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MyMagic+ Now Available to Walt Disney World Resort Hotel and Day Guests

When we first shared a glimpse into our plans to take the Disney guest experience to the next level, we had just begun to unveil MyMagic+ at the Walt Disney World Resort. Our goal from the beginning has been to enhance the guest experience and make it even more immersive, seamless and personal than ever before.
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Now, nearly 3.5 million guests have participated in testing, and the vast majority are telling us that MyMagic+ has made their trip even better. This is a big step forward in the evolution of our guest experience, and what we’re seeing in early returns is fantastic.

Guests are telling us that they really like being able to arrange the day the way they want to, with the flexibility to make changes on the go. They also are particularly excited about their experience with the MagicBand. They love the convenience, and we have received a lot of photos from guests showing the fun ways they are wearing them even before they arrive on property or after they return home.
MyMagic+ Takes the Guest Experience to a New Level with MagicBands

This week marks an exciting milestone for us in that we are now providing guests who might only be visiting for the day with the ability to fully engage in MyMagic+ before their visit. Guests can register on My Disney Experience online, reserve access to some of their favorite experiences with FastPass+ and also purchase MagicBands on-site, if they choose.

FastPass+ has been a crucial part of our testing, and we knew it would be popular, which is why from the beginning we more than doubled the experiences people could reserve in advance. We enabled FastPass+ access for a number of attractions and included other guest favorites like fireworks, parades and character meet-and-greets for the first time.
MyMagic+ Takes the Guest Experience to a New Level with MagicBands

As expected, most of our guests think that securing times to ride our attractions is one of the best ways to maximize the fun of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. We’ve heard from a number of guests that they would like the opportunity to add additional FastPass+ entitlements during their visit, in addition to the three they can plan in advance. So, we’re working on providing them with the ability to add and enjoy additional entitlements on the day of their visit. Once they’ve used the three they’ve booked, we’ll enable them to select another at kiosks in the parks. And once they’ve used the fourth, they can select another, and so on. We also heard that other guests liked the fact that with the FASTPASS service they could use FASTPASS when they park hopped. So we’re working on a service enhancement to add that feature to FastPass+ as well.

One of the best aspects of MyMagic+ has always been that our guests can relax and better enjoy their time with us, all the while knowing that the attraction they want to ride, or the moment they want to experience, will be there, waiting for them.

And isn’t that what a vacation is all about? The more we can have everyone that goes to our parks feel like a VIP, the happier we’ll be with the experience we’re giving them. And that’s exactly what we’re striving for with MyMagic+.

We’ll continue to share more details and updates on as we continue our roll-out, so stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more!


  • Tom: Thanks for the continued updates to this system.

    For clarity:

    1) What if one of your FP is for nighttime fireworks? This means your 3rd FP wouldn’t be used until 9p or 10p. Could you please find a way to not have nighttime fireworks prevent the acquisition of an additional FP?

    2) Thank you for addressing Park Hopping. I know many people don’t use this, but many of guests (like my family) use it every trip. Park Hopping and the ability to use FP+ at multiple parks on a single day with a Park Hopper brings more flexibility to our vacation.

    3) Will you please allow guests to use the MDE app to grab that 4th FP? Going to the kiosk would be a waste of time when I can use the app. Plus, the more people who can use the app, the shorter the lines at the kiosk. It’s a nice balanced approach.

    4) Back to point #1 here, would you consider allowing a 4th FP to be booked after the 1st use of the day is used? That might be a solution…

  • We loved using our Magic Bands and Fastpass+ and excited about using them again in the Fall.

  • 2014 will be the 7th year in a row that we’ve visited Disney World. I’ll admit that we’re concerned about how FastPass+ will impact our trip this year. We’re park-hoppers and the current plan really doesn’t work for us. We were also a family that took advantage of Fast Passes in the parks and would use more than 3 a day.

    You mention that you have the ability to change your plans on the fly, but other comments show that frequently the times are booked up and it’s nearly impossible to make a change the day of your visit.

    Also, we have rides that are our favorite and usually get more than one Fast Pass per day for those rides. It would be a welcome enhancement to allow a guest to choose which rides they want to use their fast passes for instead of restricting it to only one pass per ride.

    If changes are made to accommodate park hopping and more than 3 Fast Passes per day, that will definitely help. We really love Walt Disney World and hope that the recent developments will not cause our trip in August to be our last.

    We look forward to the enhancements! We want to keep visiting the Happiest Place on Earth!

  • Loved the FP+ and Magic Bands on our last trip in Nov 2013. We are going in June and Nov this year as well and looking forward to it. Our boys loved wearing the bands and thought they were so cool.

