Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend and runDisney on the Move at Disneyland Resort

Faron Kelley

by , Vice President of Sports, ESPN Wide World of Sports & Water Parks at Walt Disney World Resort

This past year has been pretty incredible for runDisney, and as we look back it has become apparent that the ladies are stepping up their game in a big way. In fact, according to our friends at RunningUSA, 8.6 million women completed a race last year, comprising 56 percent of the runners out there. At runDisney we are proud of all our races (like my kids, I can’t have a favorite), but the response we have seen to our women’s focused races is nothing short of amazing.

So with that set-up, we have a bit of news regarding our 2015 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend. Check out the video to learn more about what we have in store in 2015. And, as always, we invite you to follow us on runDisney Facebook, Twitter @runDisney and on runDisney Instagram for exciting news and future opportunities.

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  • I’m still hoping that RunDisney will change their minds and move this back to January. But, with the announcement of the Avengers race, I guess that won’t be happening. WHY would mothers want to spend their Mother’s Day running?! I’ve been living in SoCal during the first 3 races but I will be moving this summer. I was glad when the race moved a couple years ago to the holiday weekend so I had the extra day to recover. I was looking forward to having a travel day. Now, I have to decide whether or not it will be worth it for me to continue the Tink to get my legacy status. sigh…

  • I am really happy they moved it. I am hoping it will be alittle warmer. LOL Plus it is not right after the holidays!!! Can’t wait to get my Pixie dust on!!!

  • I think it will be great. The weather in So Cal is never too hot to run in. I am planning for this one….wooohooo!!

  • Oops! Nevermind, my bad…..totally confused my races!!!! :/

  • Looks like I’m the odd man out here — I’m thrilled with this change!! I’d love to do the Tink 1/2 someday, but the timing at the end of Feb. always made it impossible for me because airfare from the northeast to FL at that time of year is INSANELY expensive. May is much better, and now hopefully I’ll get to run my dream someday!

  • Very disappointed in this change, was planning on walking this event with my mom for her 65th Birthday and now with the change of dates the group of ladies we got together to do a Jan event will not be able to attend.

  • We were planning to do this in Jan as well until the date change. Coming from Florida we called the runDisney number and they confirmed the Tinkerbell was staying in CA.

  • I am so disappointed in this decision. I wish there were more options for us on the West Coast.

  • You can’t earn a coast to coast because they are moving the race to Florida! Now CA is left with only one race.

  • I am an inaugural runner of the Tinkerbell Half and learning of this change was heart breaking. The Tinkerbell run being moved to Mother’s Day will mean my sister and I likely cannot participate. Tink was my first 1/2 and will always be my favorite but now it will be just a memory. We cannot leave our mom at home on Mother’s Day weekend and my sister cannot leave her children. So sad right now.

  • We were just at the Disneyland Resort this weekend for the Tinkerbell. We heard quite a few theories for the change from requests from the city of Anaheim to spreading out all the races throughout the year. I know that this year’s course spent more time inside the parks and less on surface streets surrounding the parks. Here in California we have less space for our races so it really impacts the community with road closures. The races seem to be starting earlier and earlier to avoid this as well. We live about three hours away so the change of dates really does not impact us like some. As far as it being Mother’s Day Weekend, I know from being a military wife that holidays are just dates on a calendar and you can make a celebration any day you choose. We will celebrate Mother’s Day the weekend before or after. School is another matter and I can see the dilemma that other’s face. We do take our boys out of school for the Disney races. That is our choice. One of them runs in the races and the other doesn’t. We discuss everything with their teacher ahead of time to make sure they do all their assignments.

  • NO! I can’t believe this. First, they changed the family 5K to Friday in 2014 instead of Saturday morning which my daughter can’t run because she is in school. Then Disney doesn’t offer a challenge for this race, and now this! This is my favorite race of all because it’s how I start my new years. Also as I mother and a daughter I don’t think I can be away from my family for mother’s day.

