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‘Frozen’ Fun at Disney Parks

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

How many times have you seen “Frozen?”

Audiences around the world have fallen in love with the movie and its music, making “Frozen” one of Disney’s biggest hits of all time! And today I have an update for you on Anna and Elsa, the royal sisters from the film, who have been spotted at Disney Parks since November.


With things in Arendelle well in hand, Anna and Elsa plan to continue visiting guests at the parks for the foreseeable future. When at Disneyland Resort, they can be found in Fantasyland in Disneyland park, and you can meet them in Norway at Epcot when they make their way to Walt Disney World Resort. While you’re in Norway, be sure to check out the new “Norsk Kultur” gallery, with an exhibit exploring how the culture and beauty of Norway inspired the filmmakers in the creation of “Frozen.”

Over at Magic Kingdom Park, Anna and Elsa will be joining the new daytime spectacular, “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade,” next month as part of the Princess Garden, along with fellow Disney Royals Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana. And in the evening, you can take in a performance of “Celebrate the Magic,” the nighttime projection show that transforms Cinderella Castle with eye-popping visuals from Disney animated classics, including “Frozen.”

So you may not be able to build any snowmen on your next Disney Parks vacation, but you can definitely count on warm hugs and lots of “Frozen” fun!


  • Is it true that the mote around Cinderella’s castle is being transformed into a scene from Frozen?

  • Any word on when Anna and Elsa’s coronation ceremony will be and where it will be happening?

    Thank you

  • Any chance we can meet Anna and Elsa at Tokyo disney? We are there 8,9,10 April this year. Can’t wait!

  • I am so excited that Anna and Elsa will be sticking around for the foreseeable future for meet and greets in the Norway pavilion. We are surprising my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son with a trip in the middle of November and I was so hoping that we would be able to meet Anna and Elsa. We all love this movie and soundtrack and these characters.

  • We saw the premiere while on the Disney Fantasy ship over Thanksgiving. They played it in the main theater at 12:01am the day of release. AWESOME!! Saw it 3 times while on the ship, 3 times after and once for the Sing Along! Cannot wait to get it on video. We met Anna and Elsa on the ship and got some memorabilia. What an awesome birthday present for me…oh and yes my 7 year old loved it too : ) (kids can’t have all the fun, can they now…))

  • Hi Shawn – Can you explain why the Elsa/Anna meet and greet doesn’t open until 11? I saw a bit ago, there were a few days it opened at 9. Why the change back? Did it not go well?

    Also – the Disney website planner doesn’t have times for our trip in March. Any chance they will open up earlier as Spring Break crowds grow?

  • I think I may be as excited as my kids are to see Anna and Elsa in person! We are visiting at the beginning of March, and when checking the times to see them in Norway, it said “Call for Availability” so we were worried we would miss them. So glad to hear that they will still be there!

  • I am in love with Frozen, and not bc my name is used in the movie but it defiantly helps. I’ve seen the movie twice now, once in the US and then just the other day in Beijing, China. The Chinese really seemed to love the movie as it was a packed theater! Can’t wait to add Queen Elsa and Princess Anna’s signatures to my autograph book!

  • PLEASE!!!! Have plenty of Disney FROZEN princess dresses in extra large (XL) available!!!!!

  • HI! My daughter’s wish is to go to see Princess Anna and Queen Elsa’s coronation. She loves Frozen. She saw the movie twice and we already pre ordered blu ray. She can’t wait to watch it again. so When is the coronation? I need to save money for the trip. We are from Philadelphia, Pa thanks!

  • Hi, my daughters would love to meet Elsa and Anna. I had heard the character meet started at 9 am but then someone said it was now 11 for this week at Disney. Could you tell me the timings?

    • Ahsia – They are currently scheduled to begin appearances each day at 11 a.m.

  • Our daughter’s first theater movie was Monsters, Inc. and it’s held a special place in our heart ever since. I know how wonderful it is for our kids to see movie characters brought to life. We’ve seen Frozen twice and loved it and am glad to hear the sisters will be around for our visit in August. Would love to see Olaf, too. He’s a new favorite of ours!

  • We are going down to DisneyWorld From March 10th to March 14th. Will the Festival of Fantasy parade be running then?

    • Matt – An opening date for the “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade” has not yet been announced, but as soon as we hear, it’ll be posted here on Disney Parks Blog!

  • We go in April and my 4 yr old is obsessed. Will it be available in bib bit bob bitty boutique?

  • We will be at Disneyworld the first part of May. Will Anna & Elsa still be in Norway at that time?

    • Liz – Yes, they will.

  • My 8 year old son loves this movie. Any chance that Olaf will become a meet and greet? We will definitely meet the princesses but would love to see Olaf too, for the boys!

    • Kim – Olaf has been hanging out on the rooftops of Fantasyland at Disneyland Park, just above the entrance to Anna and Elsa’s location there. You can’t quite hug him, but he sure is fun to see… and hear!

  • Don’t forget Anna and Elsa have their own float in Disney Magic on Parade at Disneyland Paris.

  • So they will be at the Disneyland Resort this March?

    • Natalie – Yes. You will be able to see them when you visit.

  • I am a little embarassed to say I have not yet seen the film. Haven’t had the time. However, my girls have seen it. We have the soundtrack as well and we each have it memorized. The songs are amazing and I am anxiously awaiting my chance to go and see it.

  • I’ve seen Frozen about 12 times in theaters….It’s a fantastic film! Plus I love to watch the film with a crowd. It’s fun to hear how everyone reacts to the funny moments in the film…and the shocking moments!

    I’m so glad that Frozen has been a success for Disney. On a related note, I’m really looking forward to “Big Hero 6.”

    • Fred – I think you’re the winner! 12 times!!!

  • Online it only shows them at EPCOT until 2/15, will they remain there or moving to Magic Kingdom?

    • Sarah – They will still be in the Norway pavilion at Epcot. Their only Magic Kingdom appearance will be in the new parade once it debuts.

  • Hey Shawn!

    Where in Magic Kingdom is the Princess Garden? I know Merida is in the Fairytale Garden and I hope we don’t lose her, but no idea where the Princess Gareden is hiding! I feel like it must be at Disneyland since Tiana and Ciny both have places to meet at Magick Kingdom already.


    • Andy – Princess Garden is actually the opening unit in the new “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade,” opening in March at Magic Kingdom Park.

  • Only twice I the theaters for me … but every time I babysit my nieces and nephews I get a live performance!

  • Will Elsa and Anna be on the Disney Fantasy in the next few weeks? My daughter sure hopes so!

  • Hopefully Elsa and Anna will stick around until after our visit in September. Frozen was my 4-year-old daughter’s first movie in a theater and she loves it. We met all the princesses last year and it will be fun to meet Elsa and Anna this year.

    • Hilary – They will definitely be around to meet you and your daughter in September!

  • I’ve only seen it eight times in the theater. Is that wrong? 😀

    It’s great to see how one can experience it more at Walt Disney World, but for us on the left coast, any more love for the Disneyland Resort for Frozen?

    • Loren – Eight times! WOW! Only three times so far for me. Regarding Disneyland Resort, we don’t have anything to announce right now, other than continuing to see Anna and Elsa in Fantasyland, but stay tuned! The team is always working on new ideas for the future!

  • Akershus that is– and we hoped to give Olaf a nice warm hug.

    I’m sure the Imagineers are coming up with some interesting ways for the world of Frozen to be a place to visit- especially if Elsa can make it cool on a hot Florida day!

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