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New Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz to Debut Thursday on Disney Parks Blog

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Tomorrow morning we’ll have the exclusive first look at the new Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz, right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


Until then, here’s a photo I took when I arrived at the stunning location of this shoot. Are you, umm, courageous enough to take a guess?

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  • My say is either Pinnochio or Muppet Treasure Island.

    • Jon, this may be may favorite guess, ever!

  • Has to be a Brave/Merida photo.

    • Tom, it almost sounds like fate, huh?

  • Brave!!

  • I hope it’s Brave, the landscape looks just right!

  • Frozen! Little Mermaid?

  • I will say Brave. Looks like Loch Ness.

  • The clue in the post was “courageous” = Brave

  • I’ll guess Amy Adams as Merida! Love her!

  • Jessica Chastian as Merida / Brave.

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