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A Look Back at Celebrated Disneyland Resort Guests: Nat King Cole – 1963

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

The great singer Nat King Cole was born on this day in 1919, and today we look back at a visit he made to Disneyland park more than 50 years ago.

Nat King Cole and His Son, Nat Kelly Cole, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in 1963.

Pictured with his son, Nat Kelly Cole, the legendary voice behind such timeless hits as “Mona Lisa,” “Stardust,” and “Unforgettable” was photographed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in June of 1963.

Do you have a favorite Nat King Cole song? My personal favorite also has the distinction of being featured in a Disney film. Can you guess which one?


  • Favourite song is unforgettable…was the song i walked down the aisle to. Was the song L-O-V-E? From the parent trap?

    • Great guess, Victoria! But I was referring to “The Christmas Song” as heard in the 1996 version of “101 Dalmatians.”

  • Very interesting and informative post, thank you.

    Best regards,

  • Route 66 from Cars! With all respect to John Mayer, I love the original Nat King Cole version more.

  • “Stardust” is and always will be my favorite NKC song.

  • “When you wish upon a star”

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