    We are excited about possibly being able to have fast passes at multiple parks because we do love to park hop with our AP. The post talks about adding more fast passes at the kiosks, so will guests be able to use the MyDisneyExperience App to add these as well in addition to the 3 you can plan ahead of time? We loved the flexibility the app provided us on our last trip. Thanks for listening to your quests concerns and comments. Looking forward to these changes making our trip even more magical!!

  • Such welcome news! Could you please give us a timeline of the new features? We are visiting in early June and it has been very difficult to plan with only 3 FP+ choices. We have 2 autistic kiddos who will not ride everything the rest of the group wants to ride so additional FPs will really help so everyone gets to ride something. When 6 in your group of 8 want to ride a particular ride, and 2 don’t, and those 2 can’t go on the ones they want to ride by themselves, some of us have to forgo our own pastpasses to go with them on the FP rides THEY want. Additional FPs will definitely help!!

  • Wow! This was a very timely announcement for us. We will be at WDW for a quick three day trip May 1st through the 3rd so we are exactly 30 days out. I just logged in and linked my 10 day never expire tickets purchased on 2010. The process was very easy and now I have FP+ booked for our first two days. Will log back in tomorrow and book for our third day because it’s not 30 days yet. Very impressed with the process so far. Still not sure if I need to do something to “convert” these old non-RFid tickets when we arrive.

    Not too thrilled about the limit of one from the “top tier” group of attractions but at least we will get to go on Toy Story Mania this visit. We didn’t even make it on that ride on our last trip. Hopefully the line for Rockin’ Rollercoaster won’t be too bad. My EPCOT choices all line up one hour after each other but that shouldn’t be too bad in the AM. We’ll see about MK tomorrow.

    I do hope they get the more than three FP+ thing up and running before May 1st. We were experts at using FP in the past and three seems like way too few. Also don’t like that they are now tied to the individual. Space Mountain gives in a headache in my “old” age so my husband and I would get fast passes but then hand them off to the kids so they could ride twice in a row.

    All in all, so glad I caught this blog post this morning. Thanks!

  • My husband and I truly enjoyed our time at WDW 2 weeks ago. This wasn’t our first time using the Magic Bands, but it was our first time using the My Disney Experience App along with our bands to schedule fast passes, ADRs, etc. Scheduling our FP+ really took our experience at the park to the next level. It allowed us to plan out our days, amongst many other advantages it provided.

    The only thing we were extremely disappointed in was the fact you could not “park hop” using the FP+. We didn’t realize this and we found out the unfortunate way, really throwing a wrench in to our plans on our last day. I am glad to hear this is something you are working on for the future. It really makes a park hopper ticket almost pointless.

  • This is fantastic news for all…Park Hopping is a big part of our trips and being able to have FP+ and more than one park will be a major plus to my family.

    Lots of great questions on here that I agree with as well Looking forward to hearing more.

  • We traveled to Disney World this past March (the 18-22) and were super excited about the Magic Bands and FastPass+. Unfortunately, we didn’t know ahead of time that we would only be able to select 3 FP’s per day, and only at one park. We’ve been coming to WDW for more than a decade, at least once a year (and I actually got married there in June 2012) so it was (at first) a big disappointment for me that we wouldn’t be able to use FPs in more than one park–especially since we had spent extra on the Park Hopper option–and that we could choose ONLY 3 attractions. That said, after just the first day using the FP+ system, I cheered up considerably because 1. We experienced how awesome the system was and 2. I knew that after a little while Disney would begin to expand the service and make it better–adding more FPs per day and making them available in more than one park. I’m so so glad that those changes are happening and now I feel like we need to come back EVEN SOONER to use the Magic Bands again!!! Love WDW so much!! 🙂 <3

  • Mr Staggs –

    Hooray! We are coming for our 25th wedding anniversary in December and we are happy to hear about the park hopper tweaks coming.

    We got engaged at the Disneyland wishing well, spent our honeymoon at the Contemporary, and we are so excited to come back for our 25th!

    Keep up the great work with My Magic+!


  • Will this be done in the near future? I am not seeing the need to buy park hoppers if you can’t use Fastpass+ in another park on the same day.

  • What happens if a guest loses their magic band? I saw at the parks that it looked like they were linked to your fingerprint just like the tickets, but I wasn’t sure what would happen if you lost one.

  • Is there plans to role this out to any of the other Disney Resorts?

