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Finding ‘Frozen’ Merchandise at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’ve found it’s no secret that Disney’s “Frozen” continues to be popular with guests of all ages visiting Disney Parks. Recently, my son made a drawing for Anna and Elsa, which he gave to them during a visit to Norway Pavilion at Epcot. On the back of the image, he wrote that he “couldn’t wait for their film to be released on DVD.” With the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release for this award-winning, animated feature on March 18, I wanted to give you an update on where to find “Frozen” merchandise at Disney Parks.

You may recall my previous story last fall that gave an overview of merchandise created for the film. Since that time, we’ve received some additional shipments of guest favorites and introduced several new things.

Two of those favorites are the dresses for Anna and Elsa created especially for Disney Parks. We have additional orders arriving at locations in the coming weeks. Once available, the dresses will also be offered as a part of the Castle Package at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

In the category of new items, there are new Anna and Elsa T-shirts for girls. I also found T-shirts for kids and adults featuring Olaf. You should also look out for new D-Tech on Demand cases for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5s, and some new Disney books such as “An Amazing Snowman” or “The Art of Disney’s Frozen.”

The popular Anna and Elsa dolls have also returned along with several action figure playsets.

Finally, I learned that additional items are currently in development. For ladies, we will have four new T-shirts available around the beginning of summer. I convinced the softlines team to let me give you a sneak preview of the artwork for those shirts.

Here is a list of locations where you may find select merchandise during your next visit. Please note that availability of inventory may change without notice.

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney World Resort


  • Happy to see a shirt for little guys, thanks for the update Steve!

  • Has all of this merchandise already been released into the Parks or is there a specific release date?

    • @Brittany – Yes, many of these items have already been released. I took the images used in this story last week. I visited at least three different locations to get them. The only exception are the ladies tees which are coming this summer.

  • HI Steven,
    You are the go-to guy for merchandise! Any news on Frozen shoe or hat ornaments? Any news on any new shoe or hat ornaments??
    Thanks, Keerstin

    • @Keerstin – We are currently developing some new shoe ornaments. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog in a couple of months for a look at them. Meanwhile, a new 3-D ornament featuring Olaf was recently released at Disney Parks. The item number is 400008267489.

  • Is there any way we can find a date when the dresses will be released at Disneyland? We’ve been on the hunt for months now!!

    • @Catherine – Great question. Let me check with the planning team and I will get back to you.

  • Will any of these be at our local Disney stores?

    • @Lisa – You might find select toys, books, media and dolls at your local Disney Store. The other items pictured in this story including the softlines, D-Tech on Demand cases and upcoming ladies tees were created specifically for Disney Parks.

  • Is there a # where we can place phone orders?

    • @Kathy – You may want to try our Merchandise Guest Services team. They might be able to help you with ordering select items. There are two options available to contact them: by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at Please note that applicable sales tax plus shipping and handling fees will apply.

  • I think I know where all my Disney dollars will be going when we travel to the World in April 🙂

    I didn’t see any plushes – are they available?

    • @Barbara – I hope you have a great trip in April! At this point, I’ve not seen re-orders arrive for the plush. I will have to check with that team for an updated ETA. I spoke with the plush team who said that additional orders for Olaf and Sven plush are on their way. You probably won’t see them until at least late-April into May.

  • This is great news, thanks for sharing! We’re also in search of the dresses. Would love to be able to order online or through Merchandise Guest Services. Any word about when they might be available?

  • I will be hunting for the Adult shirts when I arrive in 2 days. I hope they come in larger sizes.

    • @Patricia – Hope you have a wonderful trip! The weather here has been excellent. The only two adult sized shirts we are offering at this point are the Olaf tees found in the first photograph above. I believe sizes run from S to 2XL. The ladies tees won’t arrive until summer.

  • Love all the new merch and can’t wait for the women’s tees arrive so I can bling it up. I have new kids in my life and will be so happy to share my new favorite Disney movie through books and clothes. So excited. Thanks for the sneak peek too.

    • @Jennie – I’m a father of two and I love being a parent! There is no greater joy than having my son wear my vintage EPCOT Center tee shirt while visiting Disney Parks. Ha! I’m glad you liked the tees. Soon 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the update! My girls are waiting patiently for the Anna and Elsa Animators’ Collection Dolls to return. Do you have any idea when we should look for them at WDW. Thanks,Tammy

    • @Steve – I will ask our dolls and plush team. I don’t recall seeing any dolls in locations when I visited last week.

  • Bummer. I need that snow queen shirt now. My daughter’s 6u softball team is “Frozen” inspired. When they found out they were light blue they chose the name “Ice Queens.”

    • @Jaime – Now that is an AWESOME team name!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi, Steven! My daughters LOVE anything about Frozen and can’t get enough of the merchandise, so it’s good to see that it keeps coming with the success of the movie! Some new shirts coming for Mom, too! That’s awesome! We just purchased the Chillin beach towel featuring Olaf for our daughter, Morgan and I’m looking thinking about the character coffee cups now. Have a great day! David, your HM Pal in Ohio

    • @David – Nice to hear from you. I’m hoping winter has finally “let it go” in the Buckeye State 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  • I looked at some of the pictures and mostly what i saw i wanted was the shirts. I have the soundtrack and a few of the books already. Loved the phone case but they seemed to be for the iphone and i have a galaxy note 3.Will these stores be open during the 24 hour event in may?

