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You’ve Got Mail … and Gifts from Disney Floral & Gifts

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Remember the days when the mainstream form of communication was writing letters? You’d wait all day for the mailman to stroll by your house in the hope that maybe you’d be lucky enough to receive one. But times have changed. Now we text, tweet, “Like” and instant message like crazy and the only letter I’ll be reading is if there is one posted to my wall. Even I’m speaking the lingo!

Although all of the techno-toys are impressive, I can’t help but miss the old days where I’d get to tear open a signed, sealed and delivered envelope full of stories, news and heartfelt chatter. It’s through these fond memories that Disney Floral & Gifts is bringing a piece of the good ol’ days back with our Friends & Family program … another magical addition to our new website.


Here’s the scoop: The Friends & Family program creates an opportunity for everyone to take part in the celebration, regardless of their location. With each gift purchased you will have an opportunity to notify your loved ones to create messages through our website. Then, once loved ones are notified, they will be invited to write a note that will be inserted into the guest of honor’s gift for a surprise they will not soon forget!

How does this work? Let’s take, for example, sending one of our Stocking of Surprises to your loved one staying at the Walt Disney World Resort! Filled with stocking stuffers, treats of all kinds and surprises, including a special invitation from Minnie Mouse to create something special for Mickey Mouse for the little ones, you can create any kind of message you want! It’s a chance to dig deep and show your creative side. Then, once created, we’ll tuck your notes inside a card featuring an exclusive piece of artwork created by an original Disney artist and tenderly written by a Disney writer, both of which are sure to melt the heart.


You could send a note that says, “Although we are apart this year for Christmas, I know our good friends at Disney will fill your celebration with magic and create a day you will remember for a lifetime.” Or, “Wishing you the happiest of holidays, may all your dreams come true!”


Or for our friends staying at Disneyland Resort, nothing says family-friendly gift like our Very Merry Character Gathering Tree. Extend your own family tree on the branches of this 4-foot-tall treasure, with special frames left unfilled for portraits of you and your loved ones. This year, you’ll be able to have all your loved ones in the same place for the holidays, no matter where you might be!


Imagine your loved one’s surprise when they receive a gift, let alone the added surprise of a special warmhearted note from a loved one far away. There are lots of unique celebrations you can create messages for too! Marathon runners, cheerleaders, dancers, and all other athletes could all use a little pep talk or a cheer-gram from their fans for a little pre-game inspiration. Or for guests celebrating great milestones like a wedding anniversary. You know your grandparents will keep every card they receive from you. All celebrations are special and deserving of recognition from your loved ones. But what truly makes the Friends & Family program special is the time your loved ones will take to let you know they wish they could be there celebrating with you. I mean, who gets mail while on their vacation?

So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement, triumph, holiday or any other celebration that comes to mind, loved ones are invited and encouraged to join the celebration and help create that magical moment. And just like Mr. Postman from back in the day, in rain or shine, we promise the mail you send will reach your loved one in time for their special day! And that my friends, is truly something worth tweeting about.