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New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving Soon at Disney Parks for 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’m happy to share that new Hidden Mickey pins are arriving soon to cast members’ lanyards at Disney Parks. For those unfamiliar with these pins, the Disney pin team distributes these pins to Cast Members to use for trading with guests. The Hidden Mickey pin collection was first introduced at Walt Disney World Resort in 2002. Today, they have become something fun for guests to collect or trade while visiting Disney Parks. Jeanne Lewis, merchandiser for Disney pins, recently gave me a look at the first wave of pins for 2014. This year’s collections feature familiar Disney characters and icons from Disney Parks.


For Disneyland Resort, Jeanne included pins that were inspired by the beautiful tile artwork found outside Carthay Circle on Buena Vista Street (you can see a great video about the creation of those tiles in this Disney Parks Blog story). I also love the character tiki face and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pins.
New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving Soon at Walt Disney World Resort for 2014

For Walt Disney World Resort, Jeanne continued the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot sign collection first introduced years ago. There is also a collection featuring the Seven Dwarfs, which is a slight nod to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coming to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park in 2014.

There will also be one shared collection between Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. That collection features the “it’s a small world” attraction, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

As a reminder, there are a couple of ways to identify a Hidden Mickey pin. The pins typically measure about 1.25-inches and contain a small Mickey Mouse icon “hidden” in the artwork. The back of the pin will also have the words “Hidden Mickey pin.”

Happy Trading!


  • I know this is a dumb question, but I searched on the web and never found a clear answer…I’m new to Annual Passports, its my first year and literally just bought a start pack for pin trading for my nephew. Where can we buy the Annual Passholder pin for 2014? Can it be purchased even? Where do I go to get one? Thanks!

  • After seeing this blog, I went to Magic Kingdom Friday (May 30th) armed with many pins for trading. The more cast members told me it was nearly impossible to collect all the dwarf pins, the more determined I became. After walking ALL of MK and then on to Epcot, I not only managed to collect them all but also found the “chaser pin” as well. W00t! (Never underestimate an OCD person. ~lol~)
    I love pin trading and have met some of the nicest cast members while doing so. Kudos to Disney for adding this fun activity. 🙂

  • Just got back from WDW on 4-4. Got 3 Character Sketchpad from King Pin at Zawadi Gift Shop. Found Pascal at Wilderness Lodge Pin Station.

    Discovered that Downtown Disney has a Pin Trading Board that they open, or not, depending on the manager-on-duty. Was never able to be there when they opened it.

  • DisneyPins used to have a link to the listing, by year, of Hidden Mickeys. I can no longer find this link. So, I contacted them and they gave me a new link. Now this new link doesn’t work either. What is going on?

  • I never actually look for the hidden Mickey Pins, but we always end up with a lot. My daughter loves to collect pins and she likes to make it fun by getting cheap pins and seeing which cool ones she can trade with a cast member. Although the ones they wear backwards are usually not good! I can’t wait to find these. Do you know if there is only one of each or do they give a lot out? Also, only CM’s are given them?


  • Hi Stephen! Sorry to bump an old post.

    I noticed that the Hidden Mickey pins website is down. Do you know if/when they’re going to put it back up? I really enjoyed being able to look through all the PDFs of the different HM pin collections they’ve had throughout the years – especially the difference between the WDW and DL ones. 🙂

  • Going trading for the first time in March. I heard that certain places give free pins at certain times of the day, such as certain stores, Downtown Disney, etc. Is that true? how do I find out locations and times if it is true?

  • I got lucky and found the Peter Pan pin on the very first cast member I talked to when I went to Disneyland yesterday! I believe I also saw the red Oswald pin at Westward Ho! in Frontierland, but, since I had already found what I really wanted, I decided to to leave it for someone else to discover!

  • Steven, These look awesome. I have a question. I have found some DLR Hidden Mickey’s at WDW. Is this a planned move by Disney or am I finding scrappers? Thanks!

  • I am a devoted 7 dwarfs fan – was really looking forward to finding them!

  • The new pins are cute but sadly none are here to be found. I have been in Disney parks for the past 5 days and will be here for another 3 but I have yet to see any of the wave 1 hidden mickey pins… very, very sad!

  • Wow the new pins look awesome! Especially love the Dwarfs and Sketch pad pins. So excited for my trip to WDW in March for my birthday. Looking forward to searching & trading for these new pins.

  • So happy I just stumbled on this article! We’re going to WDW in May, my daughter is 5. We got her a lanyard with a few pins when we were there 2 yrs ago, but she was too young to understand the “trading”. We’ll be all over it this year!!

  • I LOVE the Tiki Faces!

  • I am SO excited about the Disneyland versions… but kind of sad that only WDW is getting Pascal!

  • Am I understanding correctly that there will only be five chase pins with this set instead of 10?

  • Wow…can’t wait to see ‘King Pin” wearing these new hidden Mickey pins on his lanyard! Guests are going to love trading for these!!

  • Will there be mystery packs available with some of these pins? Several years back, there were mystery packs with two pins in each pack which contained some of the hidden Mickey pins.

    • @Amy – There will eventually be the mystery pouches featuring these pins. Typically, they aren’t introduced until six months or so after they were introduced for trading. I’m guessing you would see them later in 2014 as retail items.

  • I see what she is talking about with the Oswald pins. The Oswald pink one you photographed is different than the Oswald pink one in your pdf file. Look at where the hidden mickey icon is located in the each of those Oswald pink pins.

    Really digging all these Oswald pins!

    • @John – It looks like the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pins were reversed. I have revised the image above. Thank you for the note.

  • The Small World ones are cool, but the DCA Tiles are my favorite!!!

  • Hi Mr Miller
    The new Hidden Mickeys look great! Cannot wait to start collecting them!
    We miss you as our pin guru! Any chance you will return to us? Also any idea when the nest ESPN PTN will be? I am looking forward to that Jessica Trading night pin
    Thanks! Janet

    • @Janet – Thank you for the kind words. My time as Project Manager for Disney Trading was fun, but I don’t have plans to return to that role. I’m enjoying what I do now – covering all things for Disney Theme Park Merchandise.

      I unfortunately don’t have a confirmed date for the next Disney Trading Night for Walt Disney World Resort.

      We just received word, however, that the next Disney Trading Night at Disneyland Resort will be Friday, March 28th, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm in the Pacific Ballroom at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

  • Love the new Hidden Mickey pins!

    I believe the regular Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pin images are flipped in the checklist. At the WDW 13 Reflections of Evil event, the preview of those Oswald pins showed them the opposite way of how they are now. (Hope that makes sense…) For example the pink “Happy” Oswald pin in the checklist doesn’t match the one on the lanyard. The checklist image shows the waving hand on the left and the lanyard image shows the waving hand on the right. And the “Shh” Oswald regular doesn’t match the Chaser.

    Can’t wait to add these to our collection!

    • @Hannah – Thanks for your comment. Well, these are the final pins that my team was given. The preview of them at the Reflections of Earth event last September was just a preview. I know that artwork changes can happen. Yet I’ve personally held these pins in my hand (and I even photographed some of them). After some additional research, it appears that the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit images were reversed. Thank you for the catch. The image above has been updated with the correct versions.

  • I can’t wait to see the new wdw pins! I will have to get all the 7 dwarfs pins and the Aladdin parking lot one! I hope these will be out in Spring.

  • I’m confused, is pascal obtainable at Disneyland? Or just disney world?

    • @Nick – Pascal will be distributed to Walt Disney World Cast Members to use for trading with Guests.

  • I just returned from another wonderful stay at DLR. I could have pin traded all day, everyday!!! These new pins are soooo cute! I came home with some great pins this time…hope to run into some of these next visit!!

    • @Nicolette – Glad to hear you had a great trip! Hope you return again soon. These pins will be used for trading during the next few months. The second wave – Wave B – won’t be distributed until sometime in summer.

  • Ozzie! Murals! Tiki faces! Meh to the Mater pins.
    I see a lot of trips to Disneyland in order to find these pins. Especially the Mural ones.

  • I love them! Especially Pascal & Oswald, but they are all pretty great! Wish I was going to be at the parks to trade this year…hopefully I will still be able to get my hands on them next year!

  • I think it’s Pascal, not Pasquel?

    • @David – Good eyes. Clearly, I need mine checked. 🙂

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