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Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, to Make Historic First Appearance at Star Wars Weekends

His most famous film character has destroyed the Death Star, received the Medal of Bravery following The Battle of Yavin and resisted a turn to the dark side, so what is he going to do next?

He’s going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!

No wait, wrong answer. He’s going to Disney World!


For the first time in event history, Mark Hamill, the actor who brought Luke Skywalker to the silver screen in the Star Wars saga, will appear at Star Wars Weekends. Hamill will be one of the celebrity guests for Weekend IV, June 6-8, 2014. Fans can see him in the daily “Legends of the Force” Star Wars-themed motorcade and in a featured talk show.

Hamill’s appearances will most likely be a very popular gathering place for members of the Empire and the Rebellion, so be sure to arrive early.

More details about the event have been placed into the memory systems of an R2-unit and we’ll soon reveal them, but we wanted to share this Force-filled news with you today.

Stay updated with the latest event news here, and the event’s official website, You also can join the conversation online with the official event hashtag, #DisneyTheForce.


  • how do we find out about the special experiences to hear Mark talk?

  • John have you tried searching for last years maps?

  • Where will the new fireworks show take place? Will it replace Fantasmic during SWW?

  • I am just trying to plan out my day on the first day of Star Wars weekend, I have an autistic son who loves Star Wars but I can’t plan things because nothing is listed, (not even the parade time). Try explaining that to him…

  • This is huge! This is what I’ve been waiting for to finally attend a Star Wars Weekend!

  • Tom, Heather & Jesse,
    Thanks for your questions about the autograph sessions. We hope to announce the entire lineup for all 5 weekends soon and will outline the process.

  • what a win for Disney. Nicely done – this shows the power of ownership. Now that Disney owns the franchise, they get the heavy hitters to come. Well done Disney.

  • It would be awesome if Harrison Ford or Natalie Portman were amongst the celebrities! I’ll be there week 3!

  • Celebrities appearing during all five weekends?

    This means a permanent move to Orlando.

    That’s incredible!

    Thank you,

  • Zach they are doing a nightly fireworks display set to John Williams music from the movies.

  • Gary,
    Will the autograph sessions with the celebrities require use of ONE Fastpass+ option or will it be like previous incarnations where cast members provided paper Fastpasses? Thank you for your help. May the Force be with you!

  • He’s also had an even closer connection to Disney as the voice of Master Eraqus from Kingdom Hearts. Wonder if he’d sign my copy when I’m there. 😛

    • He won’t be doing any autograph signings, but it’s great to hear from a fan of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep!

  • This is SO cool…. the ultimate Star Wars Celeb! I LOVE Star Wars Weekend and esp how characters randomly roam the park like Mos Eisly. We will prob be there the weekend before…thanks for bringing the force to us!

  • Gary, I understand that the Hyperspace Hoopla will not longer be presented during Star Wars Weekends (massive boo!) Any word on what will take it’s place?

    • Zach, our Disney Parks Entertainment teams are working on a great fireworks spectacular set to the famous music from the films. I think fans will really love it.

  • Yes how awesome would that be to see Hayden Christensen with Mark Hamill !

  • Of course he shows the last day the 3-day Florida pass is good for, and I can’t go because it is a Friday. Depending on the guests for the other weekends, I may have to play hooky from work. 🙂

  • I have the same question as Tom! How will the special event fast passes work?

  • I was wondering (just a general question)… Usually we have to camp out overnight in the parking lot to get a fastpass to meet someone. With the new FastPass+, are we able to choose an autograph session in advance? Or is it going to run the same way as it has in previous years, where there will be paper tickets handed out?

  • Cool, Cool, Cool!

  • Any hint to when the rest of the celebrities will be announced? I’ll be there Weekend II. Thanks.

    • Kara,
      Stay tuned. We are working on a few details with the Star Wars celebrities appearing in all five weekends and hope to announce them soon.

  • Figures I will be there the weekend before…. I would love if Hayden Christensen would come

  • Need Star Wars weekends at Dinseyland!

  • the question on everyones’ mind…will he be signing?

    • Joshua,
      Thanks for writing. He will not be participating in autograph sessions. Instead, we have created some experiences with Mark that will allow more guests to see and hear from him during his time in Weekend IV.

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