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Window Shopping at Disney Parks Around the World: Celebrate the Holidays

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Are your bags packed? Because this latest window shopping post is all about discovering the magic of the holidays around the world.

Season’s Greetings! Mele Kalikimaka Shirts From Aulani Season’s Greetings! Mele Kalikimaka Shirts From Aulani

Are you celebrating your holidays with us at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa? To get in the spirit of the season while you’re there, I’d recommend our Season’s Greetings! Mele Kalikimaka tees featuring Mickey Mouse. They come in both adult and kids sizes and make a great gift for the whole family.

If you’re like me, I’m partial to holiday ornaments. I won’t even begin to tell you how many I have. Not only do they make great decorations, but they become keepsakes that can often signify a special trip, experience or moment to treasure forever. For the best selection of ornaments, stop by Kālepa’s Store and Hale Manu to pick up one to commemorate your trip. I’m excited to see what you’ll choose, so let me know!


While I can take a Hawaiian holiday just about any day, it’s time for us to take flight and head over to Hong Kong Disneyland to visit my good friend Fion Lai and see what she has in store for us. “Christmas is a largely celebrated and festive season in Hong Kong,” said Fion. “There are over 110 Christmas collectibles available at Hong Kong Disneyland. You’ll find a range of specially themed merchandise, including warm winter wear featuring some of our beloved Disney friends, an assortment of exciting toys, including this year’s Mickey and Minnie plush in their Christmas attire, limited edition pins as well as sweets and treats, like delicious cookies, which are sure to delight!”

Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday Personalized Ornaments Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday Phone Cases

I asked Fion what one of her favorite holiday gifts would be and here’s what she shared. This year, you can add a name or personal message to an enchanting range of unique Disney Christmas ornaments or choose from new festive Disney designs for the holiday season at “D-Tech Yourself.” It’s so fun for our guests to customize a smart phone or tablet case with names or phrases that truly make it a unique gift.”

Disneyland Paris Minnie Holiday Ornament Disneyland Paris Mickey Holiday Ornament

Time to keep moving! Our last window shopping stop for the day, Disneyland Paris! I had a chance to chat briefly with Product Developer, Regis Alart who gave me all of the inside scoop on what we could expect to find as we celebrate Joyeux Noel. “This year our Entertainment and Merchandise departments have teamed up to tell a new holiday story,” said Regis. “Guests can now decorate their trees with ornaments inspired by the ones featured on the new 78 foot tall Christmas tree that stands proudly in Town Square.”


“This same tree is the center piece of this year’s artwork which you will find on a variety of holiday items,” Regis shared. “Indeed, the scene is set in the very heart of Main Street, U.S.A. with a view that faithfully depicts the various decorations it dons during this cheerful season.”

“New this year and a top holiday pick for me”, said Regis, “is the Disneyland Paris Poster Series. There are over 25 different attraction and restaurant themed posters to choose from on our Art on Demand Kiosk at The Disney Gallery in Disney Village.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. This virtual jet lag is really getting to me! No matter where you celebrate around the world, happy holidays!


  • TOKYO Disneyland and Disney Sea merch…and their FABULOUS parades, always Out Disney the parks here in the states and France. My daughter lives in Tokyo and being a Disneyphile all her life, she texts me pics of the new merch from the parks and hotels there every couple of weeks. Wish they’d make it all available online, but feel so lucky I get to go a couple of times a year to pick up all the fun pieces she’s gathered for me. =)))

    • I’m hoping one of these days we will be able to do a little Window Shopping with our friends at Tokyo Disneyland as well. You are indeed lucky to be able to visit, as they have an amazing array of merchandise.

  • Thanks Michelle!! I will be at Disney World later this month but didn’t think one that they would carry some of the Disneyland Paris Holiday shirts let alone exchange them. Would really like to just exchange the shirts for larger sizes since they are so cute!! Appreciate your help!!

    • Amanda, I would inquire with the Merchandise Services team at regarding the item, to see if any quanities remain in the size you need and whether or not an exchange would be possible. I hope it will work.

  • My mom just came back from Disneyland Paris and brought me three shirts but they are too small, who can I contact to try to get them exchanged for bigger sizes.

    • Amanda, I’m trying to find out what the next steps would be for you. As soon as I have an update I’ll add it to the reply.

  • This would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle!

    • Actually a jigsaw puzzle featuring the Christmas artwork exists. Great minds must have been thinking alike.

  • Love those gingerbread ornaments. Can we get them anywhere here in the Unite4d States? Or do I have to make a trip to Paris? Wish it was that simple :o)

    • Elaine, sorry for the delay in my response. I wanted to try and get the answer for you. Regis suggested contacting to inquire about purchasing the ornaments. I can’t guarantee it, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

  • This is awesome! My favourite Disney decorations though are, and probably always be, the Halloween exclusives. 🙂

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