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All in the Details: Check Out a CGI Ride-Through of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s look inside Seven Dwarfs Mine Train comes to us from Yellow Shoes Creative Group, a team that is currently working on some of the advertising for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This week, the team sent us a full version of a CGI video that takes you on a colorful ride through part of the attraction. A portion of this was shared during “The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” broadcast back in December – check out the full version below.

Is it just me, or do you suddenly have a very strong interest in gemstones?

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  • Of course this means that everyone will now have to remember all the names of all the Dwarfs. I used to have seven little glasses with all their pictures on but that was so long ago! Now let me see, there’s Doc and Dopey, and Sneezy and Dopey and Bashful and Dopey and still ONE more to go.

  • I heard May 2nd as well. Why such a delay in announcing this opening date? It’s spring so a date would be nice.

    • It is still on track for spring, we just don’t have an exact date yet as the attraction is still under construction. Please stay tuned!

  • Are some (all?) of the cars going to be free-swinging like it shows in the video?

    • All of the cars will swing. 🙂

  • I sure hope the ride is longer than the video! Looks awesome!! Can’t wait to ride it when I take my family there in Mid-November! WOOT! WOOT!

  • I keep getting teased and teased… Please! I wanna ride it.

    Will there be a huge press announcement prior to the opening? I check the local (Orlando) news daily, but not the park blog.

    Would really like to participate on an “invite” for a soft opening, like that which was done for the Fantasyland expansion in 2012.

  • Have the height requirements been posted yet? Coming soon and hoping my daughter can ride 🙂

    • Yes – 38 inches

  • The video is only 16 seconds long. I hope the ride is a little bit longer than that.

    • Yes, it is!

  • Here’s the real question everyone’s been wondering: Will the Witch make an appearance? Many of us old folks fondly remember being terrified our of our minds by the witch in the original Snow White ride, and enjoyed seeing our kids being half as scared by the witch in the revised ride . . .

    Are those scares forever gone from Disney World?

  • Is there going to be Walt Disney World annual passholder soft opening dates for the Seven Dwarf Mine Train Ride?

    • We don’t have info on any openings or previews of any kind yet. Please keep checking back!

  • I heard that the opening date is May 2nd, is this true?

    • We don’t have any official opening date yet. Please stay tuned.

  • Any idea on when this will open?

  • When will FastPass+ be available?

    • It will be available as soon as the opening date is announced.

  • Will there be any special merchandise for the opening of this awesome looking ride? Hoping there are some limited edition pins! Of course, also hoping there will be a big announcement of its opening soon…hint hint. 😉

  • I of course need to ask the same question that everyone has asked in every post about the ride: should I ride this after downing 19 1/2 corn dog nuggets?

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