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Celebrate 14 Days of Love: Love is Charming at Disney Parks

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

As a Dream Maker, I’ve spoken with countless guests who’d love to create a charming moment for their Princess. And, of course, they’d love to express their affection in a chivalrous, superhero type way (without having to wear the tights!). If your sweetheart loves the fairytale, then this post is for you. You may be surprised how easy it may be to unleash the Prince within.

For the romantic at heart, there is nothing more your loved one wants than to experience their very own fairytale brought to life; a world where you are their hero and they become your Princess. So I’ve whipped up this list of “charming tips” that you can experience at home or at the Disney Parks.


Tips to show your charming side:

  • Surprise your Belle with love notes – Write notes to your special someone sharing what you love most about them, then leave those notes in surprise locations for them to find throughout their day. Whether it’s on the seat of their car along with a single rose or perhaps in a lunch.
  • Become part of their world – Much like Ariel wanted to become part of another world, take interest in spending a portion of your day to become part of your loved ones world. What hobby do they enjoy that you could learn about? Then surprise with a date to do just that.
  • Grant three wishes – Become their Genie outside the magic lamp and grant them three wishes. Send three roses representing these three wishes. Keep it small or go all out, it’s up to you!
  • Set up a “movie under the stars” – There’s no better romantic lighting than from the moon. Just like the movie under stars here at the Disney resorts, create your own movie under stars at home. Set up a cozy viewing area outside along with your delectable treats and watch a favorite movie together under a moonlit sky.
  • Find your own “Paradise Falls” – Just like the movie “UP” … go on an adventure outdoors to find a special location, a place where you can go to talk, share dreams, and spend quality time alone together. You don’t need to wait to find your very own Paradise Falls.


Of course Disney knows all about fairy tales on the screen and in the parks. If you’re interested in creating a personalized Fairytale moment here, then keep reading for an idea to spotlight your charm.

There are so many ways that you can bring the fairytale to life on property. One idea is through a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride for two at Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside Resort or Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Create A Fairy Tale by having this gift presented by the driver at the beginning or end of the carriage ride and say, “We’ve found the lady’s slipper.”


Then, let us set up an enchanting Princess In-Room Celebration at your Walt Disney World Resort room! Just when your sweetheart thinks there’s no magic left in the day, you’ll return to your resort room that evening to yet another charming surprise!

Imagine walking up to your resort room door to discover a fairy tale door sash. Then once you open the door, you’ll see rose petals covering the floor, as well as gifts and surprises to declare this moment of enchantment for your loved one. And take a guess at who gets the credit for looking extremely charming? You guessed it, you.

I’m sure you’re wondering if any of these tips will actually work. Well, take it from this starry-eyed romantic, test out just one of these ideas and if the shoe fits you’ll be one step closer to a happily ever after.

To discover more enchantment, visit us at or call 407-WDW-GIFT for Walt Disney World Resort, or 714-781-GIFT to reach Disneyland Resort. And be sure to stay tuned for our 14 Days of Love series! In our next post, we’ll be sharing how you can honor your hero.


  • Your charming tips are absolutely heartfully spot-on in giving delight to your heart’s beloved. Delight first in their heart’s desire and your heart be loved by them. Lovely tips!

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