2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Returns with New Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon returns to Anaheim, Calif., January 16 – 19, 2014. I know many of you are pumped up for your first race of the New Year, and I’m here to make sure you do it in style. Here’s your first look at this year’s logo, which will appear on a multitude of merchandise items. Of course, I had to go to a few of my resident experts whom I know have run many a runDisney event … you might even recognize some of them. Here are some of our favorites, I can’t wait to see what you pick!


Top choices this year include our Half Marathon themed apparel including long and short sleeve T-shirts, performance T-shirts, tanks, a fleece hoodie and of course the ever popular ladies jacket. I asked good friend and fellow Disney Parks Blog author Erin Glover her thoughts on the ladies T-shirt and jacket, and here’s what she had to share (as you can see she really got into it, literally), “I love the sparkles on the front of the shirt,” said Erin, “it’s like it’s already been sprinkled with pixie dust. And there’s no need to add your own wings because it comes with a pair already, right on the back!” That’s right! Keep an eye out as you’ll actually find ‘Flutter to the Finish’ screened on the back of several of our apparel items.


Social Media Community Manager Lisa Kanazawa, says and I quote, “I want it all!” and even offered a few tips on how you can feel your best in your race day outfit! “Everyone has a different preference on what they like to wear on race day, but don’t be afraid to go outside of the norm and dress up based on the theme for each race you participate in. For example, you can easily create a Tinker Bell or fairy inspired costume for Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend events by accessorizing your race day outfit with a pair of wings and a new runDisney tutu!”


A few more items you can expect to find this year include an Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K T-shirt and what I think will be one of the hottest choices around, the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Event T-shirt. What I love most about this particular T-shirt is that on the back it says ‘Earn Your Wings’ and showcases some of the medals.


Other items to race in for include Vinylmation, plush, a runner’s hat, Disney pins, magnets, headbands, a mug, stemmed glassware, tumbler, water bottle and toothpick holder.

Joanna Pisanski from Store Operations definitely had her eye on a few things, including the water bottle to keep her hydrated during the race and the commemorative mug, which she says has become a tradition of getting since she and her family started running the races together. Check it out!


Those of you continuing your Coast to Coast tradition will not be disappointed. 2014 Coast to Coast Race Challenge performance T-shirts as well as other essential runDisney gear are bound to fly off the shelves.

I know many of you are probably wondering what the Dooney & Bourke bags will look like. Wonder no more, here’s a special sneak peek!


If you are looking for other ways get into the racing spirit, how about our Pixie Power transformation – which will be available at the Expo and at Studio Disney 365. Let’s just say the look will make you feel like you have been given wings to fly. Also taking place over the Half Marathon weekend at WonderGround Gallery is a special Art Attack with artists J. Scott Campbell, John Coulter and Noah, who will be showcasing some of their latest works, themed to none other than Tinker Bell herself.

Finally, take part in special online opportunity to purchase an Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K T-shirt in lavender and “I Did It” T-shirt in navy, which will vary slightly from those sold at this year’s Expo, some of the Coast to Coast Race Challenge T-shirts, plus the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Event T-shirt. Find them online January 20 – 27, 2014 via www.DisneyStore.com/ParkEvents.

Find out all the details about the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend Expo taking place at the Disneyland Hotel and more at runDisney.com. For those of you contemplating getting a new pair of new running shoes, be sure to check out the 2014 limited edition New Balance runDisney running shoes that Disney Parks Blog author Robert Hitchcock recently shared details about. They’re beyond cool!

To all of you participating in the race, I wish you all the best of luck!


  • I’m SOOOO disappointed that the coffee mugs were sold out by Saturday morning. Will there be any more available for purchase on line?

  • Very disappointed that the purses and jackets were sold out. Any chance any more will become available? I trained for 6 months to run the 1/2 with the purse dangling as my carrot!

  • I wasn’t able to get to the Expo until Saturday–had to fly in from Seattle–so all the jackets and the “I Did It!” shirts were long gone. Is there any way that “us finishers” can get these things? I was really hoping that there would be a booth or something set up after the half-marathon was done, just for these items.

  • Michelle- I would really like to order the short-sleeved bright green Champion TinkerBell Half Marathon shirt and the long-sleeved blue jacket. Can you please help?!? Did not find them at the expo. Thanks so much!!

  • Michelle – Is there anywhere to order the half marathon tank or jacket online? I never figured out where to purchase these items when I was at the expo 🙁

    Thanks so much!

  • I ran in the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon this weekend and they ran out of the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Ladies Jacket….any way of ordering one online? I really wanted one!!

  • yes, i went this afternoon and we were told that the dooneys are completely sold out… very disappointed in how they did this. they should’ve allocated a certain number for each day like NB does with the shoes.

  • Reannyn I heard they are sold out. there are several listed on ebay already though.

  • 10K race shirts for both men and women are lavender with fairies. Only difference is that the women’s has a v-neck

    Purses at the Expo you pick them up at the cash registers. At least for today there was a separate line to get Run Disney merchanize. I suggest go there before picking up your bids.

    Michelle Harker: I want to confirm for the 10K there are was only the t-shirt, pin, and sweatband, right? I was hoping for a track jacket.

    • Lina, there is indeed a t-shirt, pin and sweatband. I know they will be selling a 10K tee online, I’m not sure if the color will vary or not. So be sure to keep an eye out.

