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Tina Fey and Katie Holmes Visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Stars of stage and screen were spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week, with Katie Holmes and Tina Fey each making visits to Walt Disney World Resort.


While here, they both took time to pose with a few of our favorite furry friends. Holmes met Minnie Mouse on the Streets of America, and complimented Minnie on her special dress which was adorned with hearts. Fey visited Muppet*Vision 3D and posed with one of her “Muppets Most Wanted” co-stars, Sweetums. “Muppets Most Wanted” opens in theaters on Friday.


  • Sweetums stays pretty busy inside Muppet*Vision 3D and the Muppet Labs. He doesn’t make too many appearances because of his time looking for Bean Bunny, unfortunately. If you get a chance, though, try to find Sweetums first on-screen Muppet appearance — which was in the early 1970s in a TV special called “The Frog Prince.” As a fan, I think you’ll enjoy seeing it and how he’s grown through the years!

  • I have to also ask that question – is Sweetums available for Meet & Greets with “regular” guests? He’s always been my favorite of the Muppets and would love the chance to have my photo taken with him as well!

  • Nice Magicband, Tina!

  • Was Sweetums just for Tina Fey or is he around for a character meet n greet? I’ve wanted my picture with a Muppet for forever now and I’ll be there in 5 days!

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