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All in the Details: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cottage Close Up at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s look at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland offers a close look at the Dwarfs’ cottage. According to our friends at Imagineering, guests aboard the Mine Train will whisk past the cottage just after the first big drop out of the mine scene.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cottage Close Up at Magic Kingdom Park The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cottage Close Up at Magic Kingdom Park The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cottage Close Up at Magic Kingdom Park

The look of the cottage was inspired by the Dwarfs’ dwelling in the film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” As you can see, it has a thatched roof, thick beams, and charming carved details that serve as nods to the many forest friends Snow White and the Dwarfs have in the forest.

Be sure to check back this Thursday for another look at the details on this attraction.

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  • I’m thinking they’d like to have it ready to ride in time for Star Wars Weekends, which begin mid-May. I’ll be there the last weekend of May, so I really hope to ride it. What a great b’day treat that would be! 🙂

  • What will be the ‘health’ restrictions? My husband rides his motorized mobility vehicle while in the park but can transfer to a ride.

  • I may be sneezy–happy–or just Nosey. But when will this magic happen?
    Carol in Chicago
    “All my money goes to disneyworld!”

  • We are coming to Disney from April 11th – 13th. We based our time on the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine ride. Spring has come and no opening yet. I surely hope this attraction will be opened. We have spent a lot of money for this trip. It’s my daughter’s Birthday trip. Please give us a update to the attraction.

  • Get some of your Magic Dust out and make my Birthday wish come true… BTW its May 2, and I’ll be at the park!!!

  • Are there dates close by that you can almost guarantee that the ride will NOT be open yet?
    So we don’t get our hopes up if we are visiting in the month of April?

    • I wish I could be of more help, but the attraction is still an active construction site and no opening date has been set yet. As soon as we know anything I promise we’ll put it everywhere!

  • WDW is really going to honor both Walt and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” with this ride. And that cottage is like the larger version of my Walt Disney Classics Collection “Enchanted Places” sculpture (remember them? I have the mine too,) both of which will make up for the time before getting to visit the Mine Train Ride! You can see the genuine love from the Imagineers in these photos. P.S. Still “wishing” for the “Cinderella” Chateau one day, and hope the Walt Disney Classics Collection will make a return too (as I’m making wishes!)

  • Jennifer, I’m hearing rumors on some other websites of a dedication date of May 2… do you know anything about that?

    • Nothing has been decided or announced yet. Thanks for checking!

  • Is it open yet? The anticipation is killing me…coming down in five days, fingers crossed.

    • Please stay tuned for an opening date!

  • Having a SNOW WHITE “meet and greet” here, as Adam, suggests is a wonderful idea! AND… also a SEVEN DWARFS “MEET AND GREET!” They are popular and this ride begs for everyone to be able to shake hands and pose with DOPEY and/or his other 6 Buddies! Please, oh please! 🙂 I wonder if the inside of the cottage will be open to view? THANK YOU for posting these updates! I cannot wait to see it in person!

  • Looks like another amazing job with all the little bits of detail that the Imagineers use to set Disney rides apart from all the other rides out there. Can’t wait to get back and ride it!

  • My boys and I enjoyed watching the mine trains whirl around the track when we visited last week. After this ride is completed, it will take at least one full day to tour New Fantasyland alone!

    • 🙂

  • Will Snow White still make appearances at Princess Fairytale Hall or will she moved closer to the Mine Train. I think it’s only fair since Ariel and Belle have their own areas

  • This looks like a great ride and I agree that the level of detail is fantastic! I’ve been reading all of the blog posts about it so I cannot wait until it is finally opened. I’m going back to WDW in June and am hoping that I can ride it then.

  • Nicholas (post #2) – could not agree more. This is where Disney stands out from the rest. They do it right!

  • We were at Magic Kingdom this past Sunday and got a good look at it, the level of detail on the exterior features is amazing. At the top of the ride, there is a hill that has life like trees, moss and flowers. We also found it amazing how they have built this attraction into the middle of the new Fantasyland and it fits right in and blends in with the rest of land. It does not stand out or look out of place. They have removed about half of the wall around the attraction that blocked the view of the construction, towards the southwest side, giving you a good view of the progress of construction. The parts of the track that are visible make it seem like it is going to be a fun ride with alot of turns and banked track, much like Big Thunder Mountain.

    • Yes, Carlos. I totally agree that it is a gorgeous attraction. It’s lovely to look at from so many angles.

  • Just goes to show it pays to take the time to get all those fantastic little details in there rather than throw new attractions up almost over night like other parks do. It looks amazing.

    • 🙂

  • When will you guys announce the opening date?

    • As soon as we know, we’ll post it here!

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