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Wildlife Wednesdays: White-Cheeked Gibbons Sing Love Song at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


In last week’s Wildlife Wednesdays post on our white-cheeked gibbons at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we mentioned that gibbon couples sing together.

We noted that adult pairs sing to advertise the establishment of their territory or to warn off other family groups. The gibbons’ duets also help to strengthen pair bonds, and single adults sing to attract a mate. A Disney Parks Blog fan asked what the gibbons’ songs sound like. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here’s a short video that features our gibbons’ morning duet. Enjoy!


  • AK is my favorite park and I love to see the animals interact with their family members Everytime I see people rushing past heading to EE or somewhere else I have to stop myself from saying
    “Stop, look at this” What a special place this is thanks for the video and the weekly posts

  • Thanks for the video. To me they sound a little like part of the Space Mountain Ride at the Magic Kingdom.
    *I am sure it’s just my need for a Walt Disney World visit that is making hear that similarity. 🙂

  • Fascinating. I was the one who asked, thanks Jackie! Considering my singing talents, my wife would say the gibbons sound better!

  • Sounds a bit like the launch tunnel on Space Mountain!

    I love watching the family when I’m at Animal Kingdom…. The baby is so cute to watch!

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