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Perfect Petals Brunch featuring the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Epcot on May 4, 2014

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


Last year around this time, I shared a first look at the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley . Since then, these colorful handbags and accessories, developed especially for Disney Parks, have been a hit with guests who want a splash of color in their everyday lives. As spring arrives, I’m delighted to announce a new event titled, “A Perfect Petals Brunch featuring the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley,” is coming to World ShowPlace at Epcot on Sunday, May 4. This ticketed event will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and will feature the release of a brand new color called “Mickey’s Perfect Petals.” I recently spoke with Cathy Dawson, merchandiser for accessories at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, to learn more.


“‘Mickey’s Perfect Petals’ is a perfect color for spring,” exclaimed Cathy. “Disney Design Group partnered with the Vera Bradley team to develop the color. I love the subtle nods to Mickey Mouse as they remind me of hidden Mickeys found at Disney Parks. We will offer the color on some of the most popular forms, and we will have a few new options like the campus backpack and tablet hipster.”


“In addition to a scrumptious brunch and a special gift, event guests will have the first opportunity to purchase seven new items. The event store will also carry some previously released colors from 2013, including “Midnight with Mickey” and “Where’s Mickey.”


The best part of this brunch, however, will be a special appearance by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, co-founder of Vera Bradley. Barbara has wonderful stories to share, especially about her mother who played an important role in her life and in the founding of Vera Bradley (it’s fitting that this event will take place the weekend before Mother’s Day!).

If any quantities are remaining following this event, the new “Mickey’s Perfect Petals” items will be released when Cherry Tree Lane opens in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace (stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for that opening date). There are no immediate plans to carry this color at Disneyland Resort or on our Disney Parks online store.

Tickets for this event are $125. Admission to Epcot is also required to attend.

To register, please visit beginning at 1:00 p.m. EDT on March 20, 2014.

If you are active on social networks, I invite you to join the conversation by using the hashtag – #DisneyVera.

I hope to see you in May!


  • Steven,

    My Visa company is in love with you because I can’t stop buying all the Disney Parks merchandise you share.

    I love, love, love, love, love these Disney Inspired Vera Bradley bags and will definitely order in time for my Disney cruise through the Mediterranean. What better way to show my #DisneySide with #DCLEurope.

    Thank you so much!!

    • @Jackie – Thanks! I’m glad you liked the story. I’m jealous that you are sailing on Disney Cruise Line. I need to go sailing again!

  • Thanks for the Vera Bradley update. Any word on when the Dooney & Bourke Downtown Mickey design is going to be released?

    • @Crista – You’re welcome. I don’t have a confirmed date but I believe you will see that pattern in May.

  • Will the design be made available on the online Disney store eventually? I wanted to get a Vera Bradley wallet while my family was in Disney last week but they were sold out! This design is awesome, and I would love to snag one.

    • @Kelsey – Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans to carry the “Mickey’s Perfect Petals” color on the Disney Parks online store. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you 🙁

  • Very exciting post, Steven! So will the Perfect Petals pattern not come in the smartphone wristlet and zip ID case as previous Vera Bradley Disney patterns did?

    Also, when you say the Midnight with Mickey and Where’s Mickey patterns will be available for purchase at the event, will the new larger backpack and tablet hipster come in these patterns?

    Lastly, will there be an RSP to purchase the new Perfect Petals collection, or will you only be able to buy these items in person at the event store? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – Happy to hear you are excited. I invite you to visit the specific event page on

      That page has some additional details regarding items being offered.

      As for the previously released colors, there will not be new forms offered in those colors at this time.

      For Guests attending the event, there will be an order form for Mickey’s Perfect Petals items. We will not have a Random Selection Process (RSP) form.

  • Are there plans to release this after the brunch at the parks? I’m not sure I’ll be able to go to the brunch but would love to purchase one at a later date.

  • Hi Steven, Will the order form have to be filled out when tickets to the event are purchased or will that be filled out at the event itself? Thanks!

  • Any idea when the other styles will be back at disneystore? I’ve been looking for the Where’s Mickey? backpack forever.

