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Memory Maker Launches at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’ve got exciting news to share! We’ve just unveiled Memory Maker – an incredible new way to capture your memories at Walt Disney World Resort. Now everyone can be in the picture at hundreds of Disney PhotoPass™ locations, including select attractions, character and show dining experiences. Strike a royal pose in front of Cinderella Castle, get caught screaming down the Splash Mountain plunge or just enjoy a hug with your favorite Disney character … all those great shots are magically yours. And there’s no need to worry about buying each image because with Memory Maker you’ll receive unlimited digital photos to view, share and download.


You can save $50 when you purchase Memory Maker in advance! You’ll receive unlimited digital photos for $149 when you purchase at least three days before your first picture is taken, compared to the regular price of $199 when purchased at select merchandise and Disney PhotoPass sales centers throughout Walt Disney World Resort. You can find more information and purchase Memory Maker by visiting mydisneyexperience.com/memorymaker.

Getting started is easy! Visit Disney PhotoPass photographers who can be found at all the great photo locations throughout our theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney. They know all the right angles to capture great pictures. Then smile, have fun and make sure to ask for magic shots. Your images will be linked to your My Disney Experience account where you can view them, add fun borders and download unlimited copies to share, print and post as often as you’d like!


  • Is this just a new name for PhotoPass+? It sounds like the same thing.

    • Hi Lindsey, thanks for the question. Memory Maker is a new product that is 100 percent digital and fully integrated with My Disney Experience. Similar to PhotoPass+, Memory Maker guests can capture images at all Disney PhotoPass locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. But unlike PhotoPass+, Memory Maker provides unlimited downloads of your photos directly to your computer or mobile device until the photos expire 45 days from the day they were taken. Additionally, Memory Maker Guests can also view and download photos from any family and friends connections in My Disney Experience. And you still have access to all those Disney PhotoPass boarders and stickers to customize your photos.

  • Totally agree with Lindsey – this just sounds like a new name for PhotoPass+. Are there differences? Or is this now a direct competition with PhotoPass (which is a separate company)?

  • That’s what it sounds like to me….a “rebranding”… 🙂

  • So is the difference between this Memory Maker and PhotoPass + that these never expire since they are linked to My Disney Experience? If so that is awesome!

    • Photos taken by our Disney PhotoPass photographers and at select attractions still have a 45 day expiration. One of the key differences with Memory Maker is that you don’t have to wait until you finish capturing all your images to download them. As soon as the pictures are in your My Disney Experience account you can start downloading them to your computer or mobile device. You can also download your photos as often as you’d like, as long as they are still in your My Disney Experience account.

  • I’ve already booked several character dining experiences for my little girls birthday in March, does anyone know if a photographer follows the characters around for pictures during the meals?
    If so, sign me up!!

    • Hi James, Disney PhotoPass photographers have designated locations at each Character dining experience where the service is available to take the perfect picture with everyone in the image. When you add Memory Maker to your visit, you’ll receive digital copies of photos taken at select Character and show dining experiences where you’re dining. Plus you can take pictures anywhere you see a Disney PhotoPass photographer and on select attractions too. Have fun and enjoy your birthday celebration.

  • No, the pictures still expire in 45 days. Looks like they really just re-named it and tweaked a few things.

  • Martine– the photos still expire– from the Memory Maker site:

    How long will Memory Maker photos be available in my Disney account?

    Disney PhotoPass photos, photos from select dining locations, photos from select attractions and any other media in your account are subject to the Disney PhotoPass Expiration Policy and currently expire 45 days from the date the photo was taken.

  • Photo Pass+ you were able to get a photo disk. This one you are able to just download them directly.

  • What about Attractions+? Is that still available, or is that going away?

    • Attraction+ will continue to be available at Walt Disney World Resort if you’re only looking to capture select ride attractions. With Memory Maker you can also capture iconic Disney images, character meet and greets and even add pictures from select Character and show dining experiences. Now you have a new option to capture more memories with Memory Maker.

  • Does this replace the Photopass CD (the previous way to get all of your Photopass pictures for one price)? Or is this just a new option?

    • Hi Allie, great question. The Disney PhotoPass Archive Disc will continue to be available for purchase at Walt Disney World Resort and MyDisneyPhotoPass.com. Memory Maker is a new option to capture your memories at hundreds of Disney PhotoPass locations and provides unlimited downloads as soon as your images are available in your My Disney Experience account. You can learn more about Memory Maker at MyDisneyExperience.com/Memory Maker

  • It looks like you can go online and download the pictures and then you can have them forever. They also seem to be giving you the rights to print the photos at home rather than buy them from Disney.

  • Let me see if I understand this … there are no photo packages (which is okay with me) and no photo CD(which was the main reason I would consider the $200 investment). Does everyone in the room have to be present for ride photos since this is attached to MDX or can only the main reservation holder get the ride photos downloaded onto Memory Maker?

