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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find … Mar. 20, 2014

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks


If you’re observant, you’ll notice many unique numbers around Disney Parks. And if “984673” looks familiar, you’re in luck – it’s our latest mystery puzzler. This string of numbers can be seen somewhere, but where? Please put your answers in the “Comments” and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.


You got it, that’s Sarge the Jeep from Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Resort. If you haven’t visited the resort yet, it invites you to explore the storybook landscapes seen in such classics as “Finding Nemo,” “Cars,” “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.” Here’s more information about Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.


  • Can you tell us the backstory to those numbers? I would love to know.

  • So, inquiring minds want to know – is there a significance in those numbers?

  • I’m pretty sure that’s the serial number on the inside of the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom, no? Huh.

  • The hood numbers on Sarge from Cars in Carsland

  • Roger Rabbit’s Toon Car Spin at Disneyland!

  • Sarge’s number from Cars!

  • Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios?

  • that’s Sarge’s number from ‘Cars’

  • The Army Jeep from cars movie Sarge or from toy story

  • Cars Land? (Sarge).

  • It’s Sarge from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.

  • On Sarge in the Cars area of the Art of Animation Resort

  • Sarge at Disneyland California Adventure’s Cars Land?

  • Sarge – Radiator Springs

  • Those numbers belong to Sarge!

    • They do. Well done.

  • Toy Story?

  • Sarge at Radiator Springs Racers @ Cars Land @ Disney California Adventure Park

  • Sarge at Art of Animantion Resort

  • I have seen these numbers on the Jeep from Cars Will Sarge at Disney Worlds Art of Animation resort in Car theme land.

    • You have a great eye. Thanks.

  • On the 1942 WW2 Willys Jeep called Sarge from the movie “Cars”.

  • On Sarge at the Art of Animation Resort.

  • That sure looks like Sarge over at the Art of Animation Resort.

  • Cars section at Disney’s Art of Animation resort.

    • That’s it, Craig. Great guess and so fast.

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