    • @Kara – There are no immediate plans to carry the Where’s Mickey? color again on the Disney Parks online store. I wish I had better news for you.

  • When you say “if there are quantities remaining…” does that mean this new pattern is potentially only available on this one day and only at the brunch?? If so, that seems a little ridiculous!

    • @Emily – I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. We have an initial order planned for this event. It’s difficult for me to say today what items (or how many items) Guests attending the event will purchase (which is why I stated “if quantities are remaining”). Like previous colors, we have additional orders planned (I don’t have an ETA for those). This means the only place to get Mickey’s Perfect Petals on May 4 will be at the event. I hope this explanation is helpful.

  • Hi Steve-
    Will any of the bags/patterns be available online anyime soon? I really like the pink pattern. Thanks

    • @Amy – I wish I could say, “Yes.” Unfortunately, we do not have any immediate plans to have the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley offered on our Disney Parks online store again. I’m sorry.

  • Hi Steven! Thanks for sharing the great news! I am wondering where the registration link will be tomorrow to register? I have seen the “Disney Theme Parks Merchandise Events” page for this, but want to make sure i’m looking in the right place tomorrow! Also, how many can I register at once? There will be three of us visiting the parks together – can I register for all of us? Thanks!

    • @Courtney – The registration link will be added to this event page on on Thursday. Registration will open at 1:00 p.m. Eastern:

      I believe you will still need to register each member of your party individually. So you may need their contact information, etc. There should be some additional information on that registration link that will help you.

  • Will there be purchase limits at this event?

    • @Jennifer – Yes, there will be a purchase limit of two items, per style (SKU), per Guest. This follows our current purchase limits for the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley found at merchandise locations in Disney Parks. When you register, you should receive some additional information about the pre-event order form.

  • Hello Steven, I can’t wait for this event! I will be buying my ticket tomorrow and I know you said we will receive an order form so we can make sure the style we want is available. Do you have any insight on what the limits will be per person? Like say would I be able to buy two hipsters and two backpacks myself? At previous events it was two of each style per person. I am hoping I can pick up the bags we want myself, without having to buy my mom a ticket as well!! Thanks!

    • @Rachel – Wonderful to hear! I hope you will have a great time in May. I have good news – the current purchase limits of two items, per style (SKU), per Guest will apply to this event.

  • As much as I love this pattern, this post makes me terribly frustrated. Since I don’t live anywhere near Florida, there is no way I can get one. I am getting very discouraged that the items I want the most (Vera Bradley bags, runDisney shoes) are only available in limited quantities or at special events.

    • @Kari – I’m sorry to hear you are frustrated. As you can probably imagine, the demand for both of those items you mentioned has been very strong. We are doing the best to have additional quantities shipped to Disney Parks as quickly as we can. I appreciate the feedback and will share with the team.

  • I’m trying to get the Midnight with Mickey Hipster. I was given a $75 Disney Gift Card for this and have not been able to get it at the Disney Store website and the parks are not allowed to sell it over the phone. Is there any way I can get this bag? Thanks.

    • @Michele – That sounds like a great gift (I wish someone would do that for me). I spoke with the accessories and Disney Parks online store teams. Due to overwhelming Guest demand, we won’t be able to offer the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley on our Disney Parks online store anytime soon.

      You are correct that our Merchandise Guest Services team does not have access to these items.

      The only option would be to visit Disney Parks once additional shipments have arrived. I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you.

  • will there be limits to the number of items someone can purchase?

    • @Sean – Yes. The current purchase limits for these items – two items, per style (SKU), per Guest – will apply for this event.

  • Awesome info, Steve, THANK YOU!!! Even though I won’t be able to make it down for the event, I am super excited to see them re-releasing the older designs in addition to the gorgeous new one! This gives me hope that they will release these again in the future and eventually to the website since they have done so well. I am still LOVING my Midnight with Mickey hipster from the very first event 😉

    • @Casey – You’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend this one. We too would love to offer these colors on line again. Unfortunately, we have no immediate plans for that. I’m sorry. Glad to hear, however, that the hipster is working well for you. Hope to see you again sooner than later!