    • Hello Rochelle! Thanks for your question. You are correct; Memory Maker is a 100% digital product and does not include any prints or a CD. Memory Maker allows you to download your photos as many times as you want and with the Limited License Agreement provided, you have the freedom and flexibility to print your photos and burn your own CD with all the images. To associate photos during your vacation you and members of your Family and Friends can collect as many Disney PhotoPass cards as you like. At attractions locations just stop at the sales center and tell them you have Memory Maker.

  • Do you have to pay in order to see your photos or can you still see them but only have to pay if you want to download them? I Loved that you will get the on ride photos as well!

    • Disney PhotoPass Service is still a complimentary Service that allows you to get everyone in the picture and capture your vacation memories (you may still view your photos on our website for no charge). Memory Maker is an all inclusive digital product Disney PhotoPass Service is now offering. When you purchase Memory Maker you get all your Disney PhotoPass Photographer photos and photos from select attraction and select dining locations all delivered digitally to your computer. If you love ride photos as much as I do, Memory Maker might be the right product for you. Instead of paying individually for each photo you can purchase Memory Maker and enjoy as many photos as you like!

  • So you can now pay $199 for all your digital pictures right away, or $129 for your Photopass archive CD to keep forever. Or both, if you’re really impatient and full of extra money? Weird. Not sure I’m seeing the benefit to this, yet…

  • Does memory maker have an picture editing tool with it? Or just the ability to download to your computer and edit with your own programs?

  • So I just bought the Photopass+ option about a week ago for our trip in January. Is there anything I am missing out on by not having gotten the Memory Maker (as it hadn’t been officially announced?)

    I don’t mind DVD vs. digital download…. is that the only thing? Or am I missing out on park experiences because of it? 🙁

  • My husband, kids and I will be traveling to disney in January with grandparents and aunt and uncle. If I were to buy the memory maker +, would dad, grandpa or aunt be able to use it if they take the kids to meet a character or would it be attached only to my magic band? With three kids, trying to figure out how to divide and conquer.

    We are all marked as family in “my disney experience.”

  • My sense is that if you don’t want to wait for your photos, then Memory Maker is the way to go. Also, I have linked two seperate reservations together on our magic bands as we are traveling with our adult children. The advantage to having Memory Maker is that I can link both reservations to our magic bands since every member of my family are all linked together. In other words, if my grown children go to a different park and take pictures, I can still receive/see them because our accounts are linked together. Otherwise, each room reservation would have to order their own photopass+ package, thus it should save us money. . . . right?

  • Thomas, if I pay the fee for Memory Maker, does the fee cover the photos only taken during your trip, or does it cover photos taken from multiple trips to WDW? For example, if I decide to purchase Memory Maker for my trip on April 1-5, and then decide to go back Sep 1-5, do I have to pay the same fee again for the Sep 1-5 trip for using memory maker?

  • I have an annual pass and visit frequently, Do I have to purchase each time I visit or is there a 1x fee for a set period of time say 1 yr?

  • The difference looks to be that photopass plus you order a disc when you get home and have a hard copy where as with memory maker you get the same services but download it unlimited to your computer until they expire off the website….just what it looks like to me

  • My question is…if I buy a 3 Day-Hopper Pass admission ticket to go to the different parks…Do I need to buy the Memory Maker 3 times (one for each park I go into) or will it work for the 3 days length of the use of the Hopper Pass? If t works for the 3 days the Hopper Pass is valid then it’s an awesome deal!

  • I am a bit confused…

    1. Do you get the printed photos at Character meals like with Photo Pass +?

    2. Do you get the CD after you return home or is that now extra?

  • So if I purchase this, and I go to WDW with a group of 14- consisting of 5 rooms -all family. As long as we are all connected with My Disney Experience, we can see all of our pictures taken by all parties. It would be one price for all of our pictures for our 1 week trip??? Even if pictures were taken with multiple magic bands?? This could be a good thing:)

  • How can multiple family members on the same trip link photos? If I am with a couple kids on rides and my husband is with a couple, do we get mulitiple cards?

  • How do the pitures on the rides work? How do you request a picture or claim it after the ride? Also, do you have to stand in line and wait to get your picture taken every time for the pictures in and around the parks or are there plenty of photographers for busy times? We’re going in March and I can just picture us having to wait to get our pictures taken along with waiting for everything else… that would not make the investment worth it to me at all.

  • Memory Maker sounds like a good plan. We are going to WDW in January and we’re wondering: does it include pictures from every ride that takes a picture (like splash mountain and many others)? Also, does it include the pictures that will be taken when we go to Chef Mickey’s and 1900 Park Fare?

  • I have a similar question to one asked above. Will I get my pictures at character dining like I did with photopass+? I’m so disappointed that I didn’t order it yet! I went on tonight to order and discovered this confusing memory maker that doesn’t tell me whether or not my dining experiences are included at places like 1900 park fare, akershus, and chef mickey’s. We don’t do several of the rides that have pictures, so for me the extra price isn’t worth it for only rides and I can buy the archive dvd to have access to my regular photopass pictures correct? I don’t need to instantly download my pictures because I plan on spending that time with my family having fun at the park, eating, or sleeping! 🙂

  • Do we know of a list of the rides that are included? depending on what ones are included this could be a great offer. with Photopass+ you only got test track so could end up being a great investment.

