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Exciting New Merchandise on the Horizon for Disney Parks in 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


As the New Year begins, I wanted to share a first look at some amazing new merchandise coming to Disney Parks. I don’t think words can capture how excited I am for these new things. Let’s start with another look at the “Disney Holiday for your Home Collection” arriving later in 2014.


Before the recently concluded holidays, you may recall a Disney Parks Blog story about D-Tech on Demand that included this holiday artwork. I spoke with seasonal merchandiser Roger Dressen who explained the inspiration behind the new program.

“The holidays are a swell time of the year to remember favorite memories and traditions,” said Roger. “We wanted a retro-inspired art program that captured with the warmth and magic of the season while adding a splash of Disney. The artwork will used on a host of new items including ornaments, decorations and more.”


Last November, we announced the Marketplace Co Op location coming to Downtown Disney Marketplace in 2014. I’m delighted to share two things created especially for Centerpiece, the home goods mini-shop in that location. There will be salt and pepper shakers shaped like Disney Parks’ trash cans! I also can’t wait to enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice poured from the Orange Bird-themed glass pitcher.


Speaking of Orange Bird, he will make another appearance on a new T-shirt inspired by the attraction poster from Magic Kingdom Park. The overwhelmingly positive responses to the recently released 2014 calendars and the fantastic “Poster Art of the Disney Parks” hardcover book paved the way for several new shirts. Look for them on the Disney Parks online store in the coming months. They will be released similar to how we released the Horizons 30th Anniversary T-shirt last November.


In May, we will celebrate five years of Dooney & Bourke handbags and accessories at Disney Parks. We are planning a small celebration and will be releasing several new designs this year. I love the above artwork with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


Finally, fans of the Haunted Mansion attraction should beware of incredible merchandise in 2014. An entirely new style guide containing some hauntingly beautiful artwork was recently created for this classic Disney attraction. Look for new items to follow you home in late 2014.

I’d love to hear which items are your favorites in the comments below.


  • The salt and pepper shakers are all sold out. Will they be available again? Seems like a very popular item!

    Joey, were you able to order them from the merchandise hotline?

  • @joey – frontier is 7509055880566P, adventure is 7509055880567P, fantasyland is 7509055880565P, tomorrowland is 7509055880564P (still available online). hope that helps!

  • Hey Steven. Any chance you can provide the item number for the trash cans. They are sold out online and I was trying the Merchandise hotline but they can’t find it. Was hoping the item number could help. Thanks

  • Any update on the May celebration? I haven’t seen anything online. Thanks!

  • Steven, I realize I’m late to the party but I’m wondering, do they have an idea of a date in May that they will celebrate the 5 years of Disney Dooney & Bourke? We plan to be there 4/30-5/4 so I’m super excited at the prospect of a new handbag 🙂

  • Why is Disney getting rid of PUSH when they are coming out with new merchandise featuring him?

  • I love the new Dooney and Burke pattern. I’ve been thinking of purchasing a D&B handbag before we go to Disney World but I’ll wait if the new handbags will be in the park’s stores by March 15. If so, what stores sell D&B handbags?
    Thanks for your help

  • Hi, I was just wondering if there were any updates to when/if the Orange Bird pitcher was going to be sold online?

    • @Jackie – Unfortunately, I don’t have any updated information as to when that item will be released. The item is planned to debut when the Marketplace Co-Op opens at Downtown Disney Marketplace later in 2014. You can join me in line for it as I also really want it for my kitchen! 🙂

  • The picture of the skull with the image of a person in it. Is that a print or tshirt? I have been in both Disney World and Disneyland in the last 2 weeks and couldn’t find anything like that on either coast. When will it be available?

    • @Diane – That image is only a sneak preview of artwork from a Haunted Mansion style guide. Items using that artwork may not be seen until much later in 2014.

  • Steve,

    Any updates on the item number for those trash can salt and pepper shakers? Hoping to try to order them through the hotline if they are not going to be sold online.

