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It’s National Sourdough Bread Day – Head to Disney California Adventure Park for the Real Deal

We don’t really need an excuse, but National Sourdough Bread Day is a good reason to head to The Bakery Tour, hosted by Boudin Bakery at Disney California Adventure park, where just the aroma of freshly baked sourdough makes us happy – 10,000 to 15,000 loaves are baked here every day.
Sourdough Bread 1

Guests at Disney California Adventure park get an inside look at how bakers take the ingredients from dough to delicious on The Bakery Tour hosted by Boudin Bakery. (It’s self-guided, and you get a sample of the bread that started more than 160 years ago in San Francisco.)
Soup Bread Bowl

Then head across to Pacific Wharf Café and order a freshly baked bread bowl filled with all sorts of delicious ideas – if it’s early, order the egg-and-bacon boule served with fresh fruit. For lunch or dinner, clam chowder, tomato bisque, broccoli and cheese or a seasonal soup go in the scooped-out bread bowl. Or go the green route with a Chinese chicken salad or a Sonoma chicken and apple salad.

“Our ‘mother dough’ base comes from the original dough first nurtured by Isadore Boudin in 1849 in San Francisco,” says Disney Chef Juan Mendoza. The Boudin family found that the wild yeasts in the San Francisco air imparted a tang to their traditional French bread, creating the unique “San Francisco sourdough.” And the Boudin Bakery at Disney California Adventure park receives new “mother dough” directly from San Francisco every three to four weeks.

“We use about 1.5 million pounds of flour a year,” says Chef Juan. “And it’s a combination of ingredients: well-balanced flour, water at the right PH, temperature, moisture, mixing and fermenting for 16 to 20 hours — plus a touch of passion to make every loaf perfect.”

Actually, any time you get a taste of the tangy, chewy sourdough at Disneyland Resort, you can bet the loaf came from the Pacific Wharf bakery, says Chef Juan. Restaurants in both Disney California Adventure park and Disneyland park, and in all three hotels place orders daily with Mendoza’s team. And you can always pick up a loaf ($4.99-$7.19) to carry home.


  • I love Love LOVE sourdough bread. And I love when the sourdough bread at DLR is shaped into fun designs. I need to try more of the bread bowls; they sound delicious.

  • We were there in November and got a mickey-shaped loaf of sourdough! It was delicious!

  • I love watching how the bread is being made right in the kitchen. It’s so cool!

  • LOVE the Chinese Chicken Salad w/ the bread bowl. Although I do order “bread bowl on the side” so the bread doesnt get mushy from the dressing. And since I can’t finishe the whole the the bread bowl is a nice treat to munch on later during my park visit. Bourdin is seriously the best sour dough bread. My 8 year old would say it is simply the best bread in the whole world.

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