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Eggs-istencial Event Returns to Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

UPDATE 4/18: The Egg-stravaganza 2014 maps are sold out at Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park.

UPDATE 4/16: The Egg-stravaganza 2014 maps for Disneyland park have sold out. Egg-stravaganza 2014 maps are currently available to purchase for Disney California Adventure park and Epcot. Please note, quantities are limited and are going fast. Hop to it!

I know that many of you took part in last year’s egg-sperience at Disney California Adventure park and Epcot and loved it! Well I have egg-citing news, because it’s back by popular demand!

What can you egg-spect? From April 10 – 20, you’ll be able to search for special hidden “eggs” themed to Disney characters at Epcot, Disney California Adventure park and for the first time, Disneyland park!

Disneyland Park Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt

Epcot Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt Disney California Adventure Park Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt

How it works!
Have fun exploring the parks hunting for ‘eggs’ that portray Disney characters! Record your discoveries by placing the corresponding sticker on the specially themed Egg-stravaganza map to represent that location. Maps and stickers can be purchased for $4.95, plus tax at the following parks and locations:

  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co., Oswald’s, Radiator Springs Curios, Rushin’ River Outfitters, Studio Store and Treasures in Paradise.
  • Disneyland park – Disney Showcase, Fairy Tale Treasures, Gag Factory, Pieces of Eight and Pooh Corner
  • Epcot – Heritage Manor (American Adventure Pavilion), Disney Traders, International Gateway, Pin Central and Port of Entry

There are a dozen reasons for you to love the event this year! I know what new characters have been added, but it’s up to you to find them.

Don’t crack under the pressure! Whether you choose to hunt for eggs or not, return your map to a redemption location: Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park; Disney Showcase in Disneyland park or Disney Traders in Epcot and participate in an ‘egg-scramble’ to pick up your surprise.


What is the surprise, eggs-actly? Let’s just say it bears a striking resemblance to what you are already searching for!

Purchase as many maps as you’d like—while supplies last—and play again and again! No discounts apply. You should also know that separate admission is required to enter Disney Theme Parks and the experience is subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Are you as egg-cited as I am?


  • I missed this last year during Limited Time Magic, so am excited that it is coming back this year. Any thoughts on the likelihood that the maps will still be available for purchase on the last day, 4/20, for Disneyland & DCA? The ‘while supplies last’ makes me a bit nervous that supplies are limited. It would be disappointing to make the drive & not be able to get the maps. Thanks!

    • Hey Leslie! I would hope that there would be maps still available on on the 20th of April so that you can participate, but it will honestly depend on the popularity of the egg-sperience this year. I know there’s a lot of egg-citement!

  • EEEEE! Actual egg prizes this time, AND it’s not only in Florida’s park! Hope that there’s still some there when I get there for this! Also hope that the eggs are in a better spot in DCA as last time one of them grew legs and walked away. 😉 I can totally see my mother buying a map and saving it though, she’s a white rabbit fanatic you see…

  • Can this be done at night at EPCOT? My wife and I would love to come over after work, we work seperate schedules and don’t have a day off together.

    • Hi Frank! You should be able to participate both night and day. Hope you enjoy taking part in it.

  • I am so excited for this special event. I will be there on the 10th of April!

  • Those eggs are awesome! Is there a way we can purchase a set for home use? I won’t be making it to the parks in time, but I’d love some for home use.

    • Hey Adam! This year the only way to obtain the eggs is to participate in the egg-stravaganza. I wish we were selling them this year, I’d buy a dozen. Hopefully next year.

  • Ohhh, I can’t wait! I loved the egg hunt last year, and I can’t wait for this year’s. Couple of questions, if you know, Michelle. How big are those eggs (the ones you get from the redemption location)? Regular size, or smaller/larger? I think mini ones would be absolutely cute! Also, when you redeem one of those eggs, is it a blind choice, or do you get to choose a character?