  • I hope they have something left in ANY color by the end of May!

  • If I attend the brunch am I guaranteed the items? (I will be at Disney World that day for a cheer competition and do NOT want to miss my daughter perform if you are not guaranteed the items.) I would be devastated if I paid the money, missed her perform and still didn’t get the hipster she wants so badly. Will the Midnight with Mickey hipster be available that day also? If I paid my brunch fee could I go in during those times and get my items without eating and attending the brunch?

    • @Jamie – When you register for the event, you are able to place your advance order for the items. On the event day you would need to go in during their suggested times to pick up the items, but would not necessarily need to attend the brunch.

      As for the Midnight with Mickey silhouettes, I know that they will have a selection of bags from that collection, but I’m not sure if the Hipster will be included in that.

  • Are these items likely to be available in the parks later in the year? We are visiting WDW from the UK, but aren’t arriving until the end of October. These are lovely and would definitely feed my addiction for all things Mickey, but in a more subtle way!! And as others have said above, if they could be offered on-line that would be amazing.

    • @Catherine – Should quantities remain and if these items are still available during your visit in October, you would most likely find them at Cherry Tree Lane opening soon in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace

  • Will our order forms be submitted ahead of the event and our orders guaranteed to be delivered at the event?

    • @Josh – You actually can submit your order request upon registering for the event. The items will be available to pick up on the day of the event.

  • Thank for answering my question, Steven. We are registered! Will AP or DVC discounts apply?

    • @Jennifer – Both AP and DVC discounts will apply to the purchase of the product.

  • I just registered and got a link to ordering in my confirmation email. I went to the link and was able to order 2 of each style. It allowed me to upload jpegs (images) of the front and back of my annual pass so I could receive the discount. You can also fax copies of your pass (or cast member id). You have an option to have your items shipped as well. I chose not to do that so I don’t know how much shipping is. My credit card will not be charged until the end of April for these items.

    Also, it looks like you are going to get charged twice for the party tickets but you aren’t. There is an adjustment for the ticket you already paid for at the end of the process so don’t worry about that. It was a tad confusing at first but it worked out just fine.

  • When in this pattern coming to Disneyland?

    • @Kathleen – At this time I have no confirmation as to when or if this pattern will be available at the Disneyland Resort.

  • I have registered for the event and am going to do my order tonight (my annual pass is at home). For the shipping options – if you choose “NO” – where and when do you pick up your bags – is it at the event itself?

    I am so excited that my next trip is May 3-7 – what are the odds this event is in the same time period! Both me and my mom have what we want already picked out.

    • @Crystal – If you select ‘no’ as a shippiing option, the items will be available to pick up at the event.

  • I was just at all the parks and downtown disney 2 weeks ago and it is impossible to get anything Vera Bradley. How are fans suppose to be able to get these items? I see a lot of these items being sold for double on other websites. I live in another state and can not go to the park on a daily basis.

    • @Karen – Unfortunately right now, the only opportunity to purchase Vera Bradley items, due to its popular demand is to actually visit our Disney Parks locations. I definitely understand your frustration in being unable to get these and/or other Vera Bradley items and will share your feedback with the team.

  • Good evening! I am very excited to see a new Disney Vera release.

    Regarding the brunch and the ability to pre-order are you able to tell me will perfect petals be the only pattern available for pre-order or will midnight with mickey and hidden mickey patterns be available to pre-order as well? Thanks.

    • @Elizabeth – The Midnight With Mickey and Hidden Mickey patterns will be available to purchase on the day of the event. They will not be available for any advance order purchase.

  • What is the seating capacity for this event?

    • @Deborah – Unfortunately I don’t have information regarding capacity.

  • What a fun print for Spring and Mother’s Day! I wish I lived closer and could attend the brunch. It sounds lovely! Can you please tell me if MWM will be available again in the parks or online at a later date? Thank you!

    • @Debra – We are hoping that the Midnight With Mickey collection will be back in stores soon. So definitely keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately, there is no online opportunity at this time nor in the near future.

