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Caption This: Jungle Cruise Encounter at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

You never know what you may find along the treacherous waters of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland park. Looks like this solo skipper has come across a pair of locals … what do you think this encounter might sound like? Show us your stripes and “Caption This!”



  • “The boat’s empty. Everyone must be at the parade.”

  • Should we go pick up Carl? The Lions are babysitting him.

  • Zebra 1: Stripey horses!?!?! He should talk. He’s got hardly any hair on him at all.

    Zebra 2: You speak human???

  • Pardon Me… Do you have any Grey Poupon???

  • One zebra to the other….”So, what did you do with his guests?”

  • This cruise is ‘two behind’ schedule.

  • “Hey Ed, didn’t there use to be passengers in those boats?”
    “Nah, not since the Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet started.”

  • Ok, I zebra you too!

  • My feet might be glued in place but if I hear that “backside of water” joke one more time I’m outta here!

  • The word got out that this guy eats beans for lunch!

  • Excuse us…Sir?! Can you help us? We are supposed to be on a savannah or grassland…not a jungle.

  • Zebras… Why did it have to be zebras?

  • “Did you sneak back to the dock to cut the throttle cable?”…”Yeah…he will be going around the jungle for hours…”

  • Mowgli visits his jungle family.

  • “Look at him, pal. Master of his fate? Captain of his soul? Strip away the hat, and the uniform — All I see is the shattered dreams of one more guy who really just wanted to direct!”

  • I hear that if we take the boat over to Animal Kingdom, we become real Zebras!

  • Ok , prove to me you know Chris Rock and I’ll switch places with you.

  • Finally people started to get as tired of his jokes as we have, look, no passengers on the boat!

  • Zebraburg straight ahead!!!

  • Hey! Is it just my Imagination or does that boat have a Walt mustache?

  • what game is this?

  • That poor Wilderness Explorer — he doesn’t have any badges!

  • Oh look, the 3:00 parade has started.

  • The zebras stand guard. They know they cannot let the skipper pass. They’ve seen Bambi. They’ve spoken to the hippos. They know what happens when man is in the jungle.

  • “Now’s our chance. Two of us and only 1 of him. Finally – to be a JC operator. Woo Hoo!”

  • Is that the boat to Downtown Disney or Small World?

  • “Okay, that’s it, pal–Far as you go. Let’s have a little talk about the lion scene.”

  • ‘That’s the Ark? I thought it would be bigger.’

  • “Until he earns his stripes they won’t let passengers on his boat.”

    • I see what you did there!

  • Is he insane? All he ever does is go in circles and tells the exact same bad jokes.

  • No zebras here, buddy. It’s just an imagineered optical illusion.

  • Here comes our lunch delivery … Wait … where’s the food?

  • Hey George, have you seen Frank? These boat guys keep saying he’s sleeping with the lions.

    • Poor Frank!

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