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Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’ Heading to Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We’re excited to share that Anna and Elsa, from Disney’s Academy Award-winning film “Frozen,” will soon move from Epcot to Magic Kingdom Park. Starting April 20, they’ll join some of their fellow Disney Royals at Princess Fairytale Hall, where Disney FastPass+ service will be available for this character greeting experience.


Elsa and Anna will appear together each day until the early evening, after which other visiting Disney Princesses will be available to greet guests. Cinderella and Rapunzel will also continue making appearances at Princess Fairytale Hall, and of course, you can see all these favorite characters and more during daily performances of the new “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade!”


  • when will the FPP be available for this? I am 53 days out and it doesn’t show up as an option for me?

    • We hope to have an update on this soon!

  • Any word on when can expect to be able to reserve FP+ for Anna and Elsa?

  • Where are Snow White and Aurora going?

  • We are 42 days out, doesn’t show them available for me either.

  • You should add them at Akershus too.

  • Good morning,
    They are not currently available as a FastPass+ selection for the end of April or beginning of May weekends.

    • They should soon be available in FastPass+. Please keep checking.

  • Oh this is awesome, I hope they are still there when we come in October!!!

  • so excited about Elsa and Anna being at MK in April. We will be at DW the week of May 5th and Im hoping we can get FP for the girls. Right now there is only standy time for Princess Hall for the week we are there. Hopefully we will get some more news shortly

    • Princess Fairytale Hall is gorgeous inside. I hope your girls have a great experience!

  • @Michael, You can meet Snow White and Aurora at Epcot in World Showcase.

  • I am also 53 days out and trying to book this FP+. Any idea about when it will be available? Right now the system won’t let me choose FP+ for the princesses that are there now. The choice is grayed out for our whole family, but if I change only my FP+ I can choose the princesses. Weird! I am sooo glad Anna and Elsa are moving! I couldn’t imagine waiting the 3-4 hours that I’ve been hearing about.

  • We will be there on April 24th and already have Rapunzel as our FastPass+. When can we reserve FP+?

  • Hi, first of all, I’m very happy about that news 🙂 I still have a question, though – my FP+ window opened up for my trip in May today, and I also booked a meet with Rapunzel and a visiting princess (and Cinderella +1 also was still available), yet Anna and Elsa did not show up yet. When will they become available for booking? And will my Rapunzel Fastpass remain valid?

    • Please keep checking for them as FastPass+ options.

  • This should definitely help more guests meet Anna and Elsa in less time. 🙂

  • yea, what about snow white and aroura? are they still meeting in mk? or will they only be in epcot now?

  • While Anna and Elsa are there (it says until the early evening) are they partnered with a visiting princess or are they there by themselves?

  • Are there any plans for the empty area in the town square theater where the princesses used to meet? And are they still going to meet at Epcot, or only at Magic Kingdom after they move?

  • I am a little confused, will it be Cinderella and Rapunzel together (on one side) then Anna and Else with another visiting princess on the other side? I hope Aurora and Snow White are not getting kicked out. I am planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom and I hope I will get to meet them. Especially Aurora since she isn’t in the new parade. I think adding Anna and Else to Akershus is such a wonderful idea.

  • Will Cinderella and Rapunzel be lumped in together or can we still meet Cinderella with a “visiting princess” (Hopefully Snow or Aurora!)?

  • You can still meet Aurora and Snow White in Epcot in France and Germany respectively.

    Personally, I’m hoping Snow White will get a Meeting Spot near her new ride in New Fantasyland when it opens.

  • thanks Jennifer – Please post something as soon as the Fast pass plus can be made for this meet and greet for us guests that are coming after April 20th!

  • Carlos mentioned that fast pass aren’t available for end of april and early may. For those of us going end of April, is there anytime that the fast pass will open up for us?

    • Keep checking back, Christina. Anna and Elsa should be added for your dates, soon.

  • Im so glad they are making the move to Magic Kingdom to keep up with the demand. Roomer has it, the line to meet them is LONG. I dont want disappoint my kids, or wait in the 3/4 hour line.
    Are the costumes still hard to find in the park too? Ive heard they have been sold out.

  • Great news. Would love to see them added to Akershus in the future too!

  • Will Anna appear in her winter/snow outfit as she does when we met her in Epcot, or will she be in her coronation dress as she does in the Festival of Fantasy parade?

    Also a bit confused about the grouping of princesses. Will Anna and Elsa do meet and greets together or separately? Will Rapunzel and Cinderella now be paired together?

    • Anna will wear her trekking outfit at Princess Fairytale hall (she will only wear the green coronation gown in the “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade”).

