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Step In Time: ‘Mickey Mania’ Celebrates the Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

In the summer of 1994, a new procession called the “Mickey Mania Parade” hit the streets of Magic Kingdom Park to celebrate the one and only Mickey Mouse.


The parade featured larger-than-life Mickey Mouse gloves and ear hats, appearances by classic Disney characters, stilt walkers and other parade performers. Floats reflected the colors of the Mouse – styled in red, white and yellow.

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  • THIS IS MY VERY FAVORITE PARADE EVER!!!! The music was available at those recording kiosks years back. I always mention that I would LOVE to see this parade come back for a while.

  • I certainly remember the Mickey Mania parade. My husband and I loved the song Mickey Mania and we tried to find a cd. It was a very catchy tune. That parade should be brought back to the park.

  • I remember parts and pieces of this parade!!!! I had to be 3-4 years old when we took our first trip to Disney World. We have tons of pictures and my mother and grandmother videotaped the parade- perhaps the memorabilia is what made me remember 🙂

  • I wish I can go again with my friend and my grand son and grand daughter. I have been laid off. Know it’s been three long years and can not afford the tickets. I wish I win a tickets to Disney for the four of us

  • When was the last apearence of this parade? I think I’ve seen it in 1995 during my first visit to WDW!

  • Look at all that green. The trees are so big.

  • I loved this parade – always will remember it because I escorted a Wish child and she loved the parade so much. She even got a big kiss from Snow White – very special memory. See you in April!

  • I remember this parade, too.

  • I remember this parade. It was one of my favorites mainly because the music was so catchy.

  • What a fun parade it was! Great memories! Thanks for sharing.

  • We watched it several times during our trip in 1994! We really enjoyed the parade and the music!!!

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