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Commemorative ‘it’s a small world’ Merchandise at Disney Parks to Benefit UNICEF

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Some of you may have seen my fellow Disney Parks Blog author Thomas Smith’s recent post sharing the exciting news about the first-of-its-kind, online global sing-along that will take place on April 10 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “it’s a small world.” Today, I have more exciting news to share with you. Our merchandise team has been hard at work creating some very special merchandise as part of this 50th anniversary celebration.

Here’s your first look at the T-shirt and reusable totes that will be available for you to add to your very own collection:


And here is the artwork that will appear on the commemorative pin:


But wait, it gets better! How? One hundred percent – 100%! – of the sale price (exclusive of sales tax) of these select “it’s a small world” items (shown above) will benefit UNICEF from April 9 – 13, 2014. Purchasing limits apply, product available at:

For any of our Disney fans visiting Disneyland Paris from April 10 – 30, keep an eye out for the T-shirt (in adult and kid sizes), as well as the pin, with 100% of the sale price (exclusive of VAT) of these select items benefiting UNICEF as well.

And don’t forget – you can join in the celebration online at SmallWorld50.com!


  • Very disappointed today…. Went to Disneyland to purchase the items and they said they were sold out before they ever got to the store.

  • We went this afternoon and all the pins were sold out park wide. When we asked, we were told the park received their entire shipment and would not be getting any more.

    We were told that no one today, Sat or Sun would receive the pin as they sold out yesterday.

    When we went to City Hall for verification, they did the research. For those of you who still want to get the pin, they get a certain amount each day. When they’re out for the day, they’re out. However, the pin will be available each day through Sunday.

    Go early if you can’t live without it.

  • Can we call the parks and have it sent to us? I really want a shirt!

  • Is there an edition size on the pins? I don’t know when I can make my way out there but I hope to get one

  • Is there a way I can purchase a bag and a pin as I am not going to WDW until Sept. and it is my daughters favorite ride, so I would like to get it for her birthday

  • I love that 100% of the profits will go to UNICEF that is truly amazing!

    My question is…”it’s a small world” is not the only attraction from the 1964 World’s Fair that is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, will Carousel of Progress be recognized too?

  • How much is the commemorative pin going to be?

    • Hey Stephen! The pin will be $9.95.

  • We will be there for this terrific celebration, it’s a nice surprise addition to the trip.

  • please tell me that the pin is an “open addition” and not a limited edition. I REALLY want to get it via DelivEARS since I live nowhere near DL but I can’t order the LE pins until a month after release

    • Hi Tyler! The pin is actually considered limited release and will be offered April 9 – 13, 2014, with the sales benefiting UNICEF. Unfortunately none of the items shown above will be available to purchase via Disney Merchandise Guest Services.

  • Will this merchandise be available online?

    • Hi Alexsia! The it’s a small world items shown above will not be available online. But I encourage you to keep watching the Disney Parks Blog, as Steven Miller will be sharing news shortly about some special commemorative merchandise that will be offered.

  • We are coming to the park in 11 days for Disney Social Media Moms. I can’t wait. Love It’s a Small World! Will definitely need to get some souvenirs!

  • …with sugar on top!

  • All that I can say is please, Please, PLEASE open IASW@Disneyland prior to 4/10!!!!!! We are going to be there 4/1 through 4/4 and I sure wish that we could ride just one time!!!!!! Pretty, pretty pleeeze! 🙂

  • Hi Michelle, these items look great but I agree with the previous comments, we really would like to see more merchandise devoted to this milestone event in Disney history. Also, PLEASE tell us that these items will be available online, even if only for a limited time. Thanks!

    • Hi James! I’ve already passed your feedback on to the team. I’m so glad everyone is as excited as I am about this new merchandise and the special opportunity with UNICEF. As you saw from my note below to Julie, the items shown below will not be available to purchase online, however there are some other great things headed your way. So keep watching the Disney Parks Blog.

  • So excited that I will be at Disneyland on April 10th for the celebration! I can’t wait to get a shirt.

  • Will we be able to purchase The Small World merchandise online?

    • Hi Julie! These specific items shown above will only be available to purchase for a limited time at Disneyland park, Magic Kingdom park and Disneyland Paris.

      Here’s a special tip for you! There are a few items headed your way that will be available online, which my friend and fellow Disney Parks Blog author Steven Miller will be sharing with all of you shortly. However, please note, the items that will be available online will not benefit UNICEF.

  • It’s adorable! Should’ve been more pins. We also seriously need a good quality It’s A Small World bag. It’s A Small World stuff is so cute that there should be SO MUCH MORE of it. People love cute, especially when shopping at Disney.

    We need lots more Small World stuff.. Especially pins.

  • Will these be available for purchase online as well? If not will they be available at World of Disney in Downtown Disney Disneyland?

  • This contribution to UNICEF is incredible, congratulations! I have followed the partnership between The Walt Disney Company and UNICEF throughout the years and it’s most impressive!

    Thank you for sharing, I will share this post through my Social Media outlets.


    • Thanks Jackie!

  • The fact that 100% of the sale price is going to UNICEF absolutely blows my mind. Well done.

    • Thank you! We’re pretty excited as well! I hope you will be able to take part in this amazing opportunity!

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