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All in the Details: The Big Drop at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s photos from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train focus on the “big drop” in the attraction, just after you exit the interior Mine Scene. The top of the mountain is where you come out of the mine – and momentarily get an amazing view of the rest of the New Fantasyland area, including Beast’s Castle, Prince Eric’s castle and Cinderella Castle. (To see that view for yourself, be sure to check out this previously shared ride-through video of the attraction).


This shot was snapped at the end of the drop, which whisks Mine Train Cars past a rushing water fall.


It sure looks like the attraction is coming together! Will you ride when it opens later this spring? Let us know in the “Comments” section below.

Thanks to David Roark for the photos.

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  • when will we be able to make fast pass reservations?

  • When will they make it avail for FastPass+? I’m going May 22-26, and I’ve been stalking the fastpass selections page.

  • Does anyone know the speed of this ride in mph?

  • I am hoping this is ready when I go in October with my family. Wonder how kid friendly it is because I had a 4 year old and I am sure she love it. She loves the goofy one that is there can’t
    recall the name but loves it.

  • We will definitely be riding this during our May 17th trip. We are only hoping that it is open! This would be a great way to celebrate my sons graduation from med school!

  • What a great idea for a theme to a coaster. Now this is something that I would love at DLR.

  • Coming down in November for a Family Birthday (70th) CELEBRATION!Cannot wait to see the new Fanatasyland And ride this coaster!

  • We were there last week and were so bummed it wasn’t opened. I even asked one of the guys I saw going into the secret door to the ride if we could be their test guinea pigs as we saw the cars being tested on the tracks…I am not sure he thought I was serious though. LOL! Not sure when we will be able to get back there, probably not until next year, but this will be the first ride I book a fastpass for!

  • Planned our trip out there a year ago, we’ll be heading out there June 14th this year. Didn’t even know this ride would be ready but I’m so glad it will be!

    • Please stay tuned for an opening date, Jacob!

  • I will be there in September. It will bw awesome.

    • I hope you love it!

  • Is there a mailing list so we can be notified when the opening date is announced.

    I’ll be there… as long as it isn’t during the FCAT or End of Course exams…

    I’ll have the secretary hold all the calls…. Wait, what? I am the secretary. ^_^

    Hi ho Hi ho, it’s off to the mine train I go!

    • Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog (or follow us on Twitter @WaltDisneyWorld) for that opening date announcement.

  • Im ready for this drop. I will be there next January!!

    • Sounds great, William!

  • From what I heard a few weeks ago, they were aiming for an April 26th opening. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I’ll be there April 22-30th!

  • Yes I will be there.I can’t wait to see it all done.

  • Do you know how far the drop is, as in feet?

  • Please let it be open at the end of May!!!!

  • Does anyone know the minimum height for this ride?

    • Yes – 38 inches.

  • I am anticipating this ride like I did Expedition Everest when it came out and I was not disappointed on that one either. It will be worth waiting for and you know the lines will be long. I think that the fast pass lines will also be long because everyone will be making FP reservations, the regular lines might be just as good. I will be there mid June and cannot wait

  • Oh boy! I’m sure this ride will be a mob-scene once it’s officially opened. I will surely be keeping an eye open for the opening date & hopefully be able to snag a Fast-Pass for our upcoming trip. The good news is that this will hopefully lessen the lines at other popular Fantasyland attractions.

    • I hope you enjoy it!

  • Will it be open May 1st? we are going from May 1st thew the 8th

  • Coming down in June and cannot wait to ride! I keep checking for an opening date so I can schedule my fast passes! I know, I am a little obsessed, but just so excited!!!

    • I don’t blame you – it looks like it will be a lovely attraction!

  • Will there be a store at the ride with new 7 dwarfs merchandise?

  • I was so hoping there wouldn’t be a big drop! I can’t do big drops!
    How big is big?

  • I am going to WDW from May 3rd to May 8th with my husband. Please open it by then! 🙂

    • As soon as I know of an opening date, I’ll share it here!

  • We arrive next week…we were really hoping it would be open for us..not looking good I suppose 🙁

  • So ready to take a ride on this Mine Train. Can’t wait actually. We’ll be there in early July. Hope it won’t be too bad with the swinging cars. I can get a little motion sickness, but I will give it a try.

  • I got a nice glimpse of the Imagineers fixing the shrubbery on the Seven Drawfs Mine Train from Dumbo a few weeks ago.

    It seems like there is a lot of effort being put into the theming experience and I’m excited about that aspect of this new ride!

    Yet, I keep wondering if the screams from this roller coaster will permeate the whole Fantasyland experience? I’m not so sure I would like to be waiting for lunch outside of Be Our Guest or watching the Giggle Gang or the Royal Majesty Makers while hearing screams from a roller coaster. I hope that the acoustics were taken into consideration by the imagineers.

  • We are spending our honeymoon in WDW 4/22-4/29… we are HOPING that we can ride this before we leave!

  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! My family and I will be there from 4/29 – 5/12. What do you think? Will it be open? Will there be fastpass + reservations available on the MDE prior to opening?? It’s my birthday on the 9th of May and I would LOVE to ride it!!! PLEASE, Please, Please??!!?!?!? Do you know when it’s opening??? (can you tell I’m excited?)

    • I’m happy you’re excited, Rebecca. Keep your eye on the blog for an official opening date.

  • I too would like to know when fast pass will be available to book and opening date?

  • I cannot wait to ride this.My husband and I have watched it take transformation over the last few years and i am beyond excited to see this ride finally open! Hurry, hurry, im soooo ready!!!!

  • I am so excited to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and see all of the new Fantasyland area in June!! Looks brilliant 🙂

  • will be there in August. We can’t wait!!!

  • Hoping to ride it during our vacation May 15-25! Is there a ride photo? That would be great!

  • I was at Magic Kingdom last week and was happy to see that this ride is almost completed. I’m going back to WDW in June and cannot wait to experience this attraction.

    This is at the top of my “MUST DO” Disney list!

    • Sounds great, Mark!

  • Were ready to go… I have my Birthday May 2 all planned, First a tour of “Disneys Key to the Kingdom” then Dinner at “Be our Guest”
    Then the fireworks, And I hope Top the day off with a Ride on Mine train!

  • Please tell me this will be open for the Spring Break travelers in early April? We planned our trip based on a “spring 2014” opening and my kids will be crushed if it’s not open until May – that will mean they will never see this ride 🙁

  • We were there this past weekend and saw the cars doing test runs, amazing how quite they are! We’ll be back in June and the 6yr old can’t wait to ride…. Ok ok, and me and the wife and the 17yr old!!

    • It looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out, too!

  • Will this attraction have a ride photo? Possibly at the bottom of the drop?

  • Hi Jennifer,

    These photographs are stunning and are so tempting for me, it’s as if you are dangling cupcakes in front of my face.

    I cannot wait until I have the chance to experience the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train soon!

    Thank you,

  • We will ABSOLUTELY ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train this spring!
    My family is going to WDW in June, and we are thrilled it will be open for our vacation! Always something new to see and experience each year!

  • Is it real trees near the track?

  • “You tell me when. I’m ready to go. I was born ready!”

  • We are VERY excited! My family will be down during the media event in May. I have an 8am reservation at Crystal Palace on May 2nd and REALLY hope we can make it to this ride(if it is open) that day so my boys can ride it- fingers crossed!

  • Fingers are crossed that the ride is open when I come down April 30th! I’ve been watching none stop for the opening date.

  • Do you have an idea when Fast Passes may be released for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

    • It should be available as soon as the opening date is announced. Please stay tuned!

  • Can’t wait to ride this on out trip at the end of May/beginning of June! 🙂

    • Please stay tuned for information on opening dates!

  • YES! We’ll be there May 15th through the 22nd – can’t wait! 🙂

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