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Most Popular Items from Disney Theme Park Merchandise in 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

As this year draws to a close, I looked back at some of the most popular stories we shared on the Disney Parks Blog about Disney Theme Park Merchandise. Thank you for the wonderful feedback throughout the year. From what I’ve seen in development, next year is going to be awesome! Please share your favorite merchandise item from Disney Parks in 2013 in the comments below.


Disney Collection By Vera Bradley
The new Disney Collection by Vera Bradley was the most popular story in 2013. Announced in March 2013, three colors – “Midnight with Mickey,” “Just Mousing Around,” and “Where’s Mickey?” – were released in the fall at World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida, select Disneyland Resort locations and online at There are additional orders of select items en route to Disney Parks, and stay tuned for news about new colors for 2014.

Monstrous Summer All-Nighter
In May 2013, three Disney Parks were open for 24 hours as part of the Monstrous Summer All-Nighter. Michelle Harker and I enjoyed sharing updates throughout the day, including photos of my crazy coast-to-coast adventure.

Monstrous Summer All-Nighter The Haunted Mansion at Home

The Haunted Mansion at Home
In February, we shared details about nine Haunted Mansion home décor that really capture the spirit (pun intended) of this classic attraction. These items were followed by an online exclusive tee shirt in August and a beautiful Dooney & Bourke handbag in September. Haunted Mansion fans should prepare for even more incredible things later in 2014.

Beautifully Disney
In March, we launched Beautifully Disney a new collection of cosmetics and beauty products created especially for Disney Parks. Four different collections – “Wickedly Beautiful,” “Unlock the Spell” “Fiery Sprit” and “Fantasy in Flight” – can be found at Disney Parks and the Disney Parks online store. In spring 2014, a dedicated Beautifully Disney boutique will open inside the Marketplace Co Op at the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida.


Star Wars – D-Tech Me Returns and the Droid Factory Expands
The Star Wars D-Tech Me experience returned to Star Wars Weekends 2013. Using 3D imaging and printing technology, Guests could either cast themselves in Carbonite or become a Stormtrooper. The Droid Factory, the build-your-own Astromech droid action figure experience, was also expanded to Disneyland Resort in spring.

Year of the Ear
We turned the “Limited Time Magic” spotlight a few times on iconic Disney ear hats from strawberry-inspired hats to a unique Disney heroes and villains ear hat cover.


Stylish Holiday Ornaments
Beautiful shoe ornaments strutted into Disney Parks’ locations in May 2013. They were soon followed by another wave of resin ear hat ornaments during our Christmas in July celebration. We also released two limited edition ear hat ornament sets featuring the Main Street Electrical Parade and Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Music from Disney Parks
Two new official music albums for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort were released in August. These albums can be found at select locations at Disney Parks as well as


  • I heard that there is going to be a NEW line of Vera Bradley Mickey bags coming…as in all new fabric!! Is this true?! SOOOO excited!

  • Just wanted to let everyone know….Midnight Mickey items are available online RIGHT NOW! Just ordered my goodies!! Just in time for my trip!! Right now= Monday, Jan 27th 7:33 am. That Christmas money I was saving just paid off BIG TIME! Thanks Disney! See you SOON! Can’t wait!! Love, Disney Nut

  • The “Where’s Mickey” line of Vera Bradley is by far my favorite 2013 item!!! PLEASE tell me they will be available again very soon!!!!! I’m desperately trying to complete by collection before May when I have my third Disney vacation planned this year!!!

  • Hi Steven!
    I see the Droid Factory was popular which is great! Are they going to release some more parts this year?? Maybe around Star Wars Weekends?

    • @Sean – Great question. I’ve not heard of any specifics for such a thing. I know I’m working on a story that gives a first look at some items for Star Wars Weekends 2014. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog.

  • I love the gourmet Mickey kitchen items in the black & cream. I have re-decorated my kitchen with this collection since I came home from our mostrecent Disney vacation. It brings a smile to my face every morning 🙂 It evokes wonderful memories for my family; while reminding me throughout the year long to keep saving for our next vacation.

