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New Shoes, New Disney Characters Join the New Balance runDisney Family

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

For the past few weeks we have shared details of the new 2014 New Balance runDisney shoes. We revealed that Sorcerer Mickey and Pink Minnie will anchor the 2014 New Balance runDisney 860 V4 running shoe. There was a lot of excitement when we announced the same shoe will be available in kids sizes in 2014. It was also revealed that runners will have the opportunity to purchase kits with race specific shoe liners and shoe lace charms to personalize their race experience.

Well the “news” doesn’t stop there! Today we are excited to announce New Balance is introducing a second line of shoes anchored by two of your favorite Disney characters. After listening to customer feedback, these shoes are aimed at runners looking for a faster experience in a neutral cushioning shoe, a lighter weight running shoe. These shoes look awesome and are sure to be a hit with runDisney runners and fans.

Now I can’t reveal all the details so please check out the video below and see for yourself. And, as always, we invite you to follow us on runDisney Facebook, Twitter @runDisney and on runDisney Instagram for exciting news and future opportunities. A little hint, look for the full 2014 shoe reveal at the beginning of January.


  • Do we need to make an appt to try/purchase these at the Expo, or just “get in line”? At the Tinker Bell two years ago, it was an appt based selling event….

  • Christina, they are offered at every runDisney event. You don’t have to run the Marathon to get them, they are also at Princess, Tower of Terror, Wine and Dine, and even Expedition Everest, as well as Tinker Bell and the Disneyland Half in California. Marathon weekend is just the first one coming up.

  • I get what everyone is saying about them being a runDisney shoe, I just wished they were offered at other runDisney events other than the Marathon Expo.

  • I want a pair of each. I would NEVER run in a pair of shoes that were not broken in. It is too bad they are not sold ahead of time to people registered for the race. The funny thing is I would have never considered New Balance shoes for running (as I am loyal to Nike and Saucony). I would make an exception for these.

  • Michelle, these shouldn’t even be for the people who “just hop over to pick them up.” These shoes should be reserved for runners only. They are not a general Disney shoes, they are a specific runDisney shoe. For marathon weekend alone, there are over 50,000 runners. These shoes sell out even when JUST offered to runners.

  • Well this is exciting news. We love our NB runDisney shoes and the hubby’s favorite is Goofy. Will be sure to leave extra room in our costumes suitcase to pack these for the flight home. Really happy about the higher performance shoe, but I still wish we could get it into the 1200s. Can’t wait to see the new designs. Squeeeal. Dopey here we come.

  • I have to agree with the sentiments of the other runners These are RunDisney running shoes and as such should only be available to runners That being said I too wish they were somehow available to try on and purchase so that training could be done in them prior to my First Princess 1/2 in Feb

  • Jennifer and Blair, first off, not everyone lives in California or Florida and can just hop over to an event to pick these shoes up. Second, not everyone can afford to fly to California or Florida just to attend the expos. I would love to have these shoes to train in and get me ready for a runDisney event.

  • I’m with everyone else! Please! Please! Please! Make these available to EVERYONE! I’d buy more than one pair, and my son would have to have some, and Dad loves Goofy and New Balance so he’d have to have a pair too! Please!

  • I wish you’d consider making Goofy for women too. Men’s shoes don’t fit me, and Goofy is my favorite. I am not a princess girl. I hope to do my first RunDisney event in a Goofy costume and shoes would be perfect to finish off what I have planned. I hope they’re available outside of the expo so I can get them and train in them before the race. I don’t want to buy shoes for an event at it.

  • Looking forward to the new shoes next year! I agree too that RunDisney runners should have 1st priority since we do put in a lot of time, effort, and money into these races. I hope that they have make enough for people who go to the expos and wait in line for them. It would also be cool if some of the Men’s designs were available for the ladies (ie – the original black & red Mickey design). 😉

  • I really wish you could be these online for those of us who don’t live in Florida.

  • I agree with Jennifer – these shoes should be at the expo only as the RunDisney runners should have priority for a “RunDisney” shoe especially with the new insole options. New Balance has the process for getting the shoes done really well (I was very impressed at the Food and Wine Expo) so keep up the good work.

  • The expo is open to the Public and Free to attend so technically you could purchase these as anon-runner. However, as a runDisney member I do think for the amount of training, money and time we put into these runs specail perks like this are what help motivate and keep us intrigued to runDisney instead of just regular runs. It should remain special to those Disney runners! Now I just have to decide between hot pink Minnie or Cinderella!

  • These are runDisney shoes as such should be reserved for people who participate in runDisney events. While I would LOVE a prepurchase option to buy before the expo (like you already do with Dooney and Bourke), I do hope Disney keeps them as runDisney even only purchases!

  • I usually don’t jump on band wagons, but this one I am jumping on. I would also love to own a pair of the New Balance/Disney shoes but am not a runner. Disney/New Balance, please figure out a way we all can enjoy your shoes.

  • My husband would love the Sorcerer Mickey shoe – he wears men’s size 19. How big do these run?

  • I agree! These shoes need to be available to EVERYONE! Not just those who can attend the Expo! It’s not fair! 🙁
    I am loving the new designs, though. I want to get the original black and red Mickey design, but wouldn’t mind owning a pair of Goofy’s either!

  • Will the Goofy shoes also be offered in kids sizes? I love the Goofy but I have a small foot and can’t fit into men’s.

  • So excited about both styles! Now if you could just make these available online so everyone can purchase…not just people able to go to the expo!

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