    • @Miranda – From my understanding, select merchandise locations in the Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and at the Disneyland Resort will be open during the upcoming 24-hour party.

  • I love all of the Frozen merchandise. I hope that these will all be available when we head to Disney World in November.


  • are the 2 olaf shirts on top in boys or men sizes? thanks!

    • @Robert – Those particular Olaf tees were made in both boys and mens sizes. The image in the story features the mens tees.

  • Is there a release date for the Anna and Elsa limited addition dolls? I know there was a pre-sale but wasn’t sure if they will also be going on sale.

    • @Thomas – I’m not familiar with those dolls at Disney Parks. They may have been something offered by Disney Stores (which is a separate division of the Walt Disney Company). I don’t know of any plans to carry them at the Park locations.

  • I was wondering if there are any of the plush dolls. We will be arriving on Saturday and my girl kid is dying to get her hands on the plush Anna and Elsa dolls.

    • @Jen – I hope you have a great trip! I’m unsure if you will be traveling to Florida or California. I’ve not seen any plush Anna or Elsa dolls at Walt Disney World Resort. There is an Anna / Elsa topsy-turvy doll in a few select locations at Disneyland Resort. Item number is 400007854475.

      The plush team also said that additional Olaf and Sven plush are on the way. They won’t arrive at Disney Parks until at least May (maybe late-April).

  • Will the Frozen Booster pin set, and open edition Anna & Elsa Snowflake pin be restocked?

    • @Hope – The snowflake pin (Item number – 400007999480) is currently available in Florida and California. I’ve only found the booster pack (400007999497) at select locations at Disneyland Resort. Your best option may be contacting our Merchandise Guest Services team by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at

  • I wish there was Queen Elsa shirts for men as well. Elsa has to be my favorite from the movie and I would love to add a shirt of her to my collection. Is there also any plans of do Anna in her coronation dress for the dolls by herself and not with Elsa that I saw at the Disney Store during the Holiday times.

    • @Jeffrey – I’ve not seen any plans for either item at this point. Sorry.

  • Hi Steven,

    Will there be any Frozen wrist watches for children or adults? I know there is currently a children’s Little Mermaid watch and there used to be a Princess and the Frog watch. I know I would love to add a Frozen watch to my collection!

  • Would you happen to know if anything special is going on at the parks for the Frozen Blu-ray/DVD release? Thanks

  • Thanks for the update, Steven! Any idea when the Disney Store version of the Elsa and Anna Classic dolls will be back on shelves? They were of better quality and definitely more movie accurate than the Mattel dolls that seem to be on shelves now in your pictures.

    • @Jompobe – You’re welcome. It looks like additional orders won’t arrive until May at Disney Parks.

  • @Jen – There were plush Anna and Elsa dolls at Mouse Gears in Epcot last week. Looked like a ton so I’m assuming they’ll still have some. We’re looking for an Olaf Plush!

  • @Elissa … thanks so much for the info! I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some!

    @Steven … Thanks for the reply! We are headed to Florida day after tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  • Any word on when the Elsa dress may be available on the Disney Store web site? I would guess that one would be available by Halloween at the latest. We are visiting in December, so we have time to wait. However, I’m planning to order one as soon as it becomes available. Thanks!

  • Hi Steven,

    Thank you so much for the great information! Have you heard if the Elsa dress will be back in stock by Easter? We are going to be in Disneyland April 19-23 and the only thing my daughter has requested is an Elsa dress from the park. Is there any chance of this happening? If it is back in stock will they be reinstating the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Elsa makeover? Thank you!

  • We were in Disney last week and were on a misson for Frozen Pins and none were to be found any where. Any idea when they may be available again?

  • As of the end of last week, there was quite a bit of Frozen merch in Puffins Roost near where they got the photos taken. Only one pin, the jeweled snowflake with Anna and Elsa on it, but they had literally over 100 of that same pin and I saw it nowhere else on the property including Downtown Pin Traders. They also had pretty much the same merch you can get in Magic Kingdom on Main St. USA. The Mouse Gear store had all the T-shirts you see here except the new ones that aren’t out yet.

  • Visiting Disney world , followed by a Disney Cruise,last of April/beginning of May and need an Elsa bathing suit for my granddaughter. Any suggestions and/or ideas as to when they will become available ?

  • I too am looking for the Elsa dress… any word on when those will be back on the shelves at Disney parks and/or Disney store? This has been worse than the tickle me Elmo Christmas! 🙁 Thanks Steven!

  • Will they have Elsa or Anna clothes for the My Disney Doll?

    • @Katina – I’ve not seen specific development for that.

  • I am looking for Queen Elsa earings. Do you carry these down at Disneyworld? My family will be visiting in July and I was wondering if these would be available.

    • @Sheila – I don’t recall seeing those as part of the current assortment.

  • Any updates on the topsy turvy plush? Information at Downtown Disney said it was a one time deal and they would not be getting anymore stock in. Is that true?