  • It sounds like you can buy a ticket, order items in advance and have me shipped even if you cannot attend the event. Is that true?

    • @Deborah – I spoke with the event team regarding your question. Guests must attend the event in person. Shipping is a convenience option for event Guests who may not want to carry purchases around Disney Parks. Guests that request shipping are given the opportunity to see their items at event check-in to validate their order before being shipped.

  • Hi Steven!

    Are tickets still available? And if so, can I register with a guest (my mom) or would my mom have to register on her own?

    Thanks so much!


    • @Fran – Yes, there are tickets still available to this event. We’d love to have you join us. I also spoke with the events team about your question. They said as long as you have her contact information you should be able to register her for the event at the same time you register. I hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you so much for your response, Steven…my mom and I are registered and we are beyond excited!!!!! I do have one more question, I hope you don’t mind…if I wait to purchase my Disney Vera on the day of the brunch, will there be a chance items won’t be available? Is it recommended to per-purchase the bags? I would rather wait and see the bags first before I purchase them. Thanks so much!


    • @Fran – That’s wonderful! I hope you both will have a great time. My recommendation would be to pre-order any items that may interest you. When you get to the event, you will have an opportunity to inspect the items and make any exchanges or returns as desired.

  • ***pre-purchase

  • Hi,

    We were able to move up our WDW vacation by a few days so I can attend this event. I’ve registered and pre-ordered 3 items. We’re annual pass holders and I faxed my info so I’ll be able to get my discount. Can I purchase a few more at the event? I think I understand you are able to purchase 2 of each style. I’m thinking ahead for a few Christmas gifts for friends. So excited for this event!

    • @Patti – I’m happy to hear you can attend the event. If any quantities are remaining of “Mickey’s Perfect Petals” after the pre-orders are processed, they would be released in the event store. We will also have items featuring “Midnight with Mickey” and “Where’s Mickey?” available. The event team said you may be able to make multiple trips to the event store (depending upon item availabilty of course).

  • If we may be able to make multiple trips to the event store, are our limits still 2 items per style? I preordered 2 of each style already. Is that my max? Or can I purchase more if any are available?

    • @Sherri – Provided quantities are remaining, you may be able to purchase additional items at the event store.

  • Thank you so much, Steven!!! 🙂

  • Steven
    My wife really loves the original Disney bag by Vera Bradley (Midnight with Mickey) and tells me the new bag “Perfect Petals” is not in her favorite colors. She still is looking everywhere for the original Mickey Vera bag and cannot find anywhere. Please, (I am asking nicely), reconsider a large, large reorder of these special original Vera Bradley Mickey bags for Disney Parks and Cruise Line for the summer – I will rest easier (happy wife, happy life). Thanks.

    • @Ian – I’m glad to hear she enjoys the Midnight With Mickey color. Great news is that a large order did arrive recently at Walt Disney World. We received a number of items for the Midnight with Mickey and Where’s Mickey? colors. Unfortunately, these colors will not be available via our Disney Parks online store or through our Merchandise Guest Services team. You may, however, find these colors at the following locations (I saw them in person at Mouse Gear in Epcot on Sunday):

      – Magic Kingdom Park – Uptown Jewelers
      – Epcot – Mouse Gear
      – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Once Upon a Time
      – Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Disney Outfitters
      – Downtown Disney Marketplace – World of Disney
      – Select Disney Resorts – Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s BoardWalk, Disney’s Yacht Club

      – Disneyland park – Disney Clothiers
      – Disney California Adventure Park – Elias & Co.
      – Downtown Disney District – World of Disney
      – Disneyland Hotel

  • Hi Steven,
    Well an event of this type ever be at Disneyland? I loved to go, this event sounds wonderful, but I’m in California…too far away. And well there ever be two events of this type: one in Florida and one in California? Also, do you know when these new Vera bags will be available at the Walt Disney Resort?
    Warm regards,

    • @Cheryl – At this point, I don’t know of any plans for a similar event at the Disneyland Resort. I’m sorry I don’t have better news. If any quantities are remaining for Mickey’s Perfect Petals following the event, they would be released when Cherry Tree Lane opens in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. I don’t have a confirmed opening date for that location at this time (stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog).

  • Excited and registered! My question is, exactly where in EPCOT will the brunch and store be? Been a gazillion times but am not sure what is meant by “World Show Place”?
    Thank you…

    • @Kathleen – World Showplace is located between Canada Pavilion and United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase. During the Millennium Celebration, this location was home to Millennium Village. Today, it serves as a convention facility for special events like this.

  • Hi Steven,

    Are there any plans or orders in place for the Just Mousing Around pattern? Also, is there any reconsideration in offering the Vera Bradley merchandise online?

    • @Cecilia – I believe there are plans to offer the Just Mousing Around color again. Unfortunately, I don’t have an updated timeframe for when that will happen. Regarding online sales, we currently don’t have plans to offer them again on our Disney Parks online store. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer at this point.

  • Thank you for answering my question, I guess I am usually so focused on going from Off Kilter to The British Invasion That I totally missed the World Show Place!

  • Will there be anymore of the Mousing around pattern available? That is the only one I want 🙁

    • @Brandy – From my understanding, we may offer that color again but I don’t have an exact timeframe that will happen.

  • Hi! We are coming to disney arriving 5/15. Where can we go to purchase the Vera products while we are there? Thanks! We were just there in February and got the mini-hipster and LOVE it and want to purchase more items. Have a magical day!

    • @Mary – I hope you have a wonderful trip. My recommendation would be to check the following locations. It’s difficult to say at this point if they will have items available in mid-May (as it will depend upon popularity of the items in the next 30 days or so).

      – Magic Kingdom Park – Uptown Jewelers
      – Epcot – Mouse Gear
      – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Once Upon a Time
      – Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Disney Outfitters
      – Downtown Disney Marketplace – World of Disney
      – Select Disney Resorts – Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s BoardWalk, Disney’s Yacht Club

      The Mickey’s Perfect Petals color, however, will be released at the event on May 4 and will reappear (if quantities are remaining) when Cherry Tree Lane opens in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace. I don’t have an exact date when that location will open at this time.

  • Hi Steve, I’m coming to the Vera Bradley event on the 4th. You previously said there would be some of the original Disney patterns available for purchase at the event. Since they are for sale in the stores ( on property ) now is that still the case? I missed out on their first release and was hoping to purchase on the 4th. Thanks!

  • Just Mousing Around- Hello Steve, I will be arriving at DW on May 10th 2014. My daughter really wants a Just Mousing Around Backpack. Is their a way to purchase 1 just 1 and have them hold it for me??? Or send it to my home?-Thank you,Maria

  • I have registered for the event, but haven’t decided which bags I want to pre-order. What is the latest date I can pre-order my bags to pick up at the event?

  • Where exactly in Epcot’s World Show Place will the brunch be located?

    • @Colleen – World Showplace is located between the Canada Pavilion and the United Kingdom Pavilion. During the Millennium Celebration, it was home to Millennium Village. We now use it as a convention meeting space.

  • HI. I am also a huge Disney and Vera Bradley fan. I was just down a thee Disney Parks and there where no Vera Bradley bags to be had anywhere. it was very frustrating!

  • Midnight Mickey is available on line at Disney store.

  • I there a reason for the refusal to offer the new patterns online? I would love to at least have a chance to get one, but I live in Pennsylvania. I can’t just stroll to central FL when I want to shop.

    • @Jackie – The ability to offer things on our Disney Parks online store depends upon availability of items. In other words, we need to ensure we have enough inventory to share both in Park location and online.

      We will continue to focus on Disney Parks’ locations first, then, if available, share with the online store. This recently happened with another order of previously released colors which are currently online –

      We will revisit future opportunities to have things available online. I’m sorry for any frustrations you are experiencing.

  • How can I find out enough in advance of another event like this so that I can make plans? When we were at WDW in March there were no Vera bags around and I did get one of the Midnight Mickey bags online but would love a chance to get more.

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