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Disney Legend Rolly Crump Looks Back on Creation of ‘it’s a small world’

Disney Legend Rolly Crump has very fond memories of being one of the Imagineers who helped create “it’s a small world.” In fact, he was there from day one, when Walt Disney came up with the idea. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and vintage footage from our archives. Be sure to join in the 50th anniversary celebration of “it’s a small world” by going to smallworld50.com and uploading your own video of the unforgettable song.


  • Styrofoam and paper mach? And they are still there? It was a joy to read Rolly’s book.

  • Rolly Crump is the man.

  • Wow, that was awesome.

  • Thank you for highlighting the contributions and importance of Rolly Crump!


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