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Big Fun on the Big Screen at AMC Downtown Disney 24

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Love movies? If so, you’re probably thrilled that we’ve officially embarked on one of my favorite times of the year – awards season! If you were glued to your TV set during Sunday’s “Golden Globes” and you’re counting down the days until the “86th Annual Academy Awards” airs on March 2, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen a movie at my favorite theater, AMC Downtown Disney 24, located at Downtown Disney West Side.


As a local resident, this is my “go-to” venue to see all the latest releases. With 24 screens, I never have a hard time finding my flick. And whether I’m in the mood for a drama or a comedy, a romance or a thriller, I can always find something to suit my mood. (That goes for my friends, too, and they’re a sometimes-picky bunch!)

I recently saw “Frozen” and “Saving Mr. Banks” here, and I’ll admit, there’s nothing like seeing a future Disney classic right in the heart of the magic!


While you won’t be shocked to find all the newest films here, you might be surprised that AMC often brings ‘classic’ films back to the big screen. Over the next month, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Groundhog Day,” and “Sleepless in Seattle” will be featured. You can check out this listing of fan favorites here.

Another bonus? If you want to indulge in dinner and a movie, you can enjoy AMC Dine-In Theatres, which lets you reserve a seat in advance, then order from a full menu of drinks, food and dessert, delivered directly to you in time for the show. Get more details on the “Fork & Screen” option here.

So, fellow movie buffs, what’s the best movie you’ve seen recently? I need to catch up, so I’d love to get your reviews in the comments below.


  • Not being a local, I used to think it was “heretical” to go to the AMC while on an on-property vacation (you’re a bus ride from Magic Kingdom and DD, you can see movies at home!) But then one year, I made plans to catch Star Wars III at the east-coast DD AMC while I was there for WDW Star Wars Weekend, and I remembered how much I enjoy discovering new theaters while traveling. 🙂
    Now I always try to plan one movie night at DD”s AMC, but whenever I go off season, there’s never any good movies playing.

  • Beginning with the Thanksgiving premiere of Pocahontas, we have made it an annual event to go to the latest Disney movie at AMC in Downtown Disney. It was a tradition our family created when we moved here, as we were so far away from our family during the holidays. We have a lot of memories of spending time there–then checking out the stores at Downtown Disney–particularly Virgin when it was open. It’s still a tradition today, as we just saw Frozen there during the holiday.

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