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Caption This: Catching Fountains at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

On my first trip to Epcot in the 1980s, I was absolutely fascinated by these dancing fountains in Future World. I remember jumping up and trying to “catch” the water over and over again, while my mom tried to keep up and capture the moment on our camera.

Which brings us to today’s “Caption This” image. These kids sure look like they’re having a blast doing the exact same thing. Which of these kids has the best shot? What should their strategy be? You tell us – go ahead and “Caption This” in the comments section below.



  • Reaching for Magic

  • “I believe in magic!”

  • A Royal Flush!

  • The rainbow connection!

  • “So, tell me again why this is ‘easier’ than just using the drinking fountain around the corner?”

  • “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

    • 🙂

  • Think happy thoughts!

  • Mine! Mine! Mine!

  • Adult with white shirt in the far right background is thinking,
    ‘I used to be able to jump that high’.

  • Jennifer, why Peter Pan of course– he can simply fly overhead and catch the water…. Here we gooo!

  • All we need is one happy little thought and just a little bit of pixie dust

  • No Princesses! It really works! Just think wonderful thoughts!

  • Pixie Dust!!

  • “The clawwwwwwwww! The claw is our master.”

  • Catching Drops and making Dreams Come True, in Epcot is fun on a sunny day!

  • Perfect Kodak Moment…err…Nikon Moment!

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