  • Hello. I am from Ukraine) I am looking for Disney Frozen dolls from limited collection for my daughter. Maybe you will be able to help me and find any of them?
    Thank you)

  • I am looking for a 16″ plush Sven. Do you know where I can find it in Disney World? I will be there 4/15-4/18. This is the only toy that my 7 year old daughter wants and I am going crazy finding it anywhere.

    • @Patrice – From my understanding, additional plush orders will be arriving in May. I don’t have an exact date when that will happen.

  • Hi Steven,

    We will be visiting Disneyland in Anaheim on the 23rd & 24th of April. fingers-crossed that there are Elsa and Anna costumes available! I will include that in my prayers 🙂


  • If any of the stores in Disney carry Frozen items can you call the store and have it shipped?

    • @Lynne – At this time, our Merchandise Guest Services team does not have access to merchandise for Disney’s “Frozen.” I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  • Hi Steven,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful information regarding Frozen merchandise. My daughter has saved her allowance for quite some time to buy an Elsa dress and we have been unsuccessful finding one at either of our local Disney stores. It’s unfortunate that Merchandise Services will not allow orders for Frozen items and that the Disneyland park is no longer offering Celebration services to deliver items to hotel rooms. We are going to be at Disneyland the last week of April & I was hoping to surprise my daughter with a dress. I saw that the stores at the Park recently had items, do you know if they have been able to keep the stores stocked? I’d really like to be able find a dress my daughter can purchase.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful information!


  • Hi Steven,

    Could you please let me know when you think they are going to have the Elsa’s dress in stock again? My daughter loves that dress and there is no place to get it. I’m planning to go to Disney in Orlando by May 31 and was hoping I could find it by then. Could you please let me know?


    • @Ann and Jackeline – We have additional orders for the Anna and Elsa dresses that will arrive at some point in May. I unfortunately don’t have an exact timeframe as to when that will happen. I also spoke with the costuming team who said more orders are planned throughout the rest of this year.

  • Hi! Do you have any information about what may be available at Disney Tokyo? Is there any Frozen merchandise, or will Anna & Elsa be there? Or is too early/not popular enough yet in Japan?

    • @Stacy – I’ve not seen the entire assortment of merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort. I’ve only seen a few things here and there on social media sites like Twitter.

  • Hi Steven,

    Yet another request for when you think the World of Disney store at Disneyland will have the Elsa and Anna costumes. We will be there from April 27th-30th, and I have a couple of twin girls anxiously waiting for the dresses. Thanks!


  • Where can I buy a Elsa And Ana dress in Orlando, FL?! Do any of the parks sell them? Does Sir Mickey’s have them in store?

    • @Sarah and Katie – Unfortunatley, the Anna and Elsa dresses have been in and out of stock these past few months. I know that additional orders are planned to arrive in May. I don’t, however, have an exact date as to when that will happen. We will continue to have orders arrive throughout the rest of this year. I’m sorry for the challenge in finding them.

  • I was hoping to pick up an Elsa/Anna topsy turvy doll when we were there last week but were unable to find one anywhere (but plenty walking around the park with little girls! haha!) Is there a way to order one by calling?? My 2 girls would love it! Thanks! 🙂

    • @Christina – At this point, it appears the topsy-turvy dolls are out of stock. We’ll have additional orders arrive in the coming months. Unfortunately, our Merchandise Guest Services team does not have access to merchandise created for Disney’s “Frozen.”

  • Hi any idea when theElsa dress will be back in stock for online order? My daughters birthday is inAugust and of course it’s frozen theme!!

  • Steve, I have heard that the dresses offered at the Parks are different then the ones sold in Disney Stores. Is that true? If so, do you know what the difference’s are? Thank you.

  • Hi! I’m going to the park this weekend for Mother’s Day (a bunch of generations getting together). I was wondering if there’s any hope of finding the Elsa plush doll or the Elsa costume. I just want to set expectations for the 5 year old Frozen fanatic. If there’s no hope I’ll tell her we’ll keep going and seeing Alden and Kelly at our local Disney Store till they come in. I just want to set expectations. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Jenni, I saw your comment asking about the difference between dresses at the park and store. I know for the Elsa costume there is a difference. The store’s costume is bolder to me and goes from white to turquoise with large snowflakes. You can look it up on disneystore item #428265606575. The Disney Park dress is a light turquoise with more delicate snowflakes. (There’s a picture of it in Steven’s previous story Warm Up to Frozen Merchandise). The dress sizing is also different. I know the store costume sizing is like 5/6, whereas the park sizing is 4/5. I think they’re both beautiful.

  • Are there still frozen pins available for purchase in Disneyland park? I will be going there in August!

  • Hi Steve! We just returned from WDW last week- actually had a chance to meet A&E after our princess breakfast 🙂 Super sad that we couldn’t find dolls for our little 4yo daughter. We have friends who picked up the Animators Collection dolls on their trip in the fall… Any chance there will be more or are we lost :(? Happy to order through Disney online but it seems they are already all over EBay (so sad). Thank you for your expertise and willingness to share!!

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