreds of Disney PhotoPass™ locations, including select attractions, character and show dining experiences. Strike a royal pose in front of Cinderella Castle, get caught screaming down the Splash Mountain plunge or just enjoy a hug with your favorite Disney character … all those great shots are magically yours. And there’s no need to worry about buying each image because with Memory Maker you’ll receive unlimited digital photos to view, share and download.


You can save $50 when you purchase Memory Maker in advance! You’ll receive unlimited digital photos for $149 when you purchase at least three days before your first picture is taken, compared to the regular price of $199 when purchased at select merchandise and Disney PhotoPass sales centers throughout Walt Disney World Resort. You can find more information and purchase Memory Maker by visiting

Getting started is easy! Visit Disney PhotoPass photographers who can be found at all the great photo locations throughout our theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney. They know all the right angles to capture great pictures. Then smile, have fun and make sure to ask for magic shots. Your images will be linked to your My Disney Experience account where you can view them, add fun borders and download unlimited copies to share, print and post as often as you’d like!


  • How is the resolution on these pictures? If I want to get a nice 11 x 14 print for on my living room wall, will it look good or pixelated?

  • 62 CAROL from LANCASHIRE – I just checked my pictures from Chef Mickey’s and no, the picture taken before the meal was not added to my account. If you have to pay for a picture, it won’t be automatically added to your account for free.

    64 Angela – The answer is yes to all of your questions.

    70 Mary – You ride the ride, make a note of the picture number when you get off, go thru the photo purchase line, tell them your picture number from the ride, get your card/magic band scanned. Thats it.

    72 Thomas – You can purchase a CD from disney, or when you download them after your trip you can create your own CD.

    73 Tammy – You can’t buy magic bands, they are included when you purchase your park tickets.

  • How do you print them I download them and can’t print.


  • Once I purchase the memory maker do I have to purchase the magic bands also? Or are they included when you purchase the memory maker?

  • Hello, Can you put your pictures on a cd and then be able to upload them from the CD afterwards. How should you save the pics to a cd?

  • We have had the photo passes at Disneyland with extended family, we just picked the pictures we wanted and bought hard copy prints at the character meals, etc. what I want to know is going to disney world this summer, and we would rather have it all on a disk, what is the best deal $ wise for a 5 day trip to 4 of the parks and magic kingdom 2 days?

  • So, I’m still a little confused. Let’s say we go to Space Mountain. We have to go to the sales office to scan our bands so they know to take our picture? How hard is it to find these photographers? And what about the parades? How do we get our pics taken there? Thansk for any help.

  • Melissa, you can’t swap bands between people etc. They will also have finger printing attached to them.

  • Patricia, as long as they are on your Disney experience as friends or family etc., they will have the memory maker on them too. It just doesn’t show. I experienced this when trying to link our card to all of our bands. It was explained when we checked into our hotel that they were all linked even though it didn’t show online. They were correct, all was good.

  • When trying to link my purchased Memory Maker to my account, it will only permit one of our party of three (names) to be selected. Why not have all three linked? If all three are permitted, how to do that?

  • Gary, Thanks for answering all my questions before I even knew I needed to ask them! 😉

  • Can anyone help me please? I can’t find a link on any of the websites where I can purchase JUST an Attractions+ package before we go in September – is it even still available? We don’t need the entire Memory Maker package but the Attractions+ seems like good value for money.


  • I’m trying to figure this all out here. PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong…

    My family (split into 3 different rooms) are all linked on MDX. If I purchase the Memory Maker, then ANY photos taken on ANY of our bands (in the 3 rooms) will be uploaded on to Memory Maker.


    ALSO, if someone were to get a Photo Pass Card, we can link that card to the Memory Maker and get those as well?
    Or is it ALL Bands NO card?

    AND, I can download all the pics from our vacation, and burn them to CDs to hand out to every household to take to Walgreens to print or where ever.


    I’m getting a little confused….


  • How is the Money Maker linked to My Disney Experience? I was browsing thru the application and I didn’t see the connection.

  • I think I understand the concept of memory maker now but I do have one more question to clarify things. So you have your photo taken in front of the plate at Chef Mickey’s. Normally I would buy the print when they come to the table with it in a package along with the option for key ring size prints etc. Do I still get the digital version added to my memory maker or do I have to purchase the print version to get it on my memory maker?
    PS…also, might Be Our Guest be added at some point please 🙂

  • Can I link a memory maker to back to back reservations. Just switching resorts and people in our party some adults can’t do the trip the whole time so would be switching magic bands

  • We just got back from WDW. We pre-purchased Memory Maker and l loved the convenience of linking it to our Magic Bands. It was easy to download the pictures to my computer at home this morning. I loved having the pictures available to look at on my iPhone almost immediately. I loved being able to have all the pictures taken at the various attractions (Test Track, etc.) without having to purchase a package.

