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Rave Reviews for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Park

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

I recently asked Disneyland park guests to review the newly refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. While it was the return of a Frontierland favorite for some and a pioneer trip on the train for others, all passengers agreed it’s still the “wildest ride in the wilderness.”

Have you had a chance to take a tour on the runaway ghost train since it reopened? If so, what did you think?


  • Its pretty much the most amazing thing ever

  • We got a chance to ride it this weekend. It was fantastic! Still the same ride I loved as a kid, just made even better. Everyone in my family absolutely loved it!

  • Any chance we will see these new effects at Walt Disney World in FL?

  • It is the same ride as I remember. Our family rode it during the Annual Passholder preview and three times since. We all love it!

  • I’ll be there this weekend as well and can’t wait to ride!

  • It’s great! I LOVE the new explosion effects in the final lift tunnel.

  • Rode it 3-4 times last week, it is fantastic! So smooth and the new effects were great. Especially the last ones. Well worth the wait for the renovations.

  • I second Alex’s question….will we see an upgrade at WDW?

  • We were there on April 1 and our whole family loved the ride! This was our first trip to DL so we didn’t have a comparison from before the renovation, but it was tops on our list of rides, for sure! It was smooth, fast and fun!

  • I love the new and improved ride! The entire ride was smoother, less jerky and the special effects were amazing. Because it’s not too fast, you can really appreciate and enjoy the little Disney touches along the track. Way to go Imagineers!!

  • Going in June and I can’t wait to ride it! (Also my 5-year-old niece can’t wait either!)

  • We rode it nine times the first weekend it was open to passholders, and we LOVED the additional special effects!!! We already were big fans of BTMRR, but now we love it even more <3 Now we just have to ride it at night, which is a whole different experience 🙂

  • Still my favorite ride and so glad it was open in time for our last trip. (We missed it last August.) The final explosions are awesome, especially at night! 🙂

  • I wish they would put the rear drive wheels back on the engines as original. The trains look funny floating around on the track with nothing under the cab to support it. 4X Big Thunder Fan.

  • is it just me , or did they turn off the fire ball special effect at the top of the tunnel explosion ?

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