    • @Joey – I’m sorry. I have no updated information at this time. They won’t be released until Centerpiece opens inside the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace. I know there are plans to carry select home goods online as well. I would be shocked if these weren’t included in that mix 🙂

  • Hi Steve,

    I know you mentioned that the Poster Art t-shirts will be sold online in a similar fashion to the Horizon shirts (which are awesome by the way), but do you know if you’ll post a blog letting us know the timeframe for that sale or should we just keep checking the online store and hope for the best 🙂 Thanks!

  • Will the Mickey/ Minnie artwork be made into Dooney bags?

    • @Stephanie and Teresa – Yes, the “Downtown Mickey” image above will be used on future Dooney & Bourke items. I recently met with the accessories team who shared some additional information with me. Look for another article on the Disney Parks Blog highlighting Dooney & Bourke in the coming weeks.

  • Very excited about all of the new Disney Dooney items! The ones released for all of the run Disney events this year so far have been great! Is the Mickey and Minnie artwork mentioned in your post going to be one of the newly released Disney Dooney prints this year? If so, I definitely can’t wait!

  • I picked out the Dooney Haunted Mansion bag as a 50th birthday gift to myself last summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to order one before I become a Happy Haunt!

  • Will the Where’s Mickey line of Vera Bradley be restocked? and is there any word on new patterns/ release dates? I was really hoping to complete my collection of the Wheres’s Mickey pattern!!!!

  • Kyna, the Its A Small World Dooney is on the Disney Store site right now! It’s super cute!

  • So very happy to see fresh holiday artwork. 2014 is looking much better than the ’12-’13 offerings. Can’t wait to see what new Halloween artwork we will get this year. I have to echo the disappointment in hearing there are no plans to restock the HM Dooney. Fingers crossed for a future production run. Now – what can you tell us about a Small World Dooney that I have heard rumors about?!! So very, very excited…

  • Is there a date for the 5th anniversary celebration of dooney and Bourke? Can’t wait to see the new designs!

    • @Jacki – At this point, I don’t have a firm event date for the 5th Anniversary. Please stay tuned.

  • The Dooney Haunted Mansion pattern is wildly popular. I’d love a letter carrier with the HM hang tag that would be perfect size for Disney vacations. Any plans to make a DVC exclusive design?

  • Is there going to be wallets to match the new D&B items.

    • @Melissa – At this point, I’ve not seen such development.

  • I’m with Susan…when on earth are Vera Bradley bags going to be available again…in the Parks and online…by phone maybe too??

  • Please, please, please bring back the Haunted Mansion Dooney bag, and/or more styles with that same print. It is gorgeous, but was impossible to get!!! I would love to someday have multiple styles in that print. I have a retro WDW Dooney and LOVE IT – the Disney Dooneys are wonderful.. they’re beautiful and excellent quality. I look forward to growing my collection.

    I definitely want some of those trash can salt n pepper shakers. And I hope the attraction poster shirts aren’t limited release – I definitely want some of them as well! Love seeing retro and unique merchandise!!

  • Do you know if World of Disney will continue the D-tech me figurines? When we visited WDW in 2012, we had a reservation for this, but it was broken. Hoping to be able to do this for our trip this year!

    • @Jennifer – I have not received confirmation when D-Tech Me will return. I know that we’ve featured it before at events like Star Wars Weekends. Stay tuned.

  • I’d love to see polo shirts with embroidered logos make a come back at WDW. I can wear polos to work but t-shirts are strictly weekend wear. Sadly, most of my Disney polos are starting to get pretty worn and I haven’t found suitable replacements the last couple of trips.

  • I have been to Disney 3x now looking for the Vera Bradley Bags. When are they going to be available again??

    • @Susan – I know that additional orders are coming yet I don’t have a confirmed arrival/release date for those items. If I hear more, I will update.

  • I’ll have one of everything please. The artwork looks fantastic! I love the retro style!

  • YAY YAY YAY HOORAY! This stuff looks great!

  • Hi Steven,
    I called the phone number listed above about the Disneyland Poster Calendar and they told me that they are out of stock… They said they thought they would get more in since its early in the year… So I will keep trying… Thanks

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