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‘Frozen’ Anna & Elsa Arrive at Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Let’s have a royal welcome for Anna and Elsa, the sisters from “Frozen” who make their official debut appearance at Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom Park starting today.


Elsa and Anna will appear together each day until the early evening, after which guests can meet other visiting Disney Princesses. Cinderella and Rapunzel will also continue making appearances at Princess Fairytale Hall, and you can see all these characters (and more) during the afternoon performance of the new “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.”


  • I need help here. It’s 7/15/2014, and on both the smartphone App and Disney web site about Magic Kingdom, there is no attraction named “Princess Fairy …” or “Hall ..”, let alone FastPass.

    Am I looking at the wrong place? Please let me know the navigation in the App to reserve it.


  • After trying for weeks I was also able to get a FP for the perfect time! We went last weekend and it was great! We wait maybe 5 min or less in the FP line and meet the princesses! They took their time with my daughter, make jokes, hugs, it was great!
    If you haven’t got your FP yet, keep trying! I didn’t know I could get them but I did!!! Just keep trying everyday and every time you can! Good luck!

  • I’ve been trying to get FP for A&E all week for our trip in July but it always said Standby available. I assume that means the FP’s were taken. Today, I finally got lucky! I was able to select the FP option for A&E and got the perfect time at the end of the day 2 hours before our dinner ADR at Crystal Palace. They’re paired with the nighttime parade and Wishes so our last night at Disney will be truly magical.

    If you’re trying for A&E fastpasses, KEEP CHECKING BACK! They do open up.

  • Is there going to be any more openings FastPass for Ana and Elsa for May 31st? I can’t select it. It only shows a stand by available. Can you please let mw know?

  • What is the earliest you can into Magic Kingdom on an 8:00 extra magic hour day? Is there a line to get in? How long can I expect to wait for Anna & Elsa if I get there as soon as I can?

  • I cannot click on Ana and Elsa for fast pass plus. It has a slash through it on everyday we are there. Can someone else verify that it has worked for them?….. For the other passes, when it is used up, the times dissapear. For instance, finding Nemo the musical only has one time slot left for the day we are going. However for Ana and Elsa, it doesn’t even allow you to click on it to see if there are any time slots available. Maybe the slash means all time slots have been taken, but I feel that maybe there could be an error. Can someone else verify, other than the ONE person saying they were able to get in…?

  • How can I add A and E to my Fast Pass for May 21? Will there be any openings? When I first tried this morning, it showed up as available to add, but then I kept getting an error message. Will more times be added? Help!

  • I have a fast pass for Fairytall Hall on 5/11/14 but was not given the option to choose Anna and Elsa. How do I know when they will be there?

  • I have a fast pass for Princess Fairytale Hall on 5/11/14 but it didn’t ask me if I wanted Anna and Elsa or Cinderella and Rapunzel…how do I know when Anna and Elsa will be there so we can try to see them?

  • Is there any Frozen events in Epcot’s Norwary?

  • Try again and keep trying for those fast passes… I had been checking every day for awhile now and was able to FINALLY get these a couple days ago. I wonder how long the FP line is going to be….

  • Now that they are in Fairytale Hall are the wait times just as long? I’ve been trying to get Fast Passes but they are all booked for the next 30 days and that’s as far out as I can book as an annual passholder.

  • I have been trying to get fast passes for this since it was announced! unfortunately trying everyday and multiple times a da has gotten me no where! Just like the merchandise, this will also be a difficult feat to accomplish!

  • So happy that they have added Elsa and Anna to FairyTale Hall. Hope that there will be a fast pass option as we were just down there and the line at Norway/Epcot was over 3hours +. Can’t wait to see them next spring! Any news on where Snow White will be moving to?

    • Yes, there is a FastPass+ option. 🙂

  • Are they still going to be at Norway in Epcot too or did they just move to the Fairytale Hall?

  • I heard that since Anna and Elsa moved into the hall, Snow White moved out. I wonder if she’ll be moved closer to the Mine Train when it opens???

    • She is currently appearing on Town Square Courtyard (near City Hall). The best way to know the location of any character is to check the My Disney Experience app or the Times Guide on the day of your visit.

  • Wonder how the Princesses feel about a Queen hanging around, that’s not out to poison or chop off their heads. XD

  • But when Anna and Elsa be made official Disney Princesses ?

  • Exciting!! Will this be available as a FastPass?

    • Yes, Fastpass+ is available for Princess Fairytale Hall. You may choose either Cinderella and Rapunzel, or Anna & Elsa.

  • Yay! They were absolutely beyond wonderful when I met them at Norway earlier in the year, I look forward to seeing them in the new digs at some point. I hope we can look forward to even more Frozen at Walt Disney World!

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