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Vintage Walt Disney World: New Years Resolutions

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

With the start of the New Year, often resolutions are made. Always reminds me of the saying “New Year, new you!” If only the year was 1988, you could have started it out with some totally hip, new fashions (for a new you) like the cast of “Totally Minnie” at Magic Kingdom Park.


“Totally Minnie” was a 25 minute song-and-dance revue that included such hits as the title track “Totally Minnie” and “Minnie’s Workout” from her newest LP at the time. I only, like, wish I had, like, totally, seen this show performed live, like, back in the day.


  • What gnarly outfits, dude!

  • I believe it was in the Tomorrowland Theatre.

  • As a kid I was lucky enough to be selected to have a role in this show. Can you remind me where the show was located inside Magic Kingdom Park? Thanks for the memories!

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