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Celebrate 14 Days of Love: Love is Fulfilling a Wish at Disney Parks

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

As a Dream Maker, making dreams come true for you is a passion. And, over the years you’ve asked how you could create a Disney moment for your loved ones here and at home. Well, I’ve taken your requests to “heart” and have an announcement just for you.

In the season of showing our Disney Side, my friends and I at Disney Floral & Gifts want to help you show your ‘charming side,’ so we’re announcing our first “Celebrate 14 Days of Love” series.


For the next 14 days I’ll share ideas, tips, and secrets to create a memory for your special someone, on the Disney Parks Blog and on Twitter (follow @DisneyParks and @WaltDisneyWorld for more).

Whether it’s affection for a loved one, appreciation for a friend, or admiration for your hero, I’ll share heartwarming ideas and secrets for Valentine’s Day that you can use throughout the year.

When creating a magical moment for someone, it really comes down to showing others you care and reminding them how special they are. At Disney Floral and Gifts we use four components to create a gifting experience; Story, surprise, fulfilling a wish, and you! So let’s share some secrets.


  • Secret #1 – Create a story – What’s your loved one’s secret fairy tale, wish or dream? That’s the first step. For example, when dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table you’re a guest of honor, your name is announced upon arrival and you’re addressed as “Princess” or “my lord.” The same concept applies at home. Place your loved one in their fairy tale with soft touches like this.
  • Secret #2 – Create a Surprise – At the Disney Parks, we enjoy surprising you by delivering gifts to your resort, dining location or perhaps a carriage ride. At home, present your gift and love note in an unexpected location they’ll discover easily. Better yet, surprise them with your thoughtfulness for no particular reason, this is often the most impressive and word will travel that you are their hero.
  • Secret #3 – Fulfill a wish – Last but certainly not least, fulfill a wish of theirs. Yes, we all want to win the lottery, but I’m talking about a longing wish of theirs. It can be dainty such as a thoughtful note or something grand. Everyone loves to be remembered.
  • Secret #4 – You’re the most magical piece – It’s true! The most magical piece to the puzzle is you, your unique thumb print. To be remembered by someone you love, any time, for any occasion. More than likely your loved one wants you to be their hero, so step into the spotlight.

In case you’re out of ideas, we’ve got one that will get you started on the right slipper, I mean foot! Let’s start with the story! Take a moment to read the card included with our gift. A Magical Wish – Romance Your Love.


After they read the card, they wave the scepter and make a wish. Then, you place the Swarovski® crystal bracelet on their wrist as a reminder to believe.


If you’re staying on Disney property you can have this delivered to a resort room or dining location, but think of how amazing it would be to receive this Disney gift in the comfort of your own home. We can ship it anywhere within the 48 continental U.S.


For more gifting ideas that your loved ones will simply fall for, be sure to stay tuned for our “Celebrate 14 Days of Love” series! I’ll be sharing more ideas like these, posting tips for your Disney visit, along with some heartwarming stories and surprises you won’t want to miss!

So if you’re ready to give the gift of a memory and sweep your loved one right off their slippers, let the magic and your journey of 14 Days of Love begin.