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This Week in Disney Parks Photos: Steam Trains at Disneyland Park, Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week on the Disney Parks Blog, we shared some impressive shots of trains that regularly delight guests at both Disneyland park and Magic Kingdom Park.

Disney Parks Blog author and photographer Paul Hiffmeyer shared his final holiday-inspired shots of Disneyland Railroad Engine No. 3 in this week’s “Disney Parks After Dark” series.


At Magic Kingdom Park, Russ Stacey took a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad‘s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour. Check out his original post for his review of the tour.


Are our steam trains a must-see for you when visiting? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • I’ve just recently been to Walt Disney World nearly 3 weeks ago.Was worth the visit & the experience.Took some videos of the highlights of my visit.Even celebrated my belated 47th birthday with a button I wore for the occasion.I’ve done the Behind the magic of the Steam Trains tour 3 times before.It’s worth the education & ride just to feel like I’m really travelin’ by train just like the old days.Hope to try the tour next year.Would recommend it to some of my friends & family.If only Mickey Mouse could’ve seen me then.Maybe I could’ve got a job with the WDW Railroad.Best job to any 1st class railfan.

  • I haven’t done this tour yet, but it’s on my ‘to do’ list.

  • Love the trains!!! It is part of the parks. With so many of the original opening attractions no longer around the trains are a great reminder of what the park was like when it first opened.Went to WDW this past Oct and the trains were down for maintenance the week we were there, so we could not ride:(:( It is always a must ride attraction even after first visiting the parks in 1976.

  • First Post; I love the trains. I would love to work for the railroad one day. They are a special part of my memories of Disneyland for the last 49 years.

  • With the passing of steamtrains from our landscape generations ago, being able to have current and future generations experience them might keep such historical points alive. Technology moves so fast these days, we can only hope that what is old will be new again. Steamtrains will not dot our tracks anymore, but maybe in conjunction with other events, might spark an interest in slower, gentler times and things in life for our children and all those who follow.

    My wife and I love riding and seeing them. Her kids aren’t so interested. My son loves history, so we’re batting .334.

  • How exciting! I love trains. I am at Disney World right now and I arrived in Orlando on Amtrac, from North Carolina. For sure I will be doing this tour.

  • Oh yes, they are a must do each trip. My son age 9 cannot wait till he can do the backstage train experience. It’s so funny as I am reading this my son and husband are watch a train documentary. My son says the steam and that whistle make him so happy.

  • Absolutely! Colorful trains pulled by steam locomotives is a signature part of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They are a must ride every single time, and a good form of transportation!

    And, as a D23 member and Walt Disney fan, the trains hold a special place in many of our hearts because Walt was a train buff himself and his love of trains was one of the inspirations for Disneyland.

    To see and ride the train each visit is to be a little closer to Walt and his memory.

  • Yes yes yes!!!! Our next trip we are hoping will have us arrive with enough time to go into MK for a train ride around the park before heading off to 1900 Park Fare for dinner. We make sure we take a couple of trips, the trains are so relaxing, and the noises they make take you back. My daughter was able to do the “all aboard” and ding a bell on one of the many train rides on our last trip.

  • yes, the steam engines are a must. They are very nostalgic and contribute to the magic and the charm. I can’t imagine the magic kingdom without them.

  • Absolutely! The tour at WDW was a good amount of information as mentioned in the article. My tour didn’t quite play out to the end due to some mechanical difficulties with 2 trains, but I still enjoyed it and would consider signing up again.

    There were several times when I had one day trips to DLR and even if I did not ride on each of these days, I did probably try to stop end enjoy seeing each train, especially in interesting locations like in front of Main Street Station, It’s a Small World or the bridge over Toontown.

  • He doesn’t know it yet, but my Dad is going on The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour for his Birthday this year!

  • The trains are an absolute must for our family! When we are home we even enjoy looking for the trains on satellite images of the parks. A definite favorite!

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