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2014 Limited Edition New Balance runDisney Shoes Revealed – Available Next Week At Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

Happy New Year! What better way to kick off 2014 than to reveal the “new” limited edition New Balance runDisney running shoes and to announce they will be available to guests for the first time at next week’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna Expo.

Over the past two months we shared details about the 860 V4 featuring Sorcerer Mickey and Pink Minnie, including exciting news that this model shoe will also be available in kids sizes. We introduced the faster looking 890 V4 to the New Balance runDisney family featuring Goofy and Cinderella. And we showed you new kits with race specific shoe liners and shoelace charms that you can purchase to personalize your runDisney race experience.

Well, now is your chance to see these amazing shoes for yourself. The accompanying video will give you a detailed look at each shoe and help you decide how you want to show your Disney Side at your next runDisney event.

These 2014 New Balance runDisney shoes will only be available at runDisney Health and Fitness Expos starting with next week’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, January 8 – 11. Based on the success of the 2013 shoes and excitement building for the new 2014 shoes, we anticipate a big demand and special arrangements are being put in place to assist guests. For detailed information on how you can purchase shoes at next week’s expo, visit

On behalf of everyone at runDisney, I want to wish you a happy New Year! We invite you to follow us on runDisney Facebook, Twitter @runDisney and on runDisney Instagram for exciting news throughout the year.


  • I would of like to of purchase the shoes. but when we ran the race in Florida you have to sign in at 6 am and only 500 could get the chance to sign up for the shoe or you had to stand in line in which we did but still did not get the shoes. I feel like every runner should have the option to buy the shoes when registering for the race or when the shoes come available

  • Hi does anyone know what is the smallest men’s size New Balance is offering for the Goofy sneakers? Going to the expo this week and would to know if they offer a 5 1/2 or 6.

  • I second the question about the new RunDisney NB shoes availability at Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend expo? Are they here? Do we go through the same process to get them as the WDW Marathon Expo with the Signup and scheduled time fittings? Does anyone know?

  • Are the New Balance going to be available at the Tinker-bell marathon January 16th? If so, how would one go about getting them? As with the rest of the crowd.. would love to get these. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • New Balance are the only sneakers that I can wear because of my very wide foot! Would love if these came in 2E and 4E options!

  • I’m in California and I really would like to get a pair of these shoes, so I’m wanting to know if they will be available at any of the runs scheduled here.

  • I’ll be there, and am interested to give them a look. The 890s look a great deal more suitable for running than the 860. I bought the last 860s and I enjoy how gaudy they look but they’re really heavy.

    NB makes limited edition shoes for various marathons, and the fact that they are exclusive is why people buy them. If anyone could get these shoes online, a lot of the people who do buy them wouldn’t want them. They’re not “leaving money on the table” – the exclusive-to-expo deal promotes impulse buying, so it’s probably a wash. If someone REALLY wants them, and takes an extra trip to be able to get them at the expo, they extra-win.

    For the non-runners, please don’t be sad not to be able to get them. Technical running shoes, particularly like the Cinderella/Goofy colorways, are often not that comfortable for casual walking.

    Since NB also makes walking shoes, and there is such enthusiastic demand, I could see the viability of them developing a non-limited edition Disney walking shoe like the Crocs partnership.

  • I am also interested in the Cinderella shoes but can not make the expo till Friday afternoon. Will y’all have plenty in stock? Even I have to order there I will. Thank you New Balance and Run Disney for making an awesome experience even better!

  • I am running expedition Everest. Will these be available at packet pickup ? Or are these only available at the marathon expo?

  • Much of this was also copied and pasted at Chip and Co!

  • I would love a pair of the Cinderella design. I am really bummed out because we arrive on January 12. I really hope they become available for the rest of us.

  • I really LOVE the shoes!!! I am not running but will be at Disney World in February. Will the shoes still be available at the parks? If not, I would love to order some. I hope they become available to those that could not make it to the marathons! They are the cutest I have ever seen!!!

  • I want a pair of the Cinderella Shoes! I learned about the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon too late! I’m starting training this week. I used to run 6.4 miles a day Monday~Saturday, sometimes Sunday. But, I’m going to train as a beginner for the first 6 months. I hope to run both the Princess and the Cinderella Glass Slipper Challenge in 2015!!! So, See all you fellow runners next year!!!

    Rebekah {Fellow Runner}

  • Does anyone know if these shoes will be available in multiple widths? New Balance has always been known for being the one sneaker vendor that was pretty good at providing sneakers for people with wider feet. I am hoping the same might be said for these great shoes!

  • Love the shoes. Find it insane that they will not be available for purchase on line. Talk about leaving money on the table!

  • I hope they also have them at the Tinkerbell Half expo. I love them all!

  • The runDisney blog says to follow the shoe “footprints” at the expo to get to the booth for new balance. You can even reserve a time to go to the booth to purchase. It also says retails will be $72-$125 depending on model/design. Each person can buy 4 adult shoes (pairs?) and 2 kids shoes (pairs?) but products are first come first serve and you cant “reserve” shoes when you reserve a return time. Good luck to you all! (running and shopping ;0) )

  • It is a bummer you have to be at the expo to get these. My 6 year old daughter and I both would love a pair, and we won’t be at the expo. Hopefully arrangements can be made to sell these to the public.

  • I LOVE these! I sure hope to get a pair when we come down for Princess Half weekend next month 🙂

  • Where is expo at? Times? Cost? Parking cost? Tickets to buy to visit expo? I’d love to get these shoes live in FL and wanna know where to find all the info? Thank you.

  • Do you know the price point on the adult sizes of all 4 running shoes

  • I want them all! Love!

  • Bummer that you can only get these at the expos. I can’t make this event, but would love to get the shoes.

    Can Disney and New Balance work out the next level of collaboration and increase production of these shoes?

    I can’t be the only one not going that would love the opportunity to order these shoes for myself.

  • I can’t make the marathon this year, but I really want the shoes. Is there any way I can get them? I know someone that lives close to Disney, can she get them for me? PLEASE!!!

  • I am not sure if you will know the answer to this, but will the Goofy shoe be offered in a small size such as 5.5? I am a huge Goofy fan and want that shoe over the Minnie or Cinderella shoe.

    Also, will the reservation process be the same for all events? I will be running in the half marathon at Disneyland in August and plan to buy my shoes at that time. I remember from last years event (Tinkerbell half marathon) that the New Balance area was overwhelmed with people.

  • The Cinderella ribbons may just be the thing to swing me back her way! I was thinking of going Goofy and getting the men’s shoes, but oh those ribbon laces!

    See you real soon!


    for the love of Disney running

  • What kind of stock are we looking at? I won’t get to the Expo until next Friday and would really like a chance at these.

  • Do you have to be a runner to purchase the shoes and is there a purchase limit?

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