  • so I already pre purchased the photopass+ months ago and was planning to use it next week, so what happens now? Do I still get to use the photopass+ or will I get bumped to the memory maker?

  • So now the printed picture packages are not included at character meals–like they used to be for PhotoPass+???

  • Is there a list for the “select Character and show dining experiences” for the memory maker?

  • Do you receive a magic band if you order Memory Maker, but are staying off property?

  • I purchased the Memory Maker card and linked it to all 11 magic bands in our party. I see all 197 photos we took but my Memory Maker account only says 1 is available to download. Call center hold time is 40 mins. Ugh.

  • I already purchased PhotoPass+, but I understand that I have the option of switching to MemoryMaker. Should I switch or not? I am not sure which is better. Do I have to be present as the main account holder when the pics are taken? Or, if my husband takes my son off by themselves…will their pics stil be linked to me since they are in my friends and family list and are listed in my room reservation?

  • so how does this differ form the photo pass plus archive disc? Last time we went I had the archive disc and could download my photos from it. Is this sorta the same?

  • Do you have to be staying at one of the Disney resort hotels to use Memory Maker? I think it sounds great but as we are travelling from Australia and staying for 4 weeks staying at a resort hotel is out of the question.

  • I am wondering how long the Memory Maker is good for? Just the one visit or if it is good for a year, a month, a week? We will be visiting the park very soon and are Premier pass holders and have thought about doing the pass but we make it to the park several times a year.

  • Hello! I purchased Photopass for my upcoming trip in February. Is there a way to upgrade to Memory Maker or would I have to purchase that separately?

  • help is memory maker and photo pass different? which is the better option to buy….

  • Not sure if this question has been asked already, but we are traveling with 13 people. Can all their photos be linked to one memory maker account? I want to make sure that no matter where our group members are in the parks, the photos can be added to the account and that I do not always need to be with them.

  • These are all great questions. I hope Mr. Smith comes on soon to answer more of them. My trip is in only 2 weeks!

  • Can I use memory maker at the parks and on a disney cruise all in conjunction 7 days

  • Let me see if I understand

    for $149 you get access to download your photos but NO CD (that’s extra), NO printed photos at Character Meals (that’s extra)

    What DO we get for $149 that we would not get by just having the PhotoPass photographer use our own camera? I always purchased the Photo Pass Plus because of the CD and Character meal photo packages (there are not enough frames and options for enhancements that we use to be worth $149)

    What am I missing? Is it really just that you get more Digital photos rather than a CD to keep?

  • Update / Correction.
    There is an add-on CD to the Memory Maker that is available at $29.95

  • If you are familiar with PhotoPass+ (PPP), it is virtually identical except that you no longer receive a CD afterwards, you now have to download the pictures, and you can start downloading them the same day you start taking the pictures.

    You get the same photos added to your account from Character Dining and rides as PPP gave you.
    You get the same options for adding borders or photo enhancement as PPP offered.

    Pre-Purchase more than 3 days before your 1st picture. There is no time limit as to how far in advance you can purchase Memory Maker (I asked specifically about purchasing in January for a September trip and they said that is fine).

    The 45 day clock starts with the 1st picture you take on your Memory Maker account. All photos expire (deleted from their system) after 45 days and cannot be retrieved later, so be warned. During the 45 day window you can extend the total time by 15 additional days for a total of 60 days by purchasing additional time to download your pictures.

    All pictures are temporarily stored on your mydisneyexperience account and any of your friends and family that you have shared with can see your pictures. The pictures are loaded via your magic band, if you have one, or on your disney room key, or on a photo pass card you get for free from a cast member. Note the pictures expire in 45 days and are also deleted from your mydisneyexperience account, so you will want to download them soon.

    Ride pictures include Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, DINOSAUR and Test Track.

    Participating Character Dining Locations: 1900 Park Fare; ‘Ohana (breakfast only); Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show; Chef Mickey’s; Cinderella’s Royal Table; Tusker House (breakfast only); Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue; and Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. To add these pictures to your Memory Maker I
    believe you have to be there, you cannot go back later to add them.

    Things you get with Memory Maker that you won’t get if the cast members use your camera for free are: Ride Pictures, Dining Pictures, Magic Pictures and Photo Enhancements (disney themed borders).

  • Can patrons staying off site still purchase Memory Maker through My Magic Experience? I understand that with the magic bands everything is connected:- Dining Plan,Tickets,Accommodation, and Memory Maker. So how do people staying off site benefit with Memory Maker. Will they get bands as well?

  • Are all the attractions with photos on memory maker or just select ones?

  • So, just to clarify, I purchased memory maker for our trip this summer. Once I download the pictures and they are mine, am I able to get prints from other places like walmart or snapfish?

  • We will be there this weekend 1/18 + 1/19 is I purchase the memory maker will we get those pictures as well added to My Disney experience as well? I am a little fuzzy on there 3 day purchase disclaimer there?


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