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I want you to stop for a moment and think of a teacher who has had a major impact on your life. A teacher whose lesson plans went beyond the four corners of a classroom and carried you out into the real world. With that in mind I want to introduce you to Mindy Przeor, an elementary school physical education teacher in Mesa, AZ.

Running has always been a passion for this 34-year-old athlete. She uses it as a way to get to know herself, a way to see how far she can push herself, a chance set goals and an opportunity to build self confidence. It has taught her to be patient and overcome challenges. All values she feels today’s kids need to learn. “I think if we can teach kids at a young age to believe in themselves, to try new things, to set goals and empower them with those concepts, I think their going to go so much further in life,” says Mindy.

Looking to make a difference she got the support of the school administration and created a running club for students at her school. Something she once did for herself, she now teaches and shares with her students. What started out with 20 students the first year has more than double to 40 – 50 kids. The club meets twice a week after school to train and they participate in a community 5K or 10K once a month.

In January Mindy was able to create magic for three of her students. Working with the school district and parents she brought three girls to run the inaugural Tinker Bell 10K at Disneyland Resort in California. The kids were excited to take their first trip to Disney and experience two of their favorite things, rides and running.

I invite you to watch Mindy’s story and see how she inspires her students beyond the classroom.

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  • Thanks Stefanie – I love working with the girls!!!

    Alison – I love it!!! She’s going to have a great time and if you need anything, let me know!!!

  • My daughter Heather and I will be doing her first RunDisney race this November at Disneyland. I am going to show her this video for inspiration! Thank you, Mindy, for your awesome work inspiring kids to be active and push on through to reach the goal!

  • This is so amazing. We love you Mindy. And thank you for being such a great person in my daughters lives. So proud of those girls. Kaprice and Kassidy had a great experience. They love you Bob.

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