    • Hi Dinah! Sorry for the delay in my response. The surprise eggs you receive at the redemption location when you participate in the egg hunt, are approximately 2″ tall. You are going to love them! It will be a blind choice, similar to last year. Basically think of it like a ‘find the peanut’ game. An egg will be placed under each larger ‘egg’ and they will be scrambled up. When you select the larger egg of your choice, you will find out which ‘surprise egg’ is underneath.

  • Any word on if the bunnies will come out to play (for meet and greets) during this time in the Big Thunder Mountain Jamboree area?

    • Hi Royce! I hope Dinah’s answer below was helpful to you. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

  • Royce: Yes, the Springtime Roundup starts this Fri., 3/28 and goes to 4/20.

    “Some of your favorite Disney characters will be stopping by to meet you, along with Mr. Easter Bunny and a carrot patch of famous Disney rabbits.”

  • Dinah, where did you get that information from? Just curious so I can be better informed in the future.

  • Nevermind. Later found the blog post with it in there.

  • Oh, how odd, Royce. I thought I included the link to the blog post in my reply. Oh well, glad you found the information.

    Thanks, Michelle! I’m getting excited for this. Those eggs are VERY cute! 😀

  • Can’t wait to do this event. I didn’t know they did this last year too!

  • Are the characters on the eggs the same at Disneyland and DCA?

    • Hi Sydney! There will twelve total eggs in each park. Ten of the eggs will be the same and two of eggs will be unique to each park.

  • Do you get a surprise egg at each location or do you get one at the end when you have completed the entire map?

    • Hi Heather! You actually receive the surprise (egg) after completing the map. You will return to a redemption location and participate in an egg-scramble to find out which surprise you end up with.

  • Is this a separate ticket like the trick or treat night? I have a pass and just wanted to know if I had to buy a special event ticket or if my pass was good like regular admission.

    • Hi Pam! If your pass is not blocked out during the time frame of the Egg-stravaganza you would use it as your admission into the parks. The map and stickers are $4.95, plus tax. There is no additional event ticket fee.

  • How much is the entrance for this event?

  • Hey Alma! Normal theme park admission is required. The map and stickers are $4.95, plus tax to participate in the event.

  • Thank You, we will be there, we have annual passes no black out dates. Yay!

  • Is the a FACEBOOK Event Page for this event?
    I can’t seem to find one…

    • Hi Sean! There’s not. But we hope our Disney fans will be sharing their egg-ceptional finds on their social channels.

  • Now I’m doubly excited to participate!

    If we play multiple times and happen to choose the same character, will there be a way to choose another egg or exchange it for one we don’t have?

    • Hi Theresa! I’m starting to get the feeling by the end you may have a dozen eggs! My recommendation would be that if you receive the same egg twice, perhaps you can trade amongst your fellow egg hunters.

  • Hi,Michelle..
    I’m so excited about egg hunt event, first time ever for us

    • You’re going to love it! I was in the park this past weekend and couldn’t help but wish that it would have been taking place now. Let the countdown begin.

  • Can you tell me approximately how big the eggs are that we are looking for? If I’m hunting with a 2 year old will he easily be able to spot them?

    • Hi Amber! You may have already visited by the time you read this, but the actual eggs you are searching for are quite big and can be easily spotted.

  • Are the maps available before April 10?

  • How many different surprises are there? The six shown?

    • Hi Victoria! If you participate in the Egg-stravaganza you will receive one of the six eggs shown above.

  • I am taking my kid with me… what if we both get the same design of eggs, can we trade for something different?

    • Hi Howard! Sorry for the delay. Should you receieve the same design I think you’ll find quite a few other Guests eager to trade for different eggs.

  • Are maps still available in Disneyland or DCA or is it sold out?

  • Will there be maps still available tomorrow, Friday April 18th?

  • Sad that they are already sold out! I was going to bring my daughter on Easter.

  • So they have completely sold out there is no way to buy anymore?

  • Michelle-

    Is there any more planned for Easter Sunday?

  • I am so disappointed!!! We were looking so forward to this tomorrow! I will have a sad little boy.

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