    • Hi William, as you might expect, right now we are focused on rolling out MyMagic+ to deliver an even better guest experience at Walt Disney World Resort. We are continuing to explore how we might bring some of these elements to other Disney Parks locations down the road, taking into account the unique characteristics of each resort.

  • I am happy to read that you are still working on refining the FP+ program, and specifically, the ability to use FP+ and Park Hop. Park Hopping has been a must for every WDW for our family since its inception and we are happy to pay the premium for that ability to enjoy WDW in OUR WAY. We were extremely disappointed during our most recent visit in February to not be able to use the FP+ in our second park.

  • Great news on the park hopping feature! Please make this a top priority as park hopping is a favorite for my family.

  • I’m super happy to read about adding the “ability to add and enjoy additional entitlements on the day of” and the ability to use FastPass+ while park hopping. The sole drawback discussed with friends is that we didn’t like feeling tied in, that we would miss out on attractions if we were spontaneous about what park we headed to for the day. I just don’t want the MagicBands and FastPass+ to take away the ability to actually *vacation* and not have every moment of my life planned and scheduled. I don’t mind planning to an extent, but it’s Disney time for a reason! Fun and fancy free!

  • Also it would be great to be able to get the additional FP+ from the MDE app instead of having to go over to a kiosk.

  • What is being done to accommodate those who cannot wear wristbands, either due to not being able to stand something on our wrist or for medical reasons?

    Also, when will Disneyland cast members and their guests be able to book advance FP+? Currently they cannot do so, even when staying onsite.

  • When will cast members be able to link their cast tickets and enjoy the fast pass+ perks????

  • I would like to know the answer to Meghan from NY’s question to. What happens if your last FP+ reservation is for a park closing show like a parade or fireworks? Will you be prohibited from adding any FP’s for the entire day?

  • Definitely glad to hear you are adding the ability to add additional FP’s. What would be even better is if you let people add them from the MyMagic+ app the day of, after they have used the three existing reservations. That would really cut down on lines at the kiosks. Any chance you will be adding that ability to the app?

  • I hope the smoke clears on this before we arrive in May. 🙂
    Some of the posts on various Disney fan sites have been less than complimentary over the Fast Pass+ roll out.
    My stance is,”It’s a test. Let it run it’s course so that the appropriate changes can be made”.
    Disney has never disappointed us or failed to fulfill our expectations.

  • This is great news!!! This will make a huge difference! If you can get it to work for those of us who park hop – it would be even better. Are you able to use my disney experience app to book the additional fast passes or do you have to use the kiosk?

  • A couple of questions:

    1. Will you only be able to use the fourth revolving FP+ at kiosks? Or will you be able to book it on your My Disney Experience mobile app while in the parks as well?

    2. When will these changes be coming?

    Thanks Tom!

  • Tom – this sounds like you guys do not intend for guests to be able to use the My Disney Experience App to get any FP+’s over the initial 3 prescheduled ones – guests will have to go to the kiosks for the “extra” FP+’s. Am I reading that correctly?

  • Do the fastpass+ reservations you get AT the park have to take place AFTER the last of the 3 reserved ones?

    If I use one of my pre-reservations for an evening event (like fireworks viewing) can I book the in-park reservation for during the day?

  • Is there any chance that we could get a Fastpass+ for the same attraction more than once? My family loves ride the safari at Animal Kingdom a few times each day, but we don’t do the thrill rides. It seems like a shame to waste Fastpasses on us that we will never use.

  • Fantastic news! Looking forward to this on our next visit.

  • I kind of don’t understand how these work, and ill be making my very FIRST trip to WDW on my 24th birthday next Feb(coming from Arizona). How would I come across these and how will it make my WDW trip more magical? would this cost me extra? Does it work for all four parks? & ill be stay at Disney Art of Animation Resort.

  • I loved using the MagicBands & FASTPASS+ on our October trip. My only two suggestions were A) ability to schedule fastpasses for multiple parks in one day (which i looks like you guys are looking into). B) I would love to be able to have different guests link different credit cards to their bands. It was very convenient to be able to pay for things with the bands, but with numerous adults in our group and a few non family members it would have been nice if everyone would have enjoyed this, but because they were all linked to one credit card most of our group couldn’t take advantage of this convenient feature.

    Keep up the awesome innovations! We love Disney!

  • I’s so glad to hear of the possibility of being able to use more that 3 FP+. And I’m even more looking forward to being able to use FP+ while park hopping. I’m going mid May and always park hop. Several times I wanted to have a FP+ for two of my favourite attractions that are in different parks.

  • So glad to hear that you are working on being able to add additional fast passes once you use your three per day. When do you anticipate this will be available? Will you be able to book the additional, above 3, on a mobile device or will you have to use a kiosk?