    My only complaint is that there were not enough Disney Photographers at the theme parks. Even at the entrances to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom (we visited each park twice), photographers were not always there. Or there was one. In one spot.

    There are so many places throughout the parks and in the resorts themselves that would lend themselves to having a Disney Photographer present, that would allow you to get pictures with a different look, not always the Cinderella Castle and the Tree of Life, you know what I mean?

    We’ve used photo pass for our past several trips (we are DVC members), and I remember seeing more photographers spread through the park than there were during this past week.

    It was disappointing. If we had small children, the Memory Maker would have been perfect without any hesitation. But with an older family, where meet and greets and character dining is no longer a main part of our itinerary, it would be great to be able to have pictures of our entire family other than the traditional. You shouldn’t have to just “luck” upon a photographer. They should be everywhere (including restaurants). Believe me, I had my eyes open looking for a photographer everywhere we went – we really wanted to take advantage of this really good product. You should NEVER arrive at the Magic Kingdom and not be able to find a Disney Photographer to take your picture just inside the gates, with the floral Mickey and the WDRR in the background.

    Oh, and I never saw a photographer at all in Downtown Disney, and we were there on three separate occasions. So, I’m assuming that they are talking about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Which is not something all families are choosing to experience.

    If anyone has a suggestion as to how an older family can take the best advantage of Memory Maker, I’d be much appreciative for next time around.

  • (Jennifer) I read that you have to pay for your picture at the dining experiences to have it added to your account. Can someone please clarify?
    – – – –
    Yes and no. If there is a print included with the meal, ie Princess Dining at the Norway pavilion, then no you don’t have to pay, its included with the price of the meal whether or not you have Memory Maker. They will also add it to your Memory Maker if you get your Magic Band scanned, but you do get the print.

    Where you normally have to pay for a print, you still have to pay if you want the print.

  • Answers: To all you Disney Fans, I am but another individual like you, maybe with a little more experience. So here are some answers to your questions.
    51 Gary – Yes you can.
    53 Lori – Nope, its only good for a limited amount of time, you have to re-purchase for your second visit.
    54 Kerry – You share using the My Disney Experience account.
    55 Jennifer – No, you only need your magic bands, with the possible exception of the Belle experience in the Magic Kingdom. Not sure if they will scan, or just hand out a bunch of prepared photopass cards that you will have to get linked later.
    56 Guillermo – No. You can stay anywhere you want to. Memory Maker is available to any guest no matter where you stay.
    57 Christopher – You need to contact the Disney Photopass people. The phone number is on their website, but if you wait beyond the 45 days all will be lost, so don’t wait.

  • Good morning,
    I have been unable to download my pictures as was described. I can see the photos on my disney experience but I wasn’t able to download them. We paid for the memorymaker prior to our trip and guest services said all of our bands are linked. Pleas advise.

  • Do I have to stay at a DisneyWorld Resort Hotel to be able to purchase Memory Maker?

  • Is anyone still answering questions? Looks as thought not. But I’m going to try anyhow. My question is do we have to get a photopass card at every ride location and dining and character experience even though we scan our magic bands for rides and dining etc? Our magic bands will all ready be previously linked to our memory maker so doesn’t that automatically link the pictures? Also, I read that you have to pay for your picture at the dining experiences to have it added to your account. Can someone please clarify? Thanks

  • With memory maker will I have all the photos for everyone linked in our”Disney Experience” ? We are going with our entire family of 12 and want to see if we have different room reservations etc that we are still linked to get all the photos from all 3 parties and magic bands. How do I set that up?

  • All of my questions have been answered, except will the Memory Maker account but good for multiple visits? We are also annual passholders. We will visit for 2 weeks and July and again in December. Do I need to repurchase for every trip. I understand that the photos will delete after 45 days, but do I need to purchase again for trips after the July date?

  • You must purchase 3 days in advance of your 1st photo for the $50 discount.

  • “So, just to clarify, I purchased memory maker for our trip this summer. Once I download the pictures and they are mine, am I able to get prints from other places like walmart or snapfish?”


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