  • When and where will the purses be available for purchase? I am running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on Sunday for the 1st time! I am not sure how it all works! A website I saw said the purses were available on 19th but yesterday at Disneyland a worker from The Vault said today at the expo?!? Help … I NEED it!!! =)

    • Sorry for the delay Reannyn! I believe the expo started today, and to Jamie’s point below, I know they were going fast.

  • I got the satchel! It is so totally adorable. I am in love!

  • Thanks Michelle for your reply. I’ll check it out hopefully something there and something left on Saturday 😀 In general though there needs to be characters for men and women on merchandise imo. I mean heck even stick Terrence on the shirt with the rest of her friends. My girlfriend wouldn’t wear a Tink shirt she’s not a fan but Tink rules and I so would if there was a men’s Tink shirt.

    Any ways Disney Parks Blog is awesome, all of you are wonderful!

    • Thanks Jason! I will definitely pass the feedback along!

  • Hi, I am flying in from Florida to run the race. I am an Annual passholder for Walt Disney World, am I eligible for a merchandise discount?

    • Hi Ellen! You know I’m not sure. I would recommend asking one of our store managers for the merchandise location, just to be sure.

  • Will there be a Annual Pass holder discount on the merchandise?

    • Cassidy, you can definitely use your Passholder discount on the merchandise.

  • I absolutely LOVE the jacket. I hope one will be available when I get there. I’m super bummed they’re moving the race to May next year. Looks like this will be my last year running the Tinkerbell, been running since the inaugural one too 🙁
    A jacket would be a great gift to take home with me. Woohoo! Besides the jacket is there any type of hoodie (pullover)?

    • Brandi, there is indeed, and I think you’ll love it.

  • Can you please provide the phone number of Merchandise Guest Services? What are the dimensions of the Dooney crossbody satchel? Also, how much is the jacket that is in the top picture?

    • Josephine, I’m so sorry, I don’t have the dimensions of the satchel, however I can tell you that the price of the jacket is $79.95. The number for Merchandise Guest Services is as follows: 877-560-6477

  • Flying in from MA on Saturday for my first half and first time at Disneyland:) Can’t wait to try on one of those jackets!

  • Hi, I was wondering if the Run Disney New Balance Shoes will also be available for sale at the expo this weekend? Thank You!

    • Hey Sarah! The shoes will be available at the Expo. I know they are heavily sought after, so I hope you get a pair.

  • Hi! Can you only get a runDisney tutu at the Expo?? Or will they be available online or phone??

    • Hi Debra! The runDisney tutu will only be available to purchase at the Expo.

  • The merchandise looks great! Do you know what the pins will look like, and will there be any available for purchase at the expo?

    • Theresa, there will indeed be pins available, inluding one that is designed after the Tinker Bell Half Marathon medal, which I really like.

  • Do we know what the 10k and Half race shirts look like?

    • Julie, the 10K shirt actually features Tinker Berll and some of her fairy friends and reads Pixie Powerhouse on the back. Many of the other race tees will feature the Tinker Bell logo shown in the post above.

  • Are we able to use our Annual Passholder discount on the Dooney & Bourke purses?

    • Mercedes, you should be able to use your Annual Passholder discount for the merchandise.

  • Will annual pass discounts be in effect for the D & B’s as well as other expo merchandise?

    • Michael, the Passholder discount should be applicable on most merchandise though I know sometimes there are restrictions.

  • What sizes do the jackets come in and how much are they? Do you happen to know what the shirts will look like for the Family Fun 5K?

    • Nicholle,the jackets are actually $79.95, plus tax and will be available in sizes Small – X-Large. As for the Family Fun 5K shirt, I unfortunately do not have any details.

  • Seconding the question as to whether there will be a wristlet available and what is the pricing of the Dooneys? Thanks!

    • Cherie, the only two styles available this year will be the Tassel Tote for $285, plus tax, and the Crossbody Satchel for $195, plus tax.

  • Will there be 2x in any of the female shirt/jacket styles?

    • Penny, you will actually find that several of the tees, etc. will be available in 2X.

  • I with there were actually Tinkerbell mens shirts, we’re allowed to be fans too! Tink is awesome, same with evil queen etc 🙁

    • Jason, there is a fleece hoodie and a couple of tees that include Tinker Bell in some form or fashion, so hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for.

  • Will we be able to pre order the purses? I will not be there until Saturday :/

    • Hi Aimee! Unfortunately no, but you can always contact Merchandise Guest Services after Tuesday to inquire about remaining quantities.

  • Oh I love that jacket. I have to console myself with all the Dopey merch I bought this weekend since we decided to stay in FL for a Disney cruise instead of going home to do Tink. Best of luck to this year’s participants and just remember how lucky you are that you don’t have to run 48.6. 😉 Have a GREAT race and enjoy all that fabulous new merch.

  • Thanks for the preview. That jacket is a must have and the 10k shirt is adorable. See you at the Expo and at the races!

  • Which stlyes will the D&B bags be available? Also do you have pricing? I have the purple from the innagural and LOVE the new one as well. Thanks!

    • Hey Jamie! The Tassel Tote is $285, plus tax, while the Crossbody Satchel will be $195, plus tax. Hope that helps.

  • Love it all! Running my first half doing this years Tink and I just might have to buy it all! Leaving tomorrow to head that way! So cute! See y’all at the Expo!

    • Sarah, you are too funny!! Best of luck to you!

  • Do you know if there will be a wristlet in addition to the bags?

    • Hi Melissa! Actually there will only be two silhouettes available this year, the Tassel Tote and the Crossbody Satchel.

  • Oh boy this is a great merch preview! Wish I was running Tink this year – fly fast & strong, all! 😀

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