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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With ‘Disney Villaintines’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

What would Valentine’s Day look like if the Disney Villains took charge? Well, according to this graphic created by our Yellow Shoes Creative Group, it might be completely renamed as “Villaintines Day”.


Which Disney Villaintine is your favorite? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • I don’t see how the Cheshire Cat is a villain… an instigator, but not villain. He’s more of a neutral character, isn’t he?

  • Maleficient, of course!!!!!

    • 🙂

  • I love ANYTHING villains, and these are adorable. Sad to see no Lady Tremaine/stepsister love though!

  • I’m really digging the one designed after Hades, with the blue flames. Nice!

    • Thanks!

  • Ursula is so wonderful 🙂

  • They are all awesome. But, my two faves are included in this – Yzma and Hades.

  • Showing Yzma some love, i see you Yellow Shoes Creative Group!

  • I am struggling with the top middle – is it Ratcliff? Frollo?

  • My favorite is Chernabog. Oh, I do love bats! Captain Hook and Ursula are also very good!

  • Oh, I love all of these, but of course my favorites are Maleficent and Chernabog. Also, Dr. Facilier is well done, as well. Speaking of, will DLR be doing the New Orleans Bayou Bash this year?

  • Also I think you’ve wrongly captioned a the picture of Grizzly River Run in the header today as Kali River Rapids. I’m pretty sure KRR doesn’t have that wooden bridge section.

  • “I think I have them all but one – middle bottom row ?”

    Chernabog from Fantasia.

  • How is the Cheshire Cat a Villain? Lady Tremaine would have been better – her hair is almost the right shape already.

  • Middle Bottom Row: I’m blanking! Is this the bad guy in Fantasia?

    • Yes!

  • Was the Cheshire Cat really a villain? He seemed more Chaotic Neutral than Chaotic Evil.

  • I think I have them all but one – middle bottom row ?

    • Think “Fantasia”…get it now?

  • These remind me of logo from Kingdom Hearts.

  • The Captain Hook Villaintine has to be my favorite. Look at that little Mr. Smee heart accompanying it!

    Ursula’s is a very close second.

    • I totally missed the little Smee heart the first time I saw this. I’m glad you pointed it out here. 🙂

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