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Step In Time: Marking 15 Years At Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom Park ushered in its 15th Anniversary celebration on October 1, 1986, with a new “15 Years of Magic” parade, which featured 40 Disney characters, new floats and a special “We’re Having A Party” theme song.


Leading off the daily parade was the guest of the day, who was randomly selected to win a new red Chevrolet Cavalier convertible (a giveaway that was done daily throughout the park’s 15-year celebration). Chip and Dale followed as the lead singers on a rock-and-roll themed float, while Pluto, Big Bad Wolf, Tigger and Brer Bear served as the backup band. Eight rollerskaters circled the parade float as it rocked down the parade route. Next up was Donald Duck, who was the center of attention on a party themed float decorated with streamers and full of gift boxes. One float that was not-to-be-missed was the birthday cake float. On it, Country Bears Wendell, Shaker and Liver Lips are having quite a time trying to get the cake baked. The finale parade float was a crystal version of Cinderella Castle, with Goofy waving from the top.


  • I was almost 2 when my family traveled to Disney during the 15th Ann. and my dad recorded the trip (including the parade shown above!!)on his VHS recorder. It’s so fun to watch that old family video and I can hear the music from the parade and also recall the stage performance with Magic Mickey Mouse. Best part of that trip was riding Dumbo for the first time with my dad.

  • Thank you, Adam! This is so neat that a bunch of us have memories of this, even from early ages. Although I don’t think it’s a coincidence… this place really is magical. 🙂

  • I was there! and I have the sweatshirt to prove it!! It is going into my Disney tee shirt quilt….

  • Mickey is rocking that Miami Vice look!!

  • Hands down, our favorite day time parade and song score of all time! My father had videotaped it with his camera which hooked up to a “portable VCR” that weighed 25 lbs! We watched that tape over and over and over again!

    • Sounds like fun!

  • I’m pretty sure the 15th Anniversary was when I won a free park ticket!!! Being 8 at that time, I sort of remember it 🙂

    • Very exciting!

  • Congratulations, Julia! I remember the parade very well, too. Actually, right on my dresser is the videocassette from September of 1987 when I was 4 years old, watching this great parade. I remember having on my Mickey ears (still have those too), standing right by the ropes in awe. Ah, memories!

  • I remember this 15 year celebration very well! I still remember the song from the parade… or maybe it was the stage show at the castle… “15 years, and we’re having a party, oh 15 years….” I was 8 and my family took our first trip to WDW. Fast forward 28 years… my husband and I are expecting our first baby in July 2014 and can’t wait to take him to WDW! We got engaged in front of the castle in 2010 and spent our honeymoon there in 2011. With eight trips down, we are hoping #9 will happen in 2015 with our little guy!

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