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#DisneyKids: First Teacup Spin at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Of all the firsts to experience at Disney Parks, rides on favorite attractions may be the most memorable. And for many guests, that special memory happens during a first spin in an oversized teacup at Mad Tea Party.

Today, we’re continuing our blog series of different firsts at Disney Parks at the attraction inspired by the Mad Hatter’s party sequence in Walt Disney’s animated classic “Alice in Wonderland.

We’re already working on the next story in this series. Let us know about what was special, memorable or even life changing about your first trip to the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort in the comments below and then check back for our new #DisneyKids series.

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  • I loved catching the look on my daughter’s face the first time she met Belle. She was watching her sister hug her and turned around to look at us, like “do you see who this is?” It was so magical! Made even my hubby cry!

  • 2 words: character greeting. I still have pictures of myself as a child with Mickey. My toddler has loved meeting Disney princesses and Mickey ever since his first visit. And my older son loves meeting the characters, too. He was so excited to meet Anna and Elsa at our last visit that he didn’t even mind the 2 hour wait! We ate Norwegian pastries, read, and made new friends in line on a lovely spring day.

  • oops, typo. Meant to say the year of our 1st trip was 1978

  • Hmmmm….It’s kind of hard to remember my 1st trip to WDW. I was 2 1/2 at the time. It was 198, We(mom, dad,sister who is older, grandmother and great aunt) loaded up into my dad’s Chrysler New Yorker and drove from RI to WDW. We stayed at the contemporary and I sort of remember the rooms, I remember a duck relieving itself on the patio(that may have been the 2nd year)and being in one of the strollers. I also remember chasing guinea hens at Discovery Island, eating crab claws at the restaurant in The Golf Resort and my disney bucket hat that my grandmother said I needed otherwise the sun would give me headaches. My 1st teacup ride came after I sported a nosebleed on Capt. Nemo. For some reason my mom, myself and my sister thought we should go on the teacups.

  • I have some great video of my kids on their first tea cup rides. It was a lot of fun- and yes, they rode it again and again!

  • I remember riding Pirates of the Caribbean when it opened at Disneyland. It was thrilling, and I know the waterfall bit was longer and steeper the first time I rode it. Right? When Pirates opened in 1967 the waterfall was straight and not two levels. Please tell me my 6 year old self doesn’t remember this incorrectly.

  • My first memory is of the Enchanted Tiki Room in 1978. I was 4 that summer. We (Mom, Dad, and brother) went with my Papaw and Mamaw. My Mamaw was either just getting ready to undergo chemotherapy or had just completed a course but she was bound and determined she would go with us. As usual, it was a hot Florida summer. So she would have us go to all of the air conditioned attractions multiple times. And in between, she would tell the most marvelous tales about the characters in the attractions. My favorite was the Tiki Room with the talking birds and singing flowers. She spun exotic tales of big parties and dancing all night long. I miss my Mamaw terribly so I go at least twice to the Tiki Room every time I am there. It makes me feel closer to her.

  • In 1970, at the age of 12, my family made our first, and only, trip to Disneyland. Of all the attractions I experienced, the Haunted Mansion was my favorite. In 1972 we went to WDW, only a year after it opened. Of course, I went directly to the HM. It’s been 42 years sine that last visit to a Disney park, but I’m finally going home in June. Even though WDW has changed dramatically, it is the MK, especially the HM, that I am most excited to experience, again.

  • We took my 15 month old on the teacups when we were last there. Well, to be more precise, we took her on it 5 times in a row. She loved it.

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