    • Thank you for the comment, Penny. As I mentioned, we’re working on providing guests with the ability to add and enjoy additional entitlements on the day of their visit, and also provide them the ability to make additional FastPass+ selections after park-hopping. We expect both to come online later this spring.

  • Tom: Thanks for listening to ALL of the feedback, from both first time visitors and frequent guests alike. Will we be allowed three FastPass+ selections at a second park per day, or is there a different plan? If we are able to add a fourth selection after exhausting our first three, can we do that with the mobile app, or only at a kiosk? Lastly, any comment on whether or not hotel guests, DVC members, annual passholders or other types of guests may be granted more than three FastPass plus selections in advance?

    My wife and I are proud DVC members, and always look forward to our trips back to where we had our magical honeymoon. Thank you for so many wonderful memories.

  • Mr. Staggs, I think this is excellent. However, if WDW wants MyMagic+ to truly enhance the guest experience, I believe that they need to really push for the My Disney Experience app to be available on ALL devices, especially popular ones. My wife and I have 2 tablets, a Kobo and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and the app isn’t compatible with either one. This is problematic if you want to use your tablet to add/edit FastPass+ reservations from wherever you are in the park, as opposed to seeking out a kiosk or cast member.

    We are travelling to the World in November and would love to be able to use the MDE app on our tablets!

  • I’m joining the vacation club and while I was there one of the common complaints was that the DVC member card couldn’t be linked to the band. It appears that this is the only card that someone needs to carry around, is this going to change?

  • I’m a passholder and my pass is linked to my account but I never got the invite to order my Magicband. What can I do?

  • That’s great news! We are looking forward to our trip in July and trying out MyMagic+ for the first time. Will you have the ability to add Fastpass+ reservations through the My Disney Experience App as well?

  • You mention that guests will be able to add additional Fastpass+ once the first three have been used at the kiosks in the park. Any chance we’ll be able to add them from the app, too? Thanks.

  • Could you tell me about the locations where I could buy the MagicBands?

    By the way, thanks for the great news!

  • I have an inquiry about this whole MyMagic+ thing. I am part of a group of 3 that will be out at WDW for 2 weeks at the end of October. We’ve already received the packet regarding getting out MyMagic+ bands and done our customization. The inquiry is this: 2 of us are upgrading our DLR Premium AP’s to the Premiere AP… and the 3rd member is a CM using her Main Gate Pass to get into the parks. a) will the 2 of us be able to tie our AP’s to our bands as our tickets and b) will the 3rd member be able to book her FastPass+ with us online even though she’s a “day-to-day” ticket being a CM?

  • This is good news & good progress. Now to address the tier issue!! Get rid of those things, please! Any foreseeable chance of that happening?

  • Any estimation on WHEN we will be able to have more than 3? My family is going in mid June.

  • What if one of your FastPass+ selections is for the nighttime entertainment (Fantasmic!, Wishes, etc).Obviously, your last FastPass+ for the day would be for around park closing so you can’t really select a 4th one after that. Will you be able to select a 4th FastPass once you’ve used your first two?

  • Do you have kind of time frame for adding Fastpass+ to park hoppers? Very happy to hear this news since we always park hop!

  • It is unclear. Will resort guests still have advantages over day guests (i.e. longer windows) or will everyone now get same access to the system.

  • I loved the old Fastpass process. You could really get a lot done if you hustled. When planning my trip in May this year, now I can only select 3 a day from one park, even though I’m park hopping, and of those 3 at some parks only 1 of a certain tier (think carnival prize shelves) can be selected. Like I can pick Either Toy Story Mania OR Rockin’ Roller Coaster. So I’m GLAD they’re allowing us to have more than 3 selections, and that they’re going to work on letting us Park Hop with our Fastpasses. That’s great news.

  • Thank you for posting! My family truly enjoyed using My Magic+ features a few weeks ago during our stay at Bay Lake Tower. We used FastPass+ and it was great to have our favorite attractions reserved ahead of time. We are hoppers, so the possibility of more FastPass+ reservations makes me happy! 🙂

    • Glad to hear you had such a great time, Sarah! We’re getting great feedback from guests in the park and will continue adjusting MyMagic+ to make the Walt Disney World experience even better.

  • This is great news!!

    Can I reuse the Magic Bands I got on our last vacation when I buy park tickets for our June WDW trip?

  • Is the Fastpass+ area for the Festival of Fantasy Parade still the front center of the hub or has that changed due to construction?

  • Exciting news!

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