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Four New Disney Attraction Poster-Inspired T-Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store in April 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


This year, we’ve been featuring a series of Disney Parks’ attraction poster T-shirts on our Disney Parks online store. These shirts are sold for a limited period of time, and feature some pretty amazing art of things I love at Disney Parks! Today, I’m happy to share details about four new T-shirts coming to the online shop in April. Once again, Disney Design Group Artist Richard Terpstra was inspired by posters featured in the outstanding “Poster Art of the Disney Parks” book by Vanessa Hunt and Danny Handke (a must have book for any Disney fan!).


From April 15-20, the Disney Parks online store will release two T-shirts – a purple shirt celebrating Fantasyland at Disneyland park, and a green shirt featuring the Sunshine Tree Terrace at Magic Kingdom Park. The original Fantasyland attraction poster referenced for the purple tee was created in 1955 by Bjorn Aronson.

For the green t-shirt, many readers may recall seeing this attraction poster when the Orange Bird returned to the Sunshine Tree Terrace in April 2012. I can’t wait to wear mine while enjoying a citrus swirl in Adventureland (does anyone care to join me?).


Then, from April 22-27, we salute the 50th anniversary of two classic Disney attractions – “it’s a small world” and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Both attractions debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and later found their way to Disney Parks. For these T-shrts, we will offer both adult and kids sizes.

The “it’s a small world” shirt was inspired by the attraction poster designed by Paul Hartley in 1966. The Carousel of Progress shirt references a design from 1967 by Ken Chapman (I want to be that guy pictured at right living in Progress City!).

To find these T-shirts, I invite you to visit during the dates referenced above. The shirts will ship in 6-8 weeks once orders are completed (express shipping is not available).


  • When is the next release of attraction poster tees?

  • Does anybody know if these shirts will be available again if they sell out?

    • @Craig – At this point, we don’t have plans to reintroduce this shirts. If that changes, I will give an update on the Disney Parks Blog. Sorry. 🙁

  • Ordered the Orange Bird and Small World shirts, can’t wait for them to get here! The Orange Bird shirt will match my new Orange Bird tattoo. 🙂

    • @Emily – How cool! An Orange Bird tattoo … wow! Now you can always look at the little Orange Bird and smile 🙂

  • Steven – Do you know if there any plans for more Carousel of Progress merchandise for its 50th anniversary (like pins and things like that)?

  • So upset. Reading this post on April 22 for the first time 7 days after the original posting… too late to buy a Dumbo shirt.

  • Hi Steven, do you know what time the shirts go on sale? It’s 1:35am here on the East coast and they still aren’t up for sale yet. Thanks!

  • Steven, when you told John the Monorail Poster Art hasn’t been finalized are you also saying it will be coming out?

    • @Matt – At this point, I only have a schedule through June. The Enchanted Tiki Room shirts will be in May and the Country Bear Jamboree shirt will be released in June. I don’t have exact dates at this point. Stay tuned.

  • Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has been my favorite attraction since my first visits to Disney! It’s so wonderful that now, 20 years later, There’s finally some merchandise for it! 😀

  • I am a huge fan of Richard’s shirts, and I’m so happy he’s working on official merchandise as an official member of the Disney Design Group! Orange Bird shirt – heck yes! Carousel of Progress shirt – so happy!

  • Always so very happy to see Richard’s work. He’s fabulous!

    • @Erin – Yes!! It’s been great seeing him around our building recently.

  • Carousel of Progress t-shirt for the WIN! Steven, is there any chance the design on that shirt will be sold as a print? Happy to see this attraction getting some love as well with the 50th anniversary of the NY World’s Fair. And now I have the awesome song in my head!

    • @Danielle – I don’t know of plans to sell it as a print.

  • I’ve always wanted to see more love for Carousel of Progress. I will definitely be getting this shirt. I hope to see more salutes to the past from Disney.

  • The design on the small world shirt almost looks crooked… Please tell me the shirts aren’t actually going to be printed like that?

  • Samuel literally took the words out of my mouth on the Carousel of Progress shirt.

    So now NEITHER of our words can describe how excited either of us is about that shirt!

    Ovens don’t just clean themselves!
    I know dear…and they probably never will!

    • @Joanna – Right on! I say we have a Carousel of Progress shirt party in the rumpus room I’m making. Ha! 🙂

  • I will wait for the tiki room! Hope they do one for Haunted Mansion!

  • Ah! I must have the Fantasyland and Carousel of Progress tees! Love the vintage look. And the color choices are fabulous. =]

    I really wish the CoP one said “There’s a great, big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day.”

  • I only try to buy Disney shirts when I am at the parks while on vacation. Otherwise, I would be buying all of them online and need more dressers. But I think Orange Bird is a required exception to the rule!!

    • @Brent – I agree with you! An Orange Bird tee and a citrus swirl = perfect combination!!

  • Hi Steven…. Do you know if they will be including the Monorail Poster Art in this series?

    • @John – I’ve not received a finalized schedule for future development so please stay tuned.

  • Okay – how are there only two of these for sale online in the Disney Store? I’d really like all four of them…..

    • @Jennifer – Two of the shirts are being offered this week, April 15-20. The other two shirts will be offered next week, April 22-27. You can visit the Disney Parks online store to place orders:

  • Just bought a Fantasyland shirt… I canNOT wait for it to arrive! These next 6-8 weeks can’t go by soon enough. Can’t wait for the “Small World” shirt to be available!

  • I read somewhere that “Country Bear Jamboree” would have a Tee this year. Any idea when it will be available?

  • Love them ALL! Thank you for doing this and making them limited… I think it’s neat that I’ll have some cool shirts that aren’t just in every Disney Parks store.

  • Will these be sold only online?

  • Words can’t discribe how excited I am that there is a Carousel of Progress shirt I can buy.

    • @Samuel – Now is the time to express those words. 🙂 I’m pretty excited too!

  • Love these designs. I can’t help wishing that the large graphic was on the back with a smaller design on the front though.

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