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140-Disney-Character ‘Ultimate Tweet’ Announces All-Night Disney Side Party On Both Coasts

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

On Friday, we shared a tweet that truly featured 140 characters to officially announce the latest Disney Parks bicoastal, All-Night Extravaganza on Memorial Day Weekend – the traditional start of the family travel season. Our “Rock Your Disney Side Party” will be a fun-filled 24-hour event at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
140 Characters Formed a Hashtag at Magic Kingdom Park and Invite You and Your Family to 'Rock Your Disney Side' During a 24-hour Party to Kick Off Summer

For the Ultimate Tweet, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and 135 of their friends gathered at Magic Kingdom Park and formed the familiar shape of a hashtag. The 140 characters then invited you and your family to “Rock Your Disney Side” during a 24-hour party to kick off summer.

At this year’s All-Night Extravaganza, everyone is being invited to show their “Disney Side” by dressing as a favorite Disney hero or villain. The Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park in California will be filled with Disney heroes and villains from 6 a.m., May 23 to 6 a.m., May 24, 2014, local time.

The celebration on both coasts will feature a cavalcade of events showcasing the good-vs.-evil of classic Disney stories including character meet-and-greets throughout the parks, special entertainment, event merchandise and special food and beverage offerings.

Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog and rockyourdisneyside.com for more details and information as we get closer to the All-Night Extravaganza on May 23. And let us know who you’ll be dressing up as – hero or villain?


  • I have the California pass that blocks out Friday and Saturday… Does that mean I cannot play with everyone else for the 24hour party?

  • To The People In Charge of The Disney Parks does this Event entitled Show Your Disney have to require costumes can it be hats of Disney Shirts?

  • Can’t wait!!!! My birthday weekend & I get 24hr at my favorite place on earth! My honey & I will be Captain America & Ursula =]

  • I know this is a little late, but will they have the 24 hour webcam again? That was a blast for my family to watch during the parades!

  • Will I be able to attend with my Annual Pass???

  • How can I buy Tickets for the overnight event? Are they different than a single day admission pass?

  • This picture would be great to own. I would definitely buy this.

  • to get into this event must you be a passholder? or you can just buy a general admission for it?

  • Is there any way this photo might be available to use as a desktop background?

  • WOW I’m so excited another 24 hours of fun and I’ll be CELEBRATING it’s my BIRTHDAY N my Father who passed away. Disneyland was our spot. Can’t think of a better way to spend it THANK YOU Disney Parks Blog wil be following you very closely.

  • Where’s DARTH?!?!?!?!?

  • Took me about five minutes to write them all down, then i totalled it up, got 139. Can’t believe I missed Sully!

  • Hello Mr. Smith

    This amazing day, I’d like to know if he has a list for Disneyland

    I would love to schedule a flight (Montreal) for this event, but I’m undecided between WDW and Disneyland.

    Two characters I would like to meet Esmeralda and Kida

    I’d like to know if the characters are avaialble for a photo and give authographe

  • Will this be happening the same weekend as Disneyland’s Grad Night?

  • If all 140 characters are out during this event, I will do my darnedest to get pics and autographs from ALL of them.

    Imagine how fun that souvenir would be!

  • Can’t wait! Last year I celebrated my 49th birthday at the Monstrous All-Nighter. This year I will spend the last day of my 49th year at the Rock Your Disney Side event! This will be epic.

  • I don’t see hercules or megara >.>

  • OOOOO my is the first time I ever saw Dumbo, is my favorite caracter since i was a child. me and my family we will go to disney world this summer and I need to know were I can see dumbo? thanks

  • So the question remains, Thomas. Will all 140 characters be in the parks? (Specifically Disneyland) or will it be business as usual with the same 15-20 characters that are always out.

    There are fans who love the classic characters just as much as kids love their fairies and princesses.

  • Poor Mike Wazowski is blocked…..

    I love this concept, it really made my day!

    Good luck to all, I would love to take my son back to Disneyland Resort so he could try Cars Land.


  • Great photo from all the Disney Characters. I truly recognize them all, exept the one on the left next to Jafar.

  • I wonder how come no Cruella DeVil with Pongo and/or Perdita from “101 Dalmatians”……

  • Is Oogie going to be one of the character meet and greets

  • I’m going to fly in Friday and leave on Saturday.

  • Will there a list of characters that will be participating in the event?

  • Hello Thomas,
    Will I be able to use a single day park hopper ticket to attend this?

