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Goofy Gets Even More Animated at Walt Disney World Resort

In a company built on animation, it’s always fun to try different ways of showcasing our famous animated characters. A technique of animation involves persistence of vision, a phenomenon where you retain a visual for a small amount of time, even after the visual is removed from view. (An example would be the flipbooks we played with when we were kids.)

Another way of animating repetitive motion is by printing a series of images on a flat surface and then sliding an overlay with vertical stripes over it. This type of animation, which also utilizes persistence of vision, is featured in a popular series of books. These books feature a variety of animated objects including horses, soccer players, penguins and even Star Wars characters.

When our pal Goofy heard about this, he wanted to get in on the fun. And of course, everything Goofy does has to be a big production. So, with a dash of Disney magic, a giant “Goofymation” shoot took place inside one of the stages at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here’s a 30-second look at the results.


  • cool!

  • The video totally rocked, but what I was most impressed with was Goofy taking off his hat. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

  • Wow. That was really cool! I don’t think there isn’t anything that Disney Animators or Imagineers cannot do.

  • Gary-I’ll be sure to share this inspirational video with my colleagues who teach Visual Art. I also plan on talking to the students about the Disney College and The Disney Animation Studios, which is something I wish had known about back in the day. Had I known about it, I can guarantee you that I would have landed in Animation somewhere with this fabulous company.

    Thank you for sharing,

  • This is so great to watch. Imaginative.

  • Very cool!

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