  • As a Southern California mom, I do not have any of the travel/logistical issues that the out-of-staters will face on our special weekend, but I can say this about the weather: Early May is actually not a terrible time to run a race, and, for what it is worth, it is much better than Labor Day! I have run the Orange County Marathon that same weekend, which ends in Santa Ana, and it is generally not too bad because of the early start time (also 5:30 a.m.) And that is for a full marathon, so a half will be much more bearable even if it starts heating up. I do like that the races are more spread out this way, as another commenter mentioned.

  • This is a shame. There is no way I can leave my family on Mother’s Day, and airfare for all 5 of us across the country is out of the question. I like the thought of spreading some of the runDisney events out, but on this particular weekend? I don’t understand why that day in particular was selected.

  • I was hoping to obtain that pink coast to coast medal by running the Tink and Princess half in 2015, with the current date time frame. As a cake decorator, weekends in May are very busy and difficult to ask off. There is Mother’s Day, along with high school and college graduation.

  • I am reluctantly coming down on the “too bad” side of the vote– the benefit of the January date for the race was that it was over a holiday weekend, and there was a Monday in which to rest and/or travel back home.

    In addition, Orange County, CA is one of the best places in the USA to be running a big race in midwinter. Nippy but not really too cold in the early morning.

    If Disney’s strategy was to reduce the sheer volume of sign-ups for the race (it does get sold out so fast that it’s hard to get in as a new runner), then this might be a helpful part of that.

    For us personally as a family, I will probably be run-walk-running WITH my daughter that year! It will be right after her 12th birthday.

    Whether or not you’ll be at that particular run, hope all you moms out there keep on running for your health and for your families! Love ya all!

  • This works out WAY better! I’ve never been able to consider it an option because it is ALWAYS over Labor Day weekend and that is the last big camping trip of the year…Maybe 2015 will be the year…

  • That will leave out some of my friends, that is their week of College finals. Also, another set of friends that is graduation weekend.

  • So excited by the move! Can’t wait for Tink 1/2 2015!

  • I was planning on running the Tinkerbell Half for the first time in 2015. This move makes it easier for me. I am very excited! I get to do my Coast to Coast!!

  • This is very disappointing news. As a Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon inaugural runner, I ran 2012, 2013 and am registered for 2014. It has become a “Mom’s Getaway Weekend” for me and my running friend. With the move to Mother’s Day 2015, it is highly unlikely we will be able to run because we cannot leave our children for Mother’s Day. And to bring our children with us would cost a lot of money and require us to travel home after the race – on Mother’s Day – so our kids don’t miss school Monday.

  • Gosh, such mixed feelings on this. I loved Tink being in January cuz it kept me in check during the holidays and the weather was awesome. Although the idea sounds neat, spending Mother’s Day running is not my idea of what I want to do Mother’s Day as I was hoping to be relaxed and spoiled…

  • That puts the Half on my birthday in 2015! I really haven’t planned that far ahead, but that could be fun

    And from the years I spent living in southern California, the weather that time of year is typically great for running (especially in the early morning)

  • I love that it is not right on top of WDW marathon, but I worry that it will be really hot in May (DLR 1/2 this year was very warm).

  • I cannot believe this! I have always run the Disney Half Marathon in September and I just decided to make the switch to the Tinker Bell because it is always so hot in September. May in California is too hot for a half marathon. I will not be doing this one in the future. Too bad, I love the Disney experience!

  • So disappointed in this decision. As a mother, I want to spend Mother’s Day with my kids. I can’t bring them with me as they are still in school in May.

  • This is kinda a bummer for moms. I hope there’s a REALLY good reason behind the change. Disappointed in Texas.

  • Why for the move???? Not sure if I like to over mother’s day weekend.

  • Bummer! I was looking forward to running in this in 2015 with the assumption it would be in January. I don’t think I can do it over Mother’s day!!! 🙁 Why the change??

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