  • Any chance we could get a higher resolution version of this image, maybe as a DisneyParks Blog desktop background?

  • I hope that all 140 of these characters will be appearing at the party for meet-and-greets and maybe some that aren’t pictured here.

  • So excited that we’ll be there during this! Does anyone know if Magic Kingdom will have normal operating hours Saturday, May 24th after this event has ended? Thank you!!

  • I went ahead and tried my best to look and get ALL of the characters name who appear in that picture. Took me and my wife about an 45 minutes but we did it!


    Left arm (Top): 10

    Governor Ratcliffe
    Prince Eric

    Top arm (Left): 16

    Wreck-It Ralph
    King Louie
    Michael “Goob” Yagoobian
    Wilbur Robinson
    Dr. Facilier
    Big Al
    Prince Naveen
    Louis the Alligator
    Princess Tiana

    Top arm (Right): 15

    Br’er Bear
    Br’er Fox
    Br’er Rabbit
    George Sanderson
    Buzz Lightyear

    Right arm (top): 10

    Evil Queen (Snow queen, Queen Grimhilde, Wicked Queen)
    Snow white
    The Prince (Snow white prince, also Prince Florian)

    Middle Right: 12

    Handy Manny
    Doc McStuffins
    Sofia the First
    Mr Incredible
    Oogie Boogie
    Jack Skellington
    Sally Skellington

    Right arm (bottom): 10

    Flynn Rider (Eugene)
    Ms Bunny
    Peter Pan
    Tinker Bell
    Mr. Smee
    Captain Hook

    Bottom arm (right): 12

    Mickey Mouse
    Minnie Mouse
    Donald Duck
    Daisy Duck
    Scrooge McDuck
    Ludwig Von Drake
    Horace Horsecollar
    Clarabelle Cow

    Bottom arm (left): 12

    Prince Philip
    Princess Aurora
    Robin Hood
    King John

    Left arm (bottom): 10

    Dancing waiter Penguin from Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins
    Winnie the Pooh

    Left middle: 14

    Fifer Pig
    Fiddler Pig
    Practical Pig
    Big Bad Wolf
    Mad Hatter
    Queen of Hearts
    White Rabbit

    Middle bottom: 10

    Carl Fredricksen
    Jiminy Cricket
    Chicken Little
    Abigail “Abby” Mallard (Ugly Duckling)

    Top middle: 8

    Fairy Godmother
    Prince Charming
    Lady Tremaine
    Anastasia Tremaine
    Drizella Tremaine

    • Well done, Ethan.

  • This is like one massive DISNEYBOUND party! sweet!!

  • Wow! So cool! Are all 140 characters really going to be there?

  • Will Dumbo really be there? I want to plan the trip to CA, but if Dumbo is going to be at this event then I will DEFINITELY have to be there!!

  • Poor Mike-you can see his arm though…. 🙂

  • I’m confused as to who’s standing between Gaston and Snow White. Looks like something white with a blue hat but I can’t figure that one out. Anyone know who it is?

    • Hi Jorden, that’s The Prince. The white you’re seeing is the trim on his hat.

  • Sooooooo, when you guys are saying “show their “Disney Side” by dressing as a favorite Disney hero or villain.” does that mean adults get to come in with their costumes? Also, does the branch of Disney related characters also reach out to names that aren’t usually sold in parks? If it is, you guys just got a lot of people from a certain collaborative video game just itching to save up and come.

  • Would WDW post a list of all characters that posed in this photo? Also, I’d be great during this event (and proceeding week) to meet not only all these characters but the dozens more that are not featured! Challenge accepted?

  • Was Jack Sparrow busy? He might be the only more readily accessible character missing from this picture 😉

  • I want to meet them all! Or at least the ones I haven’t met yet.

  • I would LOVE to go to one of these with my hubby and tweet all night long!!

  • I see Meeko, Bolt & Ludwig Von Drake in the picture…. I better see them in the parks. So excited ^.^ btw Meeko is the best Disney character of all time.

  • Great day to have it 🙂 On my birthday!

  • YES! My mom and I are coming the 20th I’m so excited!!!!

  • Why is it that something is always blocking Mike’s face? But the event sounds really cool.

  • Great, now just like the run Disney events, I’m starting to think if I could get a coast to coast medal for going to both parks in a 24 hour period.

  • I want to meet every one of them!!!!

  • Wow, that is so cool! I wish they would bring out some of the lesser-seen characters more!

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