  • LOVE the Haunted Mansion line – I have several pieces from the collection and love them all! Also, the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke is by far my favorite bag from the Disney/Dooney collaboration over the years. Hoping to see more pieces in that print (a matching wallet and/or wristlet would be wonderful). I also hope the production is able to catch up to the demand soon. So many ladies have been patiently waiting months to purchase their bags.

  • I loved the Disney themed Vera Bradley Disney items. Can you please clarify if the current three patterns will continued to be offered online and at Disney Parks? I understand that a new line may be introduced, but hope we will still have an opportunity to get some items in the existing patterns. Thanks!

    • @Debra – From my understanding, there will be additional reorders of the three existing colors. I’m unsure, however, when they will arrive. I believe you will see the Midnight With Mickey color back on in the coming weeks.

  • I loved all the new Villain merchandise that came out this year. Please keep it coming in 2014!

  • Love those Vera Bradley Bags! 😉

  • My favorite was a Minnie Mouse bow ring, which my husband gifted me with for Christmas. And my husband’s favorite was the round Mickey Mouse stuffed toy 🙂

  • Since the arrival of the Droid Factory, I’ve been building EVERY time I go to Disneyland. I have so many droids, I can’t find any more room for them! I need more shelves! Let’s just say I have way over 30! However, I still crave more Mr. J Thaddeus Toad merchandise! PLEASE, give more Toad! I’d get anything on Toady in a heartbeat!

  • The Haunted Mansion Dooney was stated when it came out that it wasn’t limited addition; however, like the other posters it hasn’t been in stock. When are more bags going to be in stock online and in store?

    • @Blair – While the Haunted Mansion bag was not limited edition, we have sold through our multiple reorders. There are no immediate plans to have the Haunted Mansion bag back in stock. I know the calendars are in stock as of today; please see my response to Jeremy (#7) above.

  • My favorite were the beautiful Disneyland Resort and WDW attraction poster calendars! Those were fantastic. So fantastic that I want to buy some for my friends and family, but I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere. Any chance those will be back in stock soon? /fingerscrossed

    • @Jeremy – I love those calendars too! I checked the inventory system and it appears that some are available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Your best option may be to contact our Merchandise Guest Services team by telephone 877-560-6477 or by email at

      Please reference the following item numbers:

      Disneyland Resort – 400007737082
      Walt Disney World Resort – 400007737075

  • My favorite was the vintage-y Dooney and Bourke satchel I got at TrenD in Downtown Disney! A close second is the flowy black Belle shirt I got from the new Beauty and the Beast gift shop in New Fantasyland.

  • My favorite 2013 item by far is the Main Street Electrical Parade ear hat ornament set; I feel very fortunate to have snagged a set. Second favorites – the Cars Land Snow Car plush and the Snow Car card/pin – I had to get two of those so I could keep one and put one pin on my lanyard 🙂

  • Are we ever going to see the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Burke bags again? We were told there would be another release after the initial one.

    • @Kim – There were some reorders that happened yet both times the bags sold out quickly. At this point, we don’t have immediate plans for additional orders. Yet I will share your feedback with the development and planning teams.

  • I’ve been stalking that Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke at Walt Disney World and the Disney Store website since the day it went on sale and I never manage to find it in stock. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the New Year!

    • @Jane – I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. I know that the bag was offered on the Disney Parks online store at least two different times in the past few months. Unfortunately, they sold out quickly both times. At this point, there are no plans to offer them again on the site. I wish I had better news for you.

  • Will new shipments of the Vera Bradley collections also be en route to the disneystore website? They were all out of stock when I was there earlier this month and I have been checking the website daily for a Midnight with Mickey Vera Tote and a 9″ Olaf plush that I couldn’t find!

    • @Allyson – From my understanding, there are additional orders planned. I unfortunately don’t have an ETA as to when they will arrive.

  • By far, the new Vera Bradley collection was my fave! Couldn’t decide on a pattern so I bought a hipster in one pattern and a mini hipster in the other for myself. I then bought my daughter the opposite. Thankfully we like to share! 🙂 Would love to see more types of bags offered in the future. I know you will keep us posted, Steven!

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