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All in the Details: A Unique Perspective of Belle’s Village at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s photo of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was snapped from a unique angle – as if the Mine Train Cart was rushing down the first drop toward Belle’s Village.


What do you think? Will you ride the attraction when it debuts later this spring?

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  • Any word on whether or not there will be a Fast Pass for this ride?

    • Yes, there will.

  • I can’t wait to ride the new Mine Train. We have been to the parks twice and each time my kids were just fascinated with seeing it being built.

  • We’ll be there around the 4th of July – we can hardly wait!!! It’s so great having your blog entries; they are such a build up and a count down at the same time!

    • Thanks, John. I love that WDI is willing to share these little details with us!

  • Can’t wait to ride this! Will be there June 6! Looks amazing! Really glad my 4 year old is tall enough to ride it!

  • I am really excited for this ride. I hope it has Soft openings while I am there.

  • I read that Disney will start allowing FP+ for more than one park. Is this in the near future or a ways off. I want to ride 7DMT and was hoping I could book it on one day I was park hopping.

  • 159 days and counting!!! Can’t wait to ride this, hopefully on the day we arrive. My wife will ride it as many times as she can to include on her birthday on the 27th of Sept.

    • I hope you have a great time, Reese.

  • Will there be a preview for riding before it opens to the public, like for Passholders? That would be awesome! How can I be part of that if available?

    • No word on previews of any kind – stay tuned.

  • I saw imagineers riding it yesterday!!! Yay they’re one step closer! Cant wait!

  • I don’t know, will I?! torture

  • That is awesome. I’ll be there in November with my family. Can’t wait to ride it.

    • I hope you love it, Pat.

  • The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is at the top of our list for new attractions to experience when our family takes our WDW vacation in June! Can’t wait!

  • I saw them testing the mine cars the other night and I cannot wait for the ride to open.

    • Yes – there are several tests they have to do on the attraction prior to opening, during all different phases.

  • I can not wait…Ill be there April 21-29. Any word on opening date?

  • Any idea yet on the opening day? Near, Far?

    • Spring, but no announced opening date yet. Please keep checking back!

  • 2 more weeks and I will hopefully be riding this!

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