  • They will be appearing together until the evenings, and then another visiting princess will take their place. Since they have just been announced, fast pass plus probably will be announced for them soonish too 🙂

  • Fast Pass + Available. Book now!

    • 🙂

  • Hi, Jennifer! This is exciting news! Our girls can’t wait to meet both of them! Will this be a new “home” for them? Or will they continue to rotate parks? Thanks for the update!

  • Thank you for the update! I literally just went on and changed my fast pass for May so I now have a 9:35am time!!! SO EXCITED!

    • Have fun, Nicole!

  • That’s nice! But where will be Princess Aurora and Snow White? The Magic Kingdom is the right place for all of them. Specially that Aurora isn’t in the Festival Of Fantasy Parade. It’s sad.

  • Just wondering if Cinderella and Rapunzel will be in one room and Elsa and Anna in the other?

  • hopefully still there in July 29th

  • Also when will Olaf be available to meet??? That’s the real question!

    • 🙂

  • There are spaces to meet three groups of Princes/Princesses in the Fairytale Hall. So Anna/Elsa, Cinderella/Prince Charming, and Rapunzel will be in the Hall during the day, and other people will rotate in during the evening.

    Hope that helps clear up the confusion.

  • Very excited about this news and hoping Anna and Elsa are someday added to Akershus – that would be wonderful!

    We are headed to Walt Disney World 4/16-4/25 and I cannot book a FP+ for this Meet & Greet; in fact, all of the Princess Fairytale Hall Meets are listed as “Standby Available” but these experiences are not “clickable”. Any hope for those of us visiting the week of 4/20 to make this FP+ ?

  • I was so excited yesterday when I logged on and Anna and Elsa were available. Doing Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa all back to back.. I might be more excited than the kids 😉

    • Fun! I hope you have a great time, Tara.

  • Hi Jennifer! We are super excited about this and I have already snagged a FP to meet Anna & Elsa. But I’m a little confused. I had previously booked FP to meet Cinderella and a FP to meet Rapunzel. Both are still showing on MDE so what gives? Are they still going to have separate meet & greets? If they are combined then what happens to my FP selections? Thanks!

  • I just realized that my fast pass for A & E is 3:10-4:10 and the parade is scheduled for 3. Does that mean I am going to miss my turn? Will I just have to sit in line until they return?

  • I booked my FP+ for Anna and Elsa but I would also like a to book a FP+ for Rapunzel. It’s currently down for Rapunzel. Any Idea if and when I will be able to pick a FP+ for Rapunzel? Thanks.

  • Am super excited they decided to move to MK I was getting worried we wouldn’t be able to meet and greet with them with lines being so long. Very Happy we booked our fastpasses for late April cause they went fast!! My daughter is sure going to be excited on her first trip/day ever in Disney =)

  • I just heard about this yesterday and tried to change my fast pass + selections but I do not see A&E as an option under MK. Does that mean it’s not available yet? But it looks like some people already switched theirs according to this blog. I tried to call and do it on the phone too, but the people on the phone didn’t know anything. The first girl told me they were already gone for my dates and the person on Guest Services insisted that it wasn’t an option yet. Help!

  • Am I correct to assume they will remain at the Norway pavilion under the current parameters until the switch to the Magic Kingdom?

  • Wondering if we need to stay as a Disney Resort to get the FastPass+ options to book a time for Anna and Elsa. Also will they be at both MK and Epcot or just MK beginning April 20th and beyond.

  • As popular as these two are,they should be in both parks!
    I agree they should be added to Akushus. It only makes sense.
    With EPCOT actually trying to teach something about geography and culture,I am sad to see them leave Norway.

  • I am staying at WDW May 10-17. It lists Meet Anna & Elsa as Standby Available for each day but no Fastpas +. Does this mean that FP+ is sold out for the whole week or not yet available?

  • I booked Rapunzel at Princess Fairytale Hall do Anna and Elsa have there own fast past or all the princess seen together!!

  • I’m coming to Disneyland next week…wahoo!!!

  • Would love to see these two beautiful princesses added to Akushus. We will be having lunch there in mid April. My daughter would absolutely love to see them. If they are not at our lunch, where and when do they sign autographs in Epcot currently?

  • Hi – We are going week of may11-18, this is not showing as option for fast pass+? will it be soon? we don’t want to miss! thanks!

  • Has anyone gotten clarification as to whether “standby” means the FP+ is not available yet or if they are already gone? We are going mid-May. Thanks!

  • Susan, I’m going to go with “already gone”. We booked 3/14/2014 for the week of 4/28/2014 and all I get are “Standby Available” with the portrait greyed out. hopefully the lines won’t be the 4-5 hour waits like they are currently in EPCOT. Got a 6 year old dying to meet the pair!

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