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Show Off Your Morning Disney Side With New Mugs Coming to Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


While recently photographing items in the home décor showroom at Disney Theme Park Merchandise headquarters, some awesome new coffee mugs caught my eye. I’ve shared in previous Disney Parks Blog stories about my intense love for coffee. I think drinking coffee from a Disney themed mug is the perfect way to start any day (I cherish my vintage EPCOT Center mugs). These new mugs reminded me of other merchandise that had subtle nods to Disney characters such as ear hats or shoe ornaments. As it turns out, Costa Alavezos, senior character artist with Disney Design Group, was inspired by those items when creating the designs.


“When designing the mugs, I looked at the ear hat ornaments that my fellow artist Cody Reynolds designed,” explained Costa. “I wanted the mugs to stand out on the shelves, so hair became a great focal point for the designs. I love that you can immediately tell which character is represented just by looking at the different handles. I think the Ursula and Princess Jasmine mugs are my favorites.”


I love the details on the mugs especially the Princess Aurora mug that has her pink dress on one side and her blue dress on the other side. I also liked the apple on the Snow White mug that is covered with red jewels.


Next to these mugs, I spotted two newly released Disney Villain mugs that used character sketch artwork by Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones. You may recall seeing that artwork used on women’s apparel last fall as discussed in this Disney Parks Blog story.

These new mugs will be coming soon to select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. The will also be carried via our Disney Parks online store starting in May.


  • It’s September and I still can’t find these princess mugs anywhere on the disney store website.

    Do you know if they will ever be sold online? Is there a way to tell if they are just sold out vs. never coming?

    I absolutely LOVE these mugs and would like to buy several as gifts. But I can only find them on non-official-disney sites at nearly double the price. =(

  • Are these still available in the parks? And if so, where? Thanks!

  • The villain mugs were posted this week! do you have any idea when they will be selling the princess ones online as well???

  • Hello! I’m from Spain and, for now, I can’t go to a park to buy one of these wonderful mugs :_(

    Do you know if there’s any chance to buy the Jasmine one online or even at one of the Disney Stores here in Spain? Thank you very much!

    • @Jesus – I hope all is going well. Gosh, I’ve never been to Spain but I like the music. 🙂 These mugs were created for Disney Parks, so they won’t be carried at Disney Stores. The Jasmine mug will most likely be offered on the Disney Parks online store. The best place to check is the New Arrivals page on Mondays:

  • Any news as to when these may hit the online store? I have to have the Rapunzel mug 🙂

  • @stevenmiller how much are these in parks?? I am guesstimating 16.50 ish.. Coming in July and I must purchase all of these!! 🙂

    • @Lauren – Mugs will be $18.95 each plus tax.

  • Hi Steve. Can you tell me when there will be an announcement for either of the two park exclusive grand jester studio busts. One is usually offered at Star Wars weekend. I would hate to miss it. Last year it basically went unmentioned.

  • I’m usually a Belle fan, but I LOVE the Tangled and Jasmine mugs!

  • @steven Thank you very much!

  • Will there be attractions mugs? And if yes will there be a Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress one? Thanks, Awesome

  • You forgot a few of them like Tinkerbell, Mary Poppins and Minnie Mouse they where in your shoe collections and would lookcute in the mug collection with the other ones and when do they get release because I will be at Disneyworld in May.

  • Hi Steven! Thanks for the photos and information on the new mugs! Can’t wait to see them in person this summer at the park. I am right there with you about my vintage EPCOT Center mugs also! Have you written previously about your mugs? Would love to hear/read/see more about it!

  • It’s times like these I wish I drank hot beverages and use these. The Queen of Hearts one is the best.

  • I have a question about merchandise but, not these mugs. Where will the “May the 4th Be With You” and “Revenge Of The 5th” pins be sold at? I know they are limited quantity and I want to be sure I get them?

    • @Timothy – Stay tuned for a Disney Parks Blog story. Meanwhile, here are the release locations for the pins starting May 4:

      At Disneyland Resort, look for the pins at Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney District and Little Green Men Store Command in Tomorrowland in Disneyland park.

      For Walt Disney World Resort, the pins will be released in Soundstage 1 located between Toy Story Midway Mania and Studio Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • good Evening, The mugs are adorable. I have a merchandising question. I hope you can help me. When Disney releases new Dooney and Bourke, Like the half marathon or the haunted mansion is there a website or store that people that don’t live around disney can pre-order from? I have friends that can pick it up for me but how do I pre-order? Can you PLEASE point me in the right direction of who to contact? Thank You

    • @Michele – At this point, we aren’t offering pre-orders for merchandise. There are very few exceptions for hard-ticketed events such as our annual Disney Trading event. Overall, we don’t offer that service.

      If they are major releases, I will typically share things on the Disney Parks Blog. Unfortunately, release dates vary by coast meaning that there are times when Disneyland Resort may receive items sooner than Walt Disney World Resort. There are other times we may pick a release date as things are tied to an event.

      My best recommendation is to keep watching the Disney Parks Blog or you can visit where we may share some additional details on certain merchandise items.

      The other option is our Disney Parks Online store which typically adds new items on Mondays. See the New Arrivals section:

  • The mugs are very cute. We can’t see the bottom so please tell us where they are made.

  • I NEED the Jasmin mug! Guess I’m buying an airplane ticket and theme park admission ticket today! 😉
    But seriously, I will be on the lookout for it online and in stores!

    • @Cristal – Glad you liked the mug. Why not use a magic carpet to get here? 🙂

  • A new category for my monthly budget: Disney mugs.

  • Ooooooh…..I do LOVE a fun coffee mug! Keep us posted when the CO-OP opens!!!

  • Yeah like Patricia said what about Queen Elsa and Marshmellow and Anna of chourse.

  • Hi, Can you give us any update on the Disney Dooney that is supposed to debut in May and the special celebration in May for the 5 years of having a contract with them that you hinted at back in January and you showed us beautiful artwork for an upcoming Dooney with Mickey and Minnie on Mainstreet.

  • I can not wait to get the Maleficent mug!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • How about Anna and Elsa mugs from Frozen?

  • Have been collecting Disney mugs for quite sometime now with my Fiance! Can’t wait to get our hands on one of these!

  • I want a Nightmare Before Christmas one…..please please please!!!

  • Oh man, I think we have to get ALL of these! Can’t wait to see them in person.

  • Has anyone tried to actually hold these, full of liquid (that is, slightly heavier)? Those handles look amazingly uncomfortable to get a good grip on. I want every single one of them, but not if it is going to hurt to get my morning coffee to my lips! LOL! 😀
    They are beautiful! Just wondering if they are more decorative or functional?

    • @Jennifer – Well, I’ve held them 🙂 I was able to fit three fingers through the handle and had a firm grip. They felt pretty comfortable to me. They also weren’t too heavy even with liquid.

  • I absolutely “LOVE” these mugs…but as a guy, would love to see some Male villains on the mugs too! Prince John from “Robin Hood” would be my #1 request. Also would love Hades & Kaa!

    • @Ryan – I vote for Hades too. He rules! 🙂

  • *audible gasp* that tangled and sleeping beauty mug though…

  • I LOVE these mugs and cannot wait until they are released to the online store as I will not be headed to the world this year.

  • They’re already out at Animal Kingdom! I bought the Queen of Hearts and Rapunzel mugs!

    • @Eric and Allison – Yes, they just arrived in several locations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Glad you found them!

  • They are in the parks now. I saw them at Disneyland & California Adventure yesterday.

  • Oh my gosh! I cannot wait to get my hands on these. I have been collecting the shoe ornaments and these are great. I definitely will be purchasing at least half this collection if I can find them.

  • I thought you might have a post today! 🙂

    I noticed the new Adventureland merchandise is hitting the shelves in Disneyland…do you know if the Adventureland placemat, four Tiki Room square dish set, Adventureland pillow, and purple dish are available yet? I’d love to know the SKU for those items and if any will be available online!

    • @Jonathan – You are correct. There were a handful of items that have recently arrived. The best places to check are Adventureland Bazaar and World of Disney at Disneyland Resort. It’s difficult to say which items have arrived or are currently in stock at this point. I don’t have an exact schedule as to when things arrive.

      The items won’t be released at Walt Disney World Resort until the Marketplace Co-Op opens (date is coming soon).

      As for the online store, the best option would be to check the New Arrivals section on Mondays:

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