Rush In to Rushin’ River Outfitters at Disney California Adventure Park Today!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Happy New Year Disney fans! Have you found what best represents your Disney Side yet?

While out and about over the holidays, I explored the wet and wild wilderness side of Disney California Adventure park. Currently topping my list of “must-do” attractions is Grizzly River Run! As you can see I could “bear”-ly contain my excitement and I had to stop in to Rushin’ River Outfitters! What kind of visit is it without a shopping trip?


Most of you probably know someone or have friends who love to fish, hunt, bike, hike, ski or simply just enjoy the outdoors. If that’s the case, this is one location you’ll want to map out to explore on your next visit. The merchandise is themed to the surrounding atmosphere and attraction.


Inside you’ll find everything from Pendleton button down shirts to T-shirts and fleece by Element, and more.


Check out these vintage novelty signs that will give your own home that lodge-like feel.


Or perhaps these furry friends will float your boat.


Find your Disney Side in the outdoors of Disney California Adventure park and all of your essentials inside Rushin’ River Outfitters.


  • Love the home signs! So glad to see more home decor in the parks!

    • Hi Rachel! I’m so glad you like them. I love that the different store locations are carrying the products themed to their specific areas, more and more, like the signs. They’re really great a choices for any outdoor lover.

  • This was my favorite store at California Adventure!

  • Maybe change the headline to “…Disney California Adventure Park”?

  • My kids had the best time at the rock filling stand at this store! They each bought a pouch and filled them full with beautiful tumbled rocks. I really enjoyed that there were unique products and experiences here.

  • Hey- The Grizzly River Run shirt, like, dude- thank you so much for a genuinely good shirt design that is actually themed to the area. More simplistic designs like that pleeeeeease.

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