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Vote For The Best Disney Attraction During Our ‘March Magic Challenge’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Are you a die-hard Pirates of the Caribbean fan? Do you live to ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror during each and every Disney vacation? If so, you may be just the social media fan we’ve been looking for in our first ever March Magic Tournament.

32 teams based on your favorite Disney attractions will be competing in the next few weeks, and it’s up to you to decide who makes it to the next round! Here’s a look at this year’s roster:

Disneyland Resort March Magic Teams Walt Disney World Resort March Magic Teams

Starting Tuesday, we’re asking you to vote for the ultimate Disney attraction at either Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Daily attraction match-ups will be posted on our official Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Facebook pages. Simply vote for the attraction you prefer in the “Comments” section on the Facebook post and be sure to check back daily throughout the month as the competition gets tougher and tougher! A final competition will be held on April 7 between Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World to determine our ultimate fan-favorite Disney attraction.

Want to play along at home? Download the printable bracket below and try to predict the winner. Let’s get ready to play!


Be sure to check out the terms of use about using the sheet before you download it.


  • Tell me your doing this for the Women bracket too! 🙁

  • am i crazy? where do you download/vote for this thing?!

    • You can download the sheet up above in the blog post. You vote on the official Walt Disney World/Disneyland Facebook pages.

  • Is there a better version of the bracket available. Possibly a pdf version?

  • How did Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye get left off of the Disneyland ( West Coast ) poster? The Pirates are great, but the nod has to go to FANTASMIC!!! So WEST COASTERS, vote, vote ,vote.
    BTW, how do folks vote if you don’t have a Facebook account?

  • I love the Logos! I’d buy a Jersey 🙂

  • I put together my choices in the brackets, here are the results. The toughest part was picking between Peter Pan and Space Mountain

    • Ah, two good choices!


  • Rockets all the way baby!!!!

  • This is such a fun idea! I agree with the other posters, I sure hope these make their way into some form of merchandise. Go Hitchhikers!

  • This is such a creative tournament! Loving the team logos

  • Rockin’ Roller Coaster ROCKERS all the way!!

  • How can I possibly chose between Big Thunder Mountain, which has been one of my favorites since I was 5 years old, and Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster, which in my opinion is the best roller coaster anywhere.

  • I don’t love the fact that The Haunted Mansion is representing Disneyworld…but this fun nonetheless!

    Pins please!

  • Totally Troopers. Off topic, can you make these into Pins?

  • Who needs a bracket? Everyone knows it’s all about Fantasmic. 😀

  • The Disneyland side is a lot more exciting/interesting

    Fantasmic for the win

  • We ended up with Splash Mountain as a winner! 🙂 Toy Story Mania was the runner up. Looking forward to play!

  • I love thrill rides but my final 4 was Jungle Cruise, Mr. Toad, Journey into Imagination and Haunted Mansion with Mansion winning it all Haha!

  • Please make every one of these logos into a t-shirt…I will give you all of my money.

  • Oops I missed seeing Soarin’ on the list! But the question still stands about Indiana Jones…

  • I wonder why Indiana Jones and Soarin’ Over California were left out in the cold? Those are the 2 that would surely win over anything. How could those be left off the bracket?

  • Any chance of getting bigger versions of the artwork? They look really great!

  • I vote for the Muppet 3d Vision Hecklers!

  • I have a couple of problems with the bracket: three WDW resorts, but not the most beloved, Poly? Disneyland has a Haunted Mansion that’s two attractions in one. HS has the better Tower of Terror. If DL Fantasmic is on the bracket, it can only be answered by Illuminations. It’s a small world should be on the list, just from it’s connection to Walt, the Sherman Brothers and the 64 World’s Fair.

  • PLEASE MAKE SHIRTS!!!! Hahah I love these “logos”

  • I am so excited to play this! I’m going to get as many friends to fill out a bracket as I can! We’re going to have a mini competition and see who has the best bracket! Thanks so much!

    • I hope you have fun! Best of luck.

  • Electricity

  • Who actually picked these rides out?


  • How many times can you vote for each matchup? And can you vote for both WDW and DLR, or only one park?

    • Please feel free to vote for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

  • I’m confused, why is the Contemporary listed on the Disney World side of the attractions?

  • Why is it i can not download it, What’s going on

    • Click on the bracket form to enlarge it, then right click to save to your desktop.

  • LET’S GO EAST COAST!!!!(clap, clap, clap,clap,clap) LET’S GO EAST COAST!!!!(clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)

  • Please make pins of these logos or some merchandise!

  • Ha! I’ve been doing my own Walt Disney World brackets for the past 4 years! I’ve got a full 68 bracket for attractions, and smaller ones for the resorts, snacks and meals, and areas around the Resort (like Adventureland or Asia).

    It’s fun to see huge Disney fans fill in their brackets for the first time. It starts with absolute joy, but takes a turn towards the end as it “forces” participants to choose between favorites, which is not fun at all! How can one pick between a Dole Whip or a Premium Mickey Ice Cream bar? Space Mountain or Tower of Terror? Coronado Springs or The Beach Club? You can literally see the joyous pain in people’s faces as they weigh the options.

    Go Hitchhickers!

  • Are the posters going to be available? This would be a great pin set.

  • I’m loving the looks of some of these team designs! Will there be any possibility of getting some of these designs on shirts in the near future?

  • Any chance these logos will make it onto any merchandise? I would love a shirt (or jersey) of the Lightnings Flying Elephants, or the Yetis just to name a few.

  • Such a great idea will keep an eye out for this. Just was wondering, will there be any merchandise based on the logos of each attraction?

  • It would be really awesome if they created some merchandise with the team logos on it!! Hint, Hint.

  • Mount Everest! 🙂

  • Can’t wait to vote! This is a fun idea. 🙂

    Question though: Why is the Boardwalk team called the Yachtsmen when the Yacht Club is the one with the Yachtsman Steakhouse?

  • They need to come out with trading pins with those badges! They are neat.

  • Now that’s a bracket I’d be happy to fill out! What fun!

  • How did Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye get excluded?

  • Why are some choices resort hotels listed for WDW instead of attractitions. What about Lion King Show, Beauty and the Beast etc….

  • ummm…. why are hotels listed for the east coast in a contest of ATRACTIONS?

  • will there be any merchandise with these team logos? These are amazing and I’m sure the Disney fans out there would be willing to pay top dollar for some of these on t-shirts, jerseys, other things

  • Looks like a fun event Jennifer, as if I need another excuse to check in on WDW daily!

    • 🙂

  • Please tell me they are going to have shirts